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  • Gravity Falls AU// Summer Fun
    17 2 2

    Zoey and Tyler, end up falling down a hole. Zoey was five and Tyler six when that happened, but that was ten years ago. Zoey is now fifteen and Tyler is sixteen. Stan adopted them since he was the one to find and take care of them. Things get interesting when Mable and Dipper show up for summer break. What will they...

  • I am Groot
    6.2K 397 5

    Guardians of the Galaxy according to Groot

  • The Rabbit Hole || Descendants
    457 24 6

    When three teens fall down a rabbit hole and end up in a whole another universe everything changes - or - When three potential heroes and/or villains find themselves in the exact place they can make that choice

  • Grief || Marvel AU
    79 14 4

    After the snap, almost all three enhanced beings; Rae, Emi, and Quinn are at a loss, it was full of grief and learning how to cope Knowing there was nothing they could do Some find comfort in other people in grief

  • Interesting Love// Marvel AU
    266 20 13

    Kara, Emi had a rough start in life and are trying to change that, but things start to go south. Emi meets the God of Mischief who helps shake her new life up, but it isn't till her old friend Tyler shows up and ruins everything. Now the three girls have to learn how to adjust to their new lives. I thought I should a...

  • Me and My Crazy Friends' Incorrect Quotes
    597 76 24

    This is a crazy book about Incorrect Quotes of yours truly and my two best friends + a few other great people in my life!

  • Knew You Were Trouble II Kol Mikaelson
    3.1K 72 11

    When an Untriggered Werewolf meets an Original Vampire - - - The Vampire Diaries AU //It doesn't follow the show exactly// - - - Kol Mikaelson x OC

  • Happy Birthday
    24 2 1

    I made this for a friend who's Birthday is coming up. So enjoy Keira-chan. Lol