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  • My photos
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    I'm a just starting photography, so please cut me some slack! I just wanted to post some of my works here, they aren't anything special but I just wanted to get them out somewhere. Hope you enjoy! (That isn't me in the pic btw, I took it)

  • The Things I Never Said ➳[Poetry]
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    || Featured on the official Wattpad Poetry profile || ❝My life and yours are not one and the same Yet still I've never been one to complain. My thoughts stay with me forever unspoken, The words of a girl whose world was silently broken.❞ ~loverdolphin57 •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°• A Book of things I never said. ...

  • BNHA Crack Book 2
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    Welcome back to the wide variety of BNHA memes! My Hero Academia = Bnha/Boku No Hero Academia *NOTE: This Book will contain spoilers for the anime if you have not read the manga yet! If you are staying strictly to the anime and not reading the manga, I suggest you leave this book NOW! However you could care less you...

  • snake
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    A book about snake

  • The Book Of Dragons
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    This is a Book which Describes Every Species of Dragon, Fire, Ice, Forest, Wind, Water, Shadow, Light, Dark, Undead and Spirit Dragons.