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  • The Awakening (Elsword guys x reader) ON HOLD
    6.3K 226 14

    (Okay so in this book, it falters in a differ dimension and the elgang accidentally goes into the dimension) It has been 900 years since the goddess of Evadoir has been killed, since then every human in the existence of Evadoir has grown into fear or insanity, anticipating for a new goddess to arise or some form of h...

  • Elsword X Reader Lemon
    9.6K 103 9


  • female various x male reader book 5
    372K 3.4K 199

    all the female characters i don't own them that they belong to their respective owners and all credits give towards them as i don't all the female characters except my oc usual just like last time Warning: This following book series may contain depression,incest,sucidal,yandere, lemon and loli characters if you are w...

  • female various x male reader book 4
    666K 4.9K 196

    i don't own any of the female characters in this story as well i do not own any media content in this series and they belong to their respectful owners . Warning: This following book series may contain depression,incest,sucidal,yandere, lemon and loli characters if you are weird it out or gross it out or even offende...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mad Paradox(HIATUS)
    12.7K 312 17

    The Mad Paradox,the demon of time and dimension,the most feared all across the kinds.Every body knows him as the Mad Paradox.Any people who have seen him,did not lived to tell the tales. The Mad Paradox... Is at Kuoh..

  • Elsword- Add x Elesis Drabbles
    19.1K 571 16

    Some drabbles for my OTP. Be prepared for tons of typos and gammar errors. Also, the chars will be OOC( I think). Disclaimer: I do not own Elsword

  • Christmas Crisis [AddxElesis]
    709 25 1

    Elesis finds Add sitting alone on a bench outside, while there's a crisis going on the mansion. [cover irrelevant to the story lmao]

  • Cold & Warm Heart
    375 14 3

    He Grew up being alone and ends up being psychotic, She grows up in a family filled with happiness and prosperity but is devastated by her brother being a demon. Two same but different will cross and meet. Add x Ara

  • Journey to a Better End (An Add x Ara Story)
    2K 90 39

    The alternative realities, the countless possibilities that led to this moment, they couldn't have occured in a way any stranger than this. How will Add fare when an unknown but familiar enemy makes plans to get rid of him, and how will Ara deal with the newfound quest that she must go on with him to get them both bac...

  • Elsword•Forced Marriage
    1.3K 111 5

    Ara Haan's elder brother, Aren was ill and they didn't have much money to pay the hospital. Ara tried looking for a job for her brother's sake. Unfortunately, she wasn't accepted in any jobs. So, the only way for her to save her brother is to marry a grumpy rich man?!

  • Keeping Him Prideful (An Add x Reader Story)
    4.6K 171 36

    This is another Add x reader story. Of course the Add in the story has a different path too. I wonder if you can guess which one. Anyways... What if the El Search Party didn't exist to find the El? What if it was created to stop people from researching nasods? Of course that would make Add be their main suspect right...

  • Keeping Him Happy (An Add x Reader Story)
    4.5K 125 37

    Another Add x reader story. This one is different from the last one. It's a completely different story for a completely different path. I wonder if you can guess which one. What if Add never met the El Search Party? What if he set out on a journey of his own? What if his past and his future constantly haunted him? Yes...

  • Seal My Time (Add x Reader)
    1K 18 3

    It's kind of a part two on the natsu x Reader. It's a cross over to where you had the choice in choosing Rune Slayer or Diabolic Esper. If you want to read the RS one then just go to my profile :T. Anyway this is about you and Add meeting and going through stuff I won't say cause then I'll spoil XD ENJOY~

  • Add X Eve Elsword Fanfic
    21.1K 492 20

    Normal day. But this day isn't so normal now, is it? Add and Eve's relationship is rapidly growing, but just how much will Add risk to see Eve safe? (Kinda OOC... a bit)

  • Lovers Or Not? (Add x Eve: Elsword)
    1.1K 16 34

    Ever had a crush on someone online? Well, you're not the only one! A long time ago, Eve met four brothers online. Now, she meets them, and it turns out, they go to her high school! Enter, Add. He's been making Eve's life miserable since the day they met. Doesn't help that the school also hates her because he pretends...

  • A Queen and A Dork (Add x Eve Oneshots)
    1.2K 39 6

    I decided to write some Add x Eve one shots and decided to post them. The ideas for them aren't mine, they are OTP prompts that I decided to do. Keep in mind that you will see some mistakes probably and you will witness my horrible writing skills. Please acknowledge the fact that I am using an AU where Eve is human an...

  • Elsword~ Never Alone
    1K 16 4

    This is my first story I hope u like it! (^∇^) Elsword and his friends going on journey and along the way find out each other's crushes! Σ(・□・;) Elsword x Aisha Rena x Raven Eve x Chung Maybe Add likes someone is it Elesis or maybe Ara BTW: My Chapters r REALLY short

  • Blade And Bow(im Shorry But Dis Is Now Discontinued..)
    309 20 7

    Beware This Is My First Story Don't EXPECT Awesomeness This Is Gonna Be A Rena X Raven

  • My Dear Elf
    3K 44 6

    Raven x Rena fanfic. Game called elsword and yeah I ship them and all. There will be different short stories and stuff. Just saying its my first fan pic soo yeah sry if I made a mistake.

  • Killing For You
    721 35 3

    Chung's personality has changed a lot. He went from being Sweet and Caring to Rude and Violent. Ara has noticed his change, pursuing to help him. Chung keeps pushes her away saying "I'm Fine." Ara has beginning to think that he's fine as he keeps saying, in till he starts killing people. On every victim there's a note...

  • Elsword: death
    6.6K 96 10

    The characters of Elsword are dying one by one... What are their next moves...?

  • ~ Elsword Fanfic ~ I'll just live for you
    1.1K 27 4

    " You want to die ? Well I could end your life but.. Nope ! " An Elsword fanfic of RS and EM. ( Yeah, I know they're so much of them everywhere but.. I just love that shipping ! ) They choose different roads and finally they meet again, one lives happily the other lives in sadness but somewhere in this cold heart, a c...

  • The prince and the fox (Chung X Ara)
    6.3K 106 11

    Ara is a newly recruited member of the El search party, and upon moving to their mansion in Ruben, she meets a boy named Chung, who, at first is cold to her. But he quickly lightens up, and the two become friendly. Then friendlier... Then she learns that his friendliness may have been just a game.

  • Elsword One-Shots
    12K 207 22

    This is just a collection of One-Shots from the MMORPG Elsword! I will be taking requests!

  • Silent Blue: Elsword |Lord Knight x Reader|
    775 20 6

    You are (Y/N) (L/N) and you are a famous swordsman, commonly known as the Silent Blue. When the El gang was sent to find this swordsman and have her join the team, will your life become different? Will you find your older brother? Will Lord Knight fall in love with you?

  • Elsword Oneshots
    636 22 4

    Elsword x Reader Oneshots (and maybe a couple ships)~ Updates may be slow but I'll do my best!

  • Elsword X Reader
    8.4K 159 12

    This is my first story about Elsword characters X Readers.. Clearly I have no life. Buuuuuut, I hope u enjoy reading this anyway if y'all like Elsword or sum... Doesn't matter as long as you enjoy reading it :D Also, just saying if you don't know what Elsword is you might not understand what the hell anything...

  • AddEve Oneshots
    2.2K 50 13

    Hiatus For... forever 💔 I will keep this up, but I am sorry for those who were waiting for the continuation of the kawaii base eve adventures. :(

  • Elsword [One-shots]
    13.6K 265 29

    Various characters x reader, and character x character one shots.

  • Lost Between Time (An Elsword x Reader Story)
    3.1K 168 37

    Do you like adventures? Do you like Elsword? Do you like adventures that include Elsword? Great! That means that you might like this story. Before I tell you more about it let me just say the following: I don't own any of the Elsword characters or anything else that belongs to KOG Games or whatever. The only thing tha...