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  • Tik Tok // bxb oneshots!
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    Just a bunch of gayness and bxb ships in my head! I want requests 🥺🥺

  • The Emo Controls The Jock|| BoyxBoy
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    Jaxon is the emo kid but, is he scared of his bullies and the fakes in his school? Fuck no. Does he dress full black? Hell no. Is he depressed? Nah. They think because he has no friends and wears dark clothes that he's Emo, Jaxon is a loner but is like everyone else, he's sassy and sarcastic he likes to keep to himse...

  • ∆Dauntless Erudite∆ Boyxboy
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    Hayden is every girl dream. Fighter. Smart. Snappy. Heart of gold. He's mostly quiet due to him being kidnapped once and he gets nightmares from the torture. He hides his face and his body even though he's confident. He's that boy that killed 15 people when having enough. That boy that promised to kill the people who...

  • What did you say? (Drarry fanfiction) [Hiatus]
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    "You know it is completely lonely being Draco Malfoy." ..."Just let me help you". Warnings: BoyxBoy Possible smut Bullying Torture Dominant Harry Submissive Draco Tall Harry Short Draco Ships: -Harry x Draco -Ron x Hermione -Neville x Luna -Blaise x Pansy Etc,etc *Slow updates*

  • "It's easy to fake a smile when you've been doing it for a while."
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    Depressed Levi x Popular Eren Levi, a nobody, one of the most geeky kids at Wall Maria Highschool. Eren, has the 'hottest boy' as tittle, one of the popular kids. Eren, his friends and the whole class always bully Levi, laugh at the make up he has on his face to hide his scars and bruises he gets from his father and m...

  • You're mine -Bogivan-
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    Ivan Martinez Meets a very interesting boy over the popular social media app 'tiktok' When they meet in person, They begin to get very close with each other and start to realize they're not definitely not going to just be friends.

  • windows - benjey
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    there was a boy on the other side. he hadn't been there before. he was sitting on his bed, scrolling on his phone, and god he was so cute. - benji x jeyjey fic bc i LOVE THEM

  • My Bully My Lover.
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    Winter Moon has always been a loner he was always being bullied whether it be at school or at home he was always being bullied for being gay,too feminine, or a nerd but in reality yes he is gay,feminine, and a nerd which he knows isn't wrong he is the sweetest most innocent boy you will ever meet but what happens when...

  • With Out Him(BxB)
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    Brothers Felix and Avery haven't been together for 4 years. When they were 13 and 15 their parent divorced,Avery going with his mom while Feilx with his farther. When Averys mom falls ill he is sent to live with his father,the man that forgot about him and started a new family. To cope with the stress and anxiety Aver...

  • Butterflies~Drarry
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    Draco is a very damaged boy with the burden of anxiety and depression on top of that he is being forced to do something that he doesn't want to do and be someone who he doesn't want to be. His only coping mechanism? Cutting himself. It's been 3 years since Draco started the pitiful cycle of dragging that shiny metal r...

  • My Slave~
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    Levi had always been used to going from master to master in just a matter of weeks. It didn't take long for his masters to get tired of him so they just sold away to someone willing to pay. On the outside, Levi acts as though he doesn't care but on the inside...he's dying. Dying to be loved and seen as a regular human...

  • Reaching Out
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    A few years ago, Levi was suffering from an awfully high fever. His temperatures ranged from 112 to 115. Concerned, he was immediately rushed to the hospital. After further examination from a very well known doctor, he was diagnosed with a new form of illness. He was placed into ICU and has been there since. Few years...

  • BxB Story/ one- shots -two shots +|| fluffxSmut
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  • Let's Be Judged Together
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    He Was Black. He Was White. He Was Judged for his Skin Color... He Was Judged for being Gay.... So What Happens when they get together romantically? »»»»»»»»-----------«««««««««« L.B.J.T show cases Zillion (Zee-lawn) Morrison a black boy in an all White school and Milo (My-low) O'Riley the schools golden boy when Milo...

  • Gay love
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    "Do you know what gay means?" "yes. It's the feeling I have for you."

  • The Mute Boy (BXB)
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    Beck is just a normal guy. He plays volleyball he has a lot of friends and some people try to hook up with him. Then he meets Jack, the mute boy. Jack was new to town, he never talks to anyone and he's super skittish. He has no friends and he spends his time drawing and watching shows. THERE WILL BE SEXUAL CONTENT AND...

  • Paralyzed (boyxboy)
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    His lips were rough and chapped. They were colder than that single time I'd felt them in the dead of winter, but inside his mouth held the remnants of warmth, like he had been a fire and somewhere deep inside him, embers still burned. (◣,..,◢) This is a boyxboy horror short story. Please enjoy!!!

  • Abused & Rejected Mate
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    Alyssa Sky Montza She been abused her whole life by everyone she has known. Her family, random people, and people she trusted all turned against her. She couldn't stop what had happened but they blame her for the rogue attack. She finally breaks when her one person meant for her rejects her. She runs away from her pa...

  • The Mafia's Bad Girl
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    Meet Ryder Stone ,He owns the Italian, and Russian Mafia. He practically owns the world even the government are scared of him.He cares only about his family and friends. Then there's Alexis Knight the street-fighter,hit man and dancer.She's the coldest person you'll ever meet .Her whole family was murdered in...

  • The Possessive Boyfriends.
    42.3K 891 4

    Meet Aaliyah & Sabrina, they been best friends since they were in diapers. Aaliyah was a smarty pants while Sabrina was sassy. They both did everything together. It was just them, they didn't need anyone else in their life. They we're 2 happy teen girls having fun. Until they bumped into Adrian and Liam the schools b...

  • He's Mine and I'm His [ManxBoy]
    45.6K 1K 15

    This is a story between two males. If you do not like that kind of stuff please do not read this story. You have been warned. Dominic, a young, grumpy 23 year old buissnuss CEO, was working a meeting on a Thursday, the same day of bring your kid to work day. One of his employee's son's catches his eye though. Grey, a...

  • He's My Prince And I'm His Nerd (boy x boy)
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    Wyatt is the biggest nerd at Winter Heights High school. He is at the top of the school and is graduating this year at the age of 16. Although he's smart he is bullied for it by almost everyone in the school and he's worried that if it gets out that he is gay it will get worse. There is only one person who has never b...

  • My Personal Bully (bxb)
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    Hi guys, I'm Theodore Adams and this is basically the story of my life. Theodore Adams is your typical openly gay boy that gets bullied everyday by brainless jocks and slutty cheerleaders. His best friend, infact, his only friend, Ginger Parker never fails to be his knight in shiny amour, except the fact that Ginger i...

  • The Don's Devil (bxb)
    63.6K 1.7K 9

    Ardien, the son of Lucifer himself. Andrew, the Don of one of the most prominent Mafia's in the country. Imagine what happens when the devil's son and the mafia's boss meet? (Extremely slow updates) Warning: This is a GAY story. I have no idea where it's going and it's not edited.

  • Romeo & Romeo...? {bxb} (ON HOLD~)
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    How do you deal with the biggest douche bag in the school? Here's the answer. You don't! Dylan Gray is one of the "normal" people with one exception of course, he cusses like nobody's business. Not popular but not a nerd either. He's a guy who just wants to go through school unnoticed with a few friends by his side...

  • Daddy's Baby Boy
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    This is a ddlb story :) warnings; -ddlb (obviously) -smut -cussing -punishments -mentions of drugs + alcohol

  • The Mafia Leader's Little Biker
    5.4K 63 4

    Jezebel King is the daughter of the most feared gangleader to ever exist. Jezebel was raised around guns, violence, and death. She is a little badass who doesn't take shit from anyone. She is a little trouble maker who loves to cause trouble and fight. Jezebel loves motorcycles and fast cars and anything in between. S...

  • Together - Stony
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    Steve Rogers and Tony Stark High School - Relationship between the two They can't stop think about each other. This story will look into their relationship their secrets, thoughts and love for another. Drama, Smut and Love Please read! :p

  • HER
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    Juliette(Jules) Black used to be a kind hearted girl who loved everyone. She had a heart of gold. But after the death of her mother, she changed. She pushed everyone away and moved away for 3 years. Jules is what you would call a special child. She used to belong to the Golden Heart pack before she left. While she was...

  • Gangleader's Babygirl
    2.4K 11 4

    Do monsters really exist? Yes they do but they are created and raised like they are now not born that way. Does everyone have a heart? Yes. But some say he doesn't. He is the way he is because someone made him that way. Trained, raised, abused, and abandoned him. That's why he is the way he is. So he's not really a m...