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  • Chapter 01 "S1E1 Mom..."
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  • Best Mistake
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    When different worlds collide ⚠English is not my first language so please forgive me if there is a grammatical error ⚠

  • Perfect Life ✔ | EDITING |
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    "Didn't you tell me that I hurt your heart?" Wyatt smirks at me. I feel my eyes widen and I remember what happened on the bus again. I almost kissed him! Or, he almost kissed me? I feel my cheeks redden further and I bite my lip, avoiding his gaze. "Uhm . . . no?" He grins. "You're blushing even more." I shake my hea...

  • Our Last Chance
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    "You think you can just run that pretty little mouth of yours whenever you want?" Parker growls. I scoff and cross my arms. "I have a right to my own actions Parker." "And your actions are going to get you killed so don't be mad at me when I say I told you so." Parker laughs harshly. "Fuck you Parker Knox." "Oh please...

  • Enemies Forever | ✐
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    ❝ from one simple, harmless prank to one huge problem, confused feelings and family drama, how can you handle it? ❞ • • • The Peterson and Arrington families were enemies and had hated each other for generations. No one knew why. The Peterson's and the Arrington's y...