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  • 1 | I Am a Survivor of the Zombie Apocalypse | ✅
    253K 10.7K 18

    Wynne Randall is alone, fending for herself against hordes of zombies. Looters killed her dad, and she can't trust anyone. And she's fine with that. But then she gets into a situation where she has to choose between being alone and letting someone die, or saving a life and having to trust. High...

  • Senior Year
    36.4K 1.1K 64

    Summer is over and school has started. It's y/n's last year of high school. There will be Friday night lights, pep rallies, school dances, college decisions, and some unexpected surprises. This book shows what y/n and the cast will be doing during the time between the Scorch Trials and the Death Cure. This is the sec...

  • Give the Dead Time to Grieve
    13 2 2

    Andy was only fifteen when his mother died, and only two when his father died. Will the past of his parents come back to haunt him? Who can he trust? And what to do next?

  • In my Blood
    205K 5.5K 66

    (Newt & Reader story) You wake up in the middle of a Maze, with no memory of who you are and what you're doing there. Thrust into a new world of chaos, dictatorship and bloodthirsty monsters that lurk in the Maze walls, your only comfort is in a boy with blond hair and deep brown eyes. However, as you battle for your...

  • Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
    140K 4.1K 82

    It's the summer before y/n's senior year of high school. She attends a theatre camp and the directors land her two auditions in California. One of them is for the Scorch Trials. Y/n enters the audition and gives it her all. Then, Wes Ball calls her back to do a scene with Thomas Brodie-Sangster and gets casted as Kels...

  • Love Among the Gifted - A Pride & Prejudice Alternative
    8.7K 628 46

    Pride & Prejudice & Superpowers! In this England the gifted have ruled since the Norman's invaded. How will a series of unexpected attacks in Meryton shortly after the Assembly impact Elizabeth and Darcy? This is a different look at canon with the addition of powers, politics, adventure, and espionage. But the heart o...