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  • Maynard Hill (On hold for edits)
    234 56 5

    Towering over the village Lusia, was the great Maynard Hill. In Lusia lived a boy named Charlie Adams who was both cowardly and weak, which was a disadvantage really, for Lusia was the land of the strong and the brave. An incredible event, however, sets Charlie up for an adventure he will never forget through the tr...

  • Heart of a Warrior
    314 50 16

    Blood trickled from the guard's now open throat as Alec, dagger in hand, stepped from behind him and let the body hit the floor with a dull thud. "I'm here for the girl. But whether or not you live to tell the tale, is up to you." Young warrior Alec embarks on a quest in search for his kidnapped love with only his w...

  • Little Fox
    53 8 4

    Kat Summers isn't exactly normal. Stranded as a child and recruited by the Hunters at eight years old, she's been killing Lycans since she can remember. Eleven years later, she's one of the most experienced Hunters to have ever graduated at the facility and is tasked with her most testing mission yet: execute the lead...

  • Fortunes | Misfits Book 1
    45 11 7

    If you could see into the future, would it still turn out the same? Trailer by @ysmnnaa coming soon! Be sure to follow her for book trailers!

  • CORE
    163 9 8

    It has 3 years since Acel fled his home and disappeared into the wilds of Alkor, a nation utterly torn apart by a 30 years war. It's East falling to bandits and it's West under constant enemy attack. The years of living in the harsh and unforgiving wilderness of the West have caused Acel to become cold, jaded, and pur...

  • Alpha's Desires
    296 22 10

    "And then I thought you were the human form of fire, I didn't think you would do me any harm, how could something so mesmerising cause any destruction?" . . . I never knew what it was at first and I didn't want it to be real but how could I deny what was...

  • The Hybrid Circus
    116 12 14

    The circus is full of magic and wonder, where men and women perform death defying tricks all in the name of glory and fame. Though the hybrid circus is not one of them. Where the performers truly are half man, half beast. These Faunas creatures imprisoned to perform for others entertainment. One past-less, young rar...

  • Evelyn Ross and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    1.4K 360 41

    My Mum had left me a book she'd written before she died. I always thought it was some kind of novel, a story, to escape reality or something. It was a story about wizards and witches. I was wondering, if perhaps I'd been wrong to think it was fiction? I smiled at the thought. This was ridiculous. Evelyn Ross is a teen...

  • Call of the Red (A Sequel to I Am Not Crazy)
    8 2 2

    Helen has begun to write in a journal, her psychologist recommended to do so because of her paranoia. She is still tormented by the letters from her brother.

  • The Prodigium
    228 67 6

    Rowena can still see the blood on the carpet. Her mother was murdered when she was 9 and it still haunts her. She lives to find the demon behind it. She made a bond with a demon to keep her safe. 10 years later the demon wants to finish what he started. With each step she grows closer to finding what killed her mother...