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  • Swanna Girl and Braviary Man 2: Fight Against Oblivion
    6.8K 520 31

    It's been three years since Swanna Girl and Braviary Man took down Team Miasma. Ever since the evil organization has been put down, things have been peaceful in Unova. Sylvia Gray and Rudi Rhea are now living normal lives, thinking their days of being those superheroes are over, or is it? After the Castelia City Pokem...

  • Swanna Girl and Braviary Man
    10.3K 1K 33

    Team Miasma is the new threat that looms over Unova many years after Team Plasma has been disbanded. Their reasoning for causing terror is unknown, but it's nothing the brave, Braviary Man, can't handle. Just don't talk to Sylvia about it. She's always found the idea of a superhero more troubling than ever. Instead of...

  • Caelum | TIOG Guide
    448 59 6

    Come explore the world of Caelum in greater detail and learn more about The Isles is Gracideas' magic, lore, and islands.

  • Whispers in the Dark「Pokemon Fanfiction」
    46.2K 3.5K 45

    「I was stupid, so stupid.」 「Just control me, and make the whispers stop.」 • • • Celeana Asthansia is the first victim that has been released from the Meowstic's den. For five long years, she's been hurt, traumatised and controlled, losing any sense of independence she had. Now, five ye...

  • Berlitz(completed)
    13.8K 1.7K 56

    Team Galactic looms over Sinnoh's ruin-littered landscape. The shadowy organization craves power as it tumbles over those trying to hinder them. Dawn, a new and upcoming Trainer, never had much adventure in her life; however, an opportunity for her to become more than average will arise. She will find herself in an a...

  • My Name is Loto [Pokémon Fanfiction]
    3.5K 371 24

    It's tough being on your own in the nation of Caelum when you're a child. You have to fend for yourself in an unforgiving world of pirates, moral-less thieves and murderers, and airborne islands that spell death the moment you fall off one of them. It's even tougher being somebody who everyone and their aunt wants...

  • The Isles of Gracidea | Pokémon Fanfiction
    8.2K 990 45

    In a world full of floating islands, sky pirates, exiled magicians, and Pokémon, peace is difficult to maintain. Shaymin, kind Pokémon who'd guided travelers once man learned how to fly, were hunted to extinction for their Gracideas: magical flowers said to bring grand fortune. Since their disappearance, everything in...

  • Pathos「Pokemon Fanfiction」
    15.8K 1.7K 38

    It's horrible to don a mask. Most wear some kind of mask in their life--and for the most part, they're never of the best quality. All they cause is useless self-destruction and pain, but the good thing about them is that they can hide some ugly part of you that you don't want to show to the world. They're alway...

  • Bonds | Pokémon Fanfiction
    18.9K 1.7K 38

    Bizarre events bring together a homebody named Alice and a solitarian known as Ken. Races, tournaments, and other trials appear left and right, forcing the two to learn how to work together. Ancient tales speaking of legendary Pokémon connect Alice and Ken to trouble they couldn't have ever imagined even in their wil...

  • The Hacker [Pokemon Fanfiction]
    279K 15K 34

    1st place winner of the Romance 2015 Pokemon Watty Awards --- "Falling in love only can bring pain. Love can only be stolen from you right as you realize it. Or maybe right before." She was fifteen and a kid-genius. She was fifteen and living a life no child should, but so many do. She was fifteen when the accident ha...

  • Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction]
    33.1K 2.8K 48

    Steven Stone: Champion of the Hoenn region, Mega Evolution user, and avid stone collector. Although no one knows his past, or how he even came to be Champion, behind every gem lies an untold tale of formation... Nine years before the Hoenn Primal Crisis, a younger Steven Stone has been forced to study for most of h...

  • What the Wind Carries [Pokémon Black and White 2 fanfiction]
    13K 1.1K 52

    The Heroes of Truth and Ideals have left the Unova region, leaving behind chaos that eventually settled. But what hadn't settled however, were the remaining sparks of false liberation that have begun to flare and grow when left unchecked. Nathan Acress, a new Trainer hoping to make it to the top and become Unova's...

  • All My Gratitude [Pokémon Short Story]
    1.4K 176 7

    Cynthia Shirona is Sinnoh's Pokémon Champion and perhaps the strongest Trainer in the world. Her love of mythology, battling, and her strength are what earned her fame. But where, or who, did it all stem from? There has to be an answer. After all, every great artist has a muse. •2nd place winner of the 2018 Pokémo...

  • Dream Boy (Steven Stone x Reader)
    1.5K 23 12

    In this plain, modern, vicious world, you adore a man with icy blue eyes on his fair skin, icy blue hair that's styled aesthetically. Perfect is the word to describe him. One night, you wished to go on a world~a world where seeks countless mythical creatures, intriguing people, and such more that were unexplainable...

  • Pokemon- Forever You and I (May x Drew) (Contestshipping)
    2.5K 97 19

    Meet May. A young woman who just dumped her boyfriend because her boyfriend is caging her, not supporting her dreams. She is gifted with a goddess voice that everyone wants. Against all odds, she decided to moved to a new town, where she will showcase her music to the world around her, at the same time getting revenge...

  • diamonds ♦︎ (hoennchampionshipping)
    15.3K 466 16

    He had every precious gem in the world, but he didn't have her. ( may x steven stone )

  • Pokemon: Next Generation
    20.9K 1.1K 47

    Emma Ketchum, daughter of Ash and Misty Ketchum, is traveling with her fellow Pokemon Trainer friends through Johto when they get mixed up with an evil organization that is, yet again, attempting to take over the region. Plans, backup plans, and backup backup plans backfire, resulting in a pretty chaotic, disastrous s...

  • Love Letter {Steven Stone x Reader}
    20.7K 513 11

    You adored Steven Stone. You adored him, his Pokemon, and his skills, you adored everything about him. On a Valentine's Day, you received a love letter from someone unknown to you, and to be honest, it was a little freaky that in the letter, the person said they had been stalking you for awhile now. You brought the no...

  • Steven Stone x Reader (Slight Lime🍋) Oneshot
    1.7K 23 1

    You two spending your time together during Christmas >~< Total: 3900+words Every characters here belong to Satoshi Tajiri and friends! Except for the reader-chan ofc XD (Slight Lime🍋) You've been warned!

  • The Man of Steel (Steven X Reader)
    10.7K 225 7

    You have just arrived in Hoenn. With your powerful team it's seems you are invincible, but you are stopped after you find the Champion injured in the woods. What has happened to him? Who is after him? What danger will you be put in? (includes a reference to the pokemon special) Thank you for 1k reads!

  • Falling For You -- Marissonshipping Fanfiction
    1.8K 59 4

    *Complete!* A Marissonshipping fic involving a very clumsy Mairin, along with her and Alain's growing relationship over time.

  • Lost Among the Thorns [Pokémon Short Story]
    408 92 8

    Sinnoh's Eterna Forest, an expansive, shrouded place that holds much beauty, danger... and possibilities. Delinquent orphan Miles Winter never knew of or appreciated what Eterna Forest holds. But when he unwillingly finds himself face-to-face with these aspects due to a freak accident, he has little choice but to d...

  • Swanna Girl and Braivary Man 3: The Rogue Hero (Slow Updates)
    1K 109 10

    Sylvia has made the tough choice of joining Team Miasma after the Castelia City Crisis in order to save Unova from Team Oblivion. Her choice cost Sylvia her morals, her freedom, and her friends. But, when a familiar face pops up and threatens Sylvia even further than Team Miasma does, the superhero has to face the tou...