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  • Bakubottom Gay One shots
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    Prepare for the smexiest, gayest, spiciest and fluffiest One shots staring everyone's favourite Bakubottom!! Feel free to suggest ships

  • Bnha reacts to random stuff about them
    46.8K 556 10

    Class 1A and others have been capture to watch stuff from other universes, memes, ships, tiktok, skits, that have been made of them. What will there reaction be? Guess you find out. This is my first book, idk if im gonna update it a lot, maybe if it becomes popular i will. This is mainly for fun. Im sorry if i have gr...

  • Bakubottom Oneshots 2.0
    174K 3.3K 16

    the sequel no one asked for. i am back with more smutty, kinky, angsty, and fluffy oneshots. - they will be worse this time - comment any ideas you have - it's good to be back hoes!!!

  • 💥☠ • в𝐚𝓴υⒼỖ𝕌 𝕠ᑎe𝕊h𝐨𝓣𝓢• 🤬🖕
    222K 6.9K 138

    ˚✎ ﹏ ⁺◟Short stories- gay stories- cute stories- smutty stories- Bakubitch stories. . . . ︎ꜜ ⊹₊ ⋆Request on latest posts ꜜ ୧ *·˚ Ongoing┆↰

  • Everything's Not Okay
    141K 7.4K 29

    I have it all, huh? I'm sweet and caring for everyone and anyone. Yeah, I'm a little dumb, but that's just because I'm lazy, right? Right?! I'm fine, right?! Don't worry about me, these are just minor scratches! Everything's okay [major violence, cursing, slurs (specifically sexual), suicidal thoughts and actions]

  • Tortured Beyond Repair
    80.4K 2.8K 19

    An unjust punishment just might lead to civil war. Can Naruto survive

  • Together forever, right? (Depressed Bakugou, bakudeku/dekubaku)
    42.2K 1.1K 20

    [ENDED] ~I love you! <3 Start~ Feb 19 2020 End~ May 21 2020 -This story is about Bakugou being depressed and feeling like a good for nothing villain, he also feel like he's a nothing and weak person if other people help him, so he try's to hide things as perfect as he can. He also turns out to find out his feelings fo...

  • Is it worth it?
    3.1K 179 10

    Kaminari is depressed. Kaminari is hurting himself. Kaminari is wondering if life is worth it. However, he hides it with a smile. But what will happen when Shinsou, the new addition to 1-A, notices something? Covers not mine! Credit to the amazing artist Highest rank #1ShinsouxKaminari on October 4.

  • Kaminari Oneshots and Drabbles
    55.3K 1.3K 32

    It's basically the Title. But if you, still can't understand look no further than this description. It's basically a bunch of oneshots and short stories.You can request a ship but you have to give me some detail. Ships include: BakuKami KiriKami BakuKiriKami TodoKami Ojirou x Kaminari Sero x Kaminari ShinKami & Kamin...

  • Mind Shock || A Shinsou x Denki fan fiction OwO
    54.8K 1.6K 13

    After a failed movie night with all of 1-A, Bakugou kicks Denki out of his own dorm, that bastard. Denki sat outside on a park bench and waited until curfew so he could come back, when he saw someone familiar, a guy with very spiky blue hair. His name was Shinsou, he was in class 1-C. They talked a bit, and becane fri...

  • My Immortal Shape Shifter
    20.9K 337 12

    Natural enemies find a common interest...each other..............................................

  • Sleeping Among Secrets (a naruto fanfic)
    63.6K 1.7K 15

    Naruto; the hyperactive, determined deadlast is how peple know him, little do they know that they are only watching the person that he's showing them. But if you think that he's wearing a mask then your wrong. He's not wearing just 'a' mask. He has built up multiple layers of 'himself' because underneath all of that...

  • Bakudabi
    14.3K 301 3

    Bakugos is an omega looking for his alpha. Dabi is an alpha who know exactly who his omega is. No matter how much bakugo wants to deny it, it's true. But what happens when the league of villians meet their match? And what happens when bakugo is kidnapped?

  • A hidden talent on ice
    27.7K 885 8

    A boku no hero ice skating AU No quirks Same school and characters 👍 yep Bakugou is very talented at skating as the class soon finds out because of the up coming championships and bakugou is taking lots of days off school because of the of the practice that he needs to make it to finals the school know about this an...

  • Hidden Trauma (Depressed/Sexually Assaulted Bakugou)
    144K 6.7K 25

    He has hidden it for so long and he has done it so well, but Bakugou has a big secret. In his last year of middle school he was sexually assaulted and developed post traumatic stress disorder related to anything like chains. He can't let anyone know.... They will only think he is weak. Does not include any graphic dep...

  • i deserve it. | bakugo
    81K 3K 28

    recently, bakugo has realized all the wrong things he has done.

    25.8K 1K 9

    "Deku you never talk about your parents." Izuku Midoriya didn't really talk about his parents, and he wanted it to stay that way. Until one day when he couldn't avoid the topic. Short Story 1000-3000 words each chapter. Updates every Wednesday/Thursday.

  • • Secret Talents •
    75.6K 2.6K 35

    These are one-shots I have written about the secret talents of our cute little sunshine, Hinata Shoyou. I was inspired by a lot of people and I hope you like it. Small reminder the characters do NOT belong to me. I hope you enjoy :) [ Started : 27/6/2020 ]

  • Haiykuu! Hinata's Prosthetic AU
    4K 140 5

    Hinata had a secret he didn't want to share, because if the team knew he had one leg it'd never bee the same right? I do not own Haikyuu and the writer is kinda bad. I hope you enjoy because I really liked writing this. And I don't own the artwork

  • Dealing with the devil(s) ;; VariousXKageyama
    24.3K 606 7

    Before you read ;; ● Yaoi ● Genderbend Kags! ● VariousXKags (including rarepairs) ● a bit OOC? ● side ship is AsaNoya and KiyoYachi, slight Daisuga, TsukkiYama and IwaOi your average boy Kageyama Tobio got turned into a girl by an accident. If his life isn't miserable yet, how bad would it turned out? how will he (or...

  • A Murder Of Crows / Yakuza Au
    2.6K 46 3

    yakuza /jəˈkuːzə/ noun a powerful Japanese criminal organization. -a member of the Yakuza; a Japanese gangster or racketeer The Karasuno-Kai. The fallen champions. The flightless crows. For years, the crime syndicate was powerful and feared, but as time went on and members were lost, as well as their most notorious...

  • Omega Gets All
    6.7K 196 2

    it's 3 in the morning and I just got random inspo so here we GOOOO An omegaverse AU where oH wOw KAGEYAMA RAREPAIRS (I'm sick, sleepy, and probably on crack rn while craving chicken wings so I'm sorry) Kageyama is an Omega and basically all of the highschools decided to have a super big training camp. And so, he is co...

  • haikyuu - a iwaoikage story (completed)
    16.9K 539 5

    • only tsukishima , kenma and akaashi knew kageyama was dating seijoh's captain and ace. but when hinata and kageyama gets into a fight and kageyama is injured , oikawa and iwaizumi makes their appearance. now everyone knows who not to mess with , otherwise , two angry boyfriends would be after them. • just a scene f...

  • 𝐌𝐮𝐭𝐞
    21.2K 536 12

    Mute Yamaguchi Kageyama That's the description ((Finished)) I love this rare pair 🥺 READ TAGS!! THIS ISNT TSUKKIYAMA

  • Kageyama x multiple
    76.4K 1.3K 23

    Kageyama with STAY a bottom if I right smut in this book which I most likely will but I need requests on who I should pair with tobio so comment down pls

  • Hearts to Oblivion [Haikyuu!!]
    7.9K 217 6

    Not everything's rainbows and cupcakes. Especially when you're stuck in the same house with Daichi--and insufferable yet charming buffoon. DaiSuga (Daichi x Sugawara) {Butler-Mafia AU}

  • Hinata Shoyous Secret
    1.9K 96 4

    Hinata Shoyou mothers passed away when Hinata was 8 and lost his hearing too, while Natsu was barely 1 years old. This caused Hinatas Farther to become an alcoholic which led to abuse. Ever since then he never let him lay a finger on Natsu which ment he got the beatings. Hinata was abused physically and mentally, and...

  • just a pretty face
    13K 423 7

    a hinata harem story 😌 - everyone thinks that hinata is just a dumb pretty setter who can't see everyone's feelings for him, he finally decides to mess with them a little bit. -

  • Hinata's Russian Secret
    47.9K 1.8K 13

    Hinata has a secret, a secret only a few people know about. Not even his own parents know this secret. I do not own any images in the story however I do own the cover photo. I did use a similar image of Oikawa when making it.