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  • Shumdario! Love Off The Set?
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    this is about malec Being together in real life

  • The Secret Of Angels // Magnus Bane ☆
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    》BONUS BOOK ➹ . ➹ After finding a very ancient Angels book, the Lightwood-s and the Blackthorn-s will team up with Magnus Bane and Lucifer, the devil himself. New curses and feelings will be discovered, will they make it okay? ➹ 《I love him, Mark》 《You can't, let him go》 [ Alec Lightwood ☆]

  • Matthew Daddario ☆ Imagines
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    some gifs and stuff

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    matt: is this kat's friend? elizabeth: who's kat? matt: i take that as a no matt: sorry, i misspelled the username elizabeth: lol no problem elizabeth: i was bored anyways elizabeth: so, matt, how are you? [THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SOCIAL MEDIA SERIES - SHADOWHUNTER...

  • How About a Kiss? // Matthew Daddario ♡ (3)
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    Sequel to "Soulmates" ♡ "I like me better when I'm with you" [Matthew Daddario ♡]

  • HALF
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    What if Alec wasn't a normal shadowhunter? What if he has a secret that only the silent brothers, his parents, and parabatia knew about? Alexander Gideon Lightwoods world is about to turn upside down when Valentine finds out his secret!! Can he keep the Clave from killing him for what he truly is, BUT MOST OF ALL CAN...

  • Thunderstorms || Alec Lightwood ✓
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    "I saw a girl with eyes like fire. I had to look away. She was swearing like a sailor. And demanding her own way. " [Alec Lightwood]

  • Shadowhunters Preferences
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    Every thought what it would be like to be in the shadowhunters world? Well this is more of a your a shadowhunter and was Simon' cousin who... You know what just read it

  • Malec one shots
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    Just a book of Malec one shots :) Enjoy :D

  • You're No Monster
    60.5K 2.4K 19

    Alec Lightwood. Part shadowhunter, part demon. Not only that but he's also an omega. No one knows about his demon half besides his family and it's something that he struggles with. Especially with parents who are disgusted by not only his demon side but his omega nature as well. Alec never thought he was good enough...

  • Attraction (D. Sherwood) #1
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    (Social Media AU) ❅Attraction: the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something.❅ Author's Note: I blame myself for reading a much of social media stories on Wattpad for this ? enjoy.

  • Male Celebrity x Female Reader Imagines
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    Imagines featuring some of my favorite male celebrities and a female reader. I have never written anything like these before, but I love reading them and creative writing, so I'm giving it a shot. If you have a request I only have a few stipulations: 1. No dirty imagines. I do not write smut. 2. The reader will be d...

  • Soulmates // Matthew Daddario ♡ (2)
    17.2K 642 39

    Sequel to "Beautiful Mistake" ♡ "Imma tell 'em all, Imma tell 'em all that you could either hate me or love me but that's just the way I am" [Matthew Daddario ♡]

  • Sweetheart • Alec Lightwood
    784K 21.5K 34

    "Stop calling me that!" "Call you what, sweetheart?" He threw his arm up in frustration. ••• In which a Downworlder meets a Shadowhunter and falls unexpectedly and madly in love. [Alec Lightwood~Shadowhunter] I do not own Shadowhunters. Also, I wrote this when I was really young so it's pretty bad.

  • Dominic Sherwood • Instagram (completed)
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    domsherwood liked a post by lillyhyland

  • Unknow (Dominic Sherwood)
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    She has well make answer this unknown and she shall not certainly be what she is if she had not met him. "Thanks, you hanven't hang up ! - Okay so, who are you and why did you stalk me ? - Oh yeah, i'm Dom and you're ? - Ah ! Because you think i'm going to tell to a stalker like you my name ? - Uhm... Yep ! Please ? ...

  • Complicated Jace wayland
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    I watched at Jace stormed through the doors with determination on his face. I was ready for the scolding I was about to receive. "Jace I'm sorry...." I wasn't able to finish my apology before his hands had cupped my cheeks and his soft lips pressed gently against mine. I was frozen at this unfamiliar feeling but I s...

  • Beautiful Mistake // Matthew Daddario ♡
    41.4K 1K 22

    [iMessage and social media] {11/05/18 #3 Matthew Daddario!} {01-19/06/18 #1 Mathew Daddario!!} "Matthew Daddario is so cute!" "Hey! What about me?" ~ First try of a social media fanfiction just because I seem to love those SO much! (Maybe way too much). Hopefully it will be quite dif...

  • Magnus' Shadow (Alec Lightwood Love Story)
    123K 3K 51

    [Season 1] Yasmin Wayland was separated from her Twin brother at the age of 10. Raised by Downworlds and searching for her brother she stumbles across Clary Fray who leads her right into the arms of a certain dark haired Lightwood. Hidden in the shadows, Yasmin follows her brother in his adventures in the shadow worl...