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  • I'll Find You {Yoonmin}
    29.7K 1.3K 16

    {soulmates!AU where once both of you are 18 you switch bodies} After 3 years of waiting, Yoongi is sure his soulmate is either dead, or some sort of infant. Every year he watches as his friends find their soulmates, helping them through the change and smirking at the clueless looks on their faces and how happy they...

  • Blank (Yoonmin)
    69.8K 2.7K 43

    Yoongi's wrist had always been blank. (Cliche TUMBLR au in which the first words your soulmate tells you are written on your wrist.) Boy x Boy Broken chapters.(One or 2 lines per chapter format.)

  • Little Space
    461K 18.3K 103

    little!jimin and daddy!yoongi have to go through many different experiences due to their lifestyle, but it only makes them closer along the way this is the original work, as you can see on my AO3 under M_ochiiii. under any other users, it is stolen.

  • baby boy → y.min
    316K 10.4K 38

    • In which Min Yoongi is the boyfriend and daddy of Park Jimin • ©cuddlychim

  • Acute Case ~ YoonMin
    1M 49.2K 52

    "You're so silly, Daddy!" "Wait, what did you call me?" Started: 20/05/17 (20th May) Finished: --/--/-- #75 - 29/01/2018

  • Little Jin
    243K 10.9K 232

    Jin is a little and Namjoon is his Caretaker. I DON'T OWN BTS OTHER STUFF: Taekook Yoonmin Namjin Little space LITTLES: Jungkook Jin Jimin BamBam CAREGIVERS: Taehyung Namjoon Yoongi Hoseok

  • Maknae Line Little Space Lifestyle
    24.1K 559 12

    Yoonmin (Jimin little) Namjinkook (Jk little) Vhope (V little)

    361K 21.2K 37

    ❝How the fuck did you get my number?❞ In which Min Yoongi likes to stalk Jimin and texts him every day. [hella crack and loads of cringe, PLUS MAJOR TYPOS LIKE I WAS LIKE 6 OKAY WHEN I WROTE THIS CRAP]

  • Instagram | yoonmin
    486K 22.8K 66

    ❝I hate you.❞ ❝Really? Because the stuff you comment on my feed says otherwise.❞ INSTAGRAM! AU Jimin really likes Yoongi's visuals. Maybe he likes his heart even more Started 180103 1K 180209 10K 180506 100K 180709 200K 181028 [STATUS: COMPLETED] ©️jeorgguk2018

  • Personal Property ↓ Yoonmin
    786K 22K 19

    "Hands off! Only Min Suga can touch this male!" Original: 12/22/15 - 4/15/16 Editing: 04/13/17- 05/20/17 Status: Complete #310 in Fanfiction /21-31May17/ /June17/ /01July17/ #364 in Fanfiction /28April17/ /12May17/ /18May17/ #547 in Fanfiction /30April17/3-11May17/13-20May17/ #552 in Fanfiction /18May17/ #777 in...

  • The Perks of Marriage - Yoonmin
    10.2K 587 3

    You're invited to Yoongi and Jimin's wedding! -Follow the Min's domestic life here ❤ (Tiny stories of a tiny family)

  • Snapchat ~ Yoonmin
    177K 8.4K 60

    "We're all human, we all have needs and wants" "Well my needs and my wants are the same at the moment... you." Snapchat AU where Jimin is straight and Yoongi helplessly falls for him

  • I'll always protect you-Yoonmin
    120K 3.9K 42

    A leader of a notorious gang (Min Yoongi) sees a boy (Jimin) getting beat up in an alley. Yoongi comes to the rescue and saves Jimin from the gangsters. Will something more happen? Read and find out.

  • PRETTY ( 2JAE )
    51.2K 2.5K 8

    "You're very cute Youngjae, try to wear another clothes" "Why?" "Because you'll look prettier"