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    girls, they're oh so pretty [jane hopper x max mayfield] elmax au -

  • swingsets and dance routines ; tyrus
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    "The rivalry between Jefferson High and Salt Lake Academy was infamous, and every year it only seemed to grow more heated. Cyrus couldn't help but think it had officially passed the point of being 'friendly competition.'" ~ Or the one where TJ and Cyrus are from rival schools, and one chance encounter at a cafe ends u...

  • cutie • tyrus [complete]
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    tj's always been the guy magnet at school. openly gay, but not a stereotype, and has been through and handful of guys. but what if a newer gay guy comes to the school, sweeping boys off their feet left and right?

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    new acc, new book, same energy cause if tj and cyrus don't marry each other, i'm gonna sue.

  • ambi oneshots
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    "Kiss me," came Andi's breathy demand a few moments later, and Amber was only too happy to oblige. ~ A collection of ambi oneshots, mostly fluff. {All with happy endings because they deserve it}

  • TJ's Playlist | Tyrus
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    When Cyrus finds a playlist on TJ's desktop full of old love songs, he realizes that TJ has never been a scary basketball guy but rather a huge sap. TJ just wished Cyrus could realize that all of those songs remind him of a certain boy who likes chocolate chocolate chip muffins without telling him directly. With insec...