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  • "Closer" Harley Quinn X Reader
    37.1K 1K 19

    You and Harleen Qinnzel met at a strip club. One thing led to another then you started dating. But you break up after Harleen chooses the Joker over you. 4 years have past and you two meet up again will you go back out or are you two going to stay friends? Based off of the song Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey

  • Mercy
    267K 4.9K 29

    It's been four long years since Frisk saved Chara. Chara had tried to thank the child by helping them rid and keep away the Anti-Monster cult members, but it didn't seem enough. Frisk finds a way to thank them in return for not trying to kill anyone these past four years by giving them a gift they would never forget. ...

  • #deep // a bo burnham fan-fiction
    8.6K 172 41

    ok this entire book is gonna be smexy time with bo and how he's gonna be #deep in you *wink* get ready for unsolicited bo pics and shitty references - - - I crawled up to Bo. "I believe the better question would be, who am I doing. And that would be you." Straddling him, I pulled myself to his lips. "We really shouldn...

  • Chara x reader| Be their new hope
    17.3K 401 10

    *You click yet another harmless Chara x Reader. *You faintly remember the name Chara Dreamurr. *You click on the authors account to find other stories by them. Chara x reader| Erase them all but you *You remember this was the first story in this series. *You quickly read that one to refresh your memory, or to learn th...

  • The Angel Came To Save Us[SansXMale!Reader]
    8.8K 197 5

    Once upon a time,there were two races ruling[Did i write this correctly?] over the surface. Monsters and Humans. One day,war broke. The humans were victorious,and they locked the Monsters inside the Big Mount. Ebott. But what they didn't know,is that you,(Y/n),was still up. You hid your existence almost perfectly trou...

  • Sans X Male Reader
    25.9K 343 7

    Well, this is my first story and it probably is gonna suck but. . .ehh whatever, I'll make sure I get some lemonade in the story. . .idk how Much I should put but there will be LEMONADE. I'm doing this for fun and so that I could waste time when I bored so don't expect me to update a lot. . .school kills man

  • Loves to DIE for Female chara x male reader
    55.5K 377 9

    What happened when a megalomaniac falls in love with you....a skeleton brother.....yes your related to sans and papyrus. And yes you have every power from the have all the souls like asrile from glitchtale.....just read the book

  • Souls in Love (Female! Frisk x Male! Reader)
    117K 1.2K 71

    Story about you x frisk with plot

    Completed   Mature
  • Even Killers Feel Love
    75.9K 1.2K 29

    When your fellow survivors deliberately leave you to die after you were unable to help someone get free, you start to panic and fear for your life. But you soon find you the killers aren't always as bloodthirsty as they seem to be, and even fall in love with them and they become a new family to you.

  • -[Chloe PricexReader]- All Over Again ~Life Is Strange~
    71.9K 1.8K 42

    You, coming back to Arcadia Bay and meeting a certain blue haired punk that might have changed your life around. But in the process, what dark secrets will you reveal and what adventures will you encounter in the small fishing town you once called home? ~ENDED~

    Completed   Mature
  • My Prey~
    160K 2.2K 38

    Huntress x Reader. Yes a Dead By Daylight Story So expect blood, gore, and yes maybe lemon. I thought this was a story I truly will enjoy than any of my others. I felt like I needed and wanted to do this. So if you don't like well... That's your problem not mine. #5 Gxb #1 Huntress

  • The Furry Embrace ( Furry Girls x Male!Reader )
    134K 1.2K 9

    Young (Y/N) is a son of a well known doctor, (F/N) (L/N). His father spent the entire time to check if there is possibilty for humans to evolve. One of the side effects of his research was possibility to get human into proper cryo-sleep without destroying the tissues. The final step in this was a race of humanized an...

  • human in furry world (Human Male Reader x female furries) (18+) (On Hold)
    127K 936 13

    A/N: if you're under age please don't read The animals were nothing, but text subjects for experimentations to create new stronger, smarter and faster creatures known as (The Furries). when one experiment runs wild it decides to take revenge on all human kind by releasing a deadly virus on humanity for abusing and kil...

  • Don't Give In Stay Determined - Female! Frisk x Male! Reader
    136K 1K 29

    Just a Frisk x Reader. Takes place in an alternate timeline. You recently just turned 19 and Frisk is a year younger than you. Lemon Warning: This book includes lemon, so for those who don't enjoy lemon just skip them. This is my first book, so I apologize if it sucks, but I am open to criticism. If you like my story...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mercy's Benefits (Female Frisk X Male Reader)
    23K 205 11

    You and Frisk are friends in school, one day you got bullied and decided to run away and frisk decided to follow you. You two ran all the way to Mt.Ebott and you jumped down hoping it would kill you. Frisk jumps down and you find yourselves in the Underground where monsteres live. And that's how it all started.

  • Before I Met You (Markiplier x Male Reader)
    51.2K 1.5K 11

    You are a 22 year old male singer/songwriter on YouTube that is about to reach 1.000.000 subscribers. You just moved to LA to make a restart of your life and maybe get a singing career going. Let's Plays and Let's Players never really got your attention since you like to play video games yourself. That is until you st...

  • Quiet Demon (A Danti Fanfic)
    116K 4K 33

    Could you imagine it? A world mirrored to ours, but instead of just you and me, we were born in halves. A "Good" child and a "Evil" child. Depending on your looks at birth, you are labeled. Either a "Human", or a "Demon". Usually, these halves are in a constant loop of bickering and hatred. Circling each other in a f...

  • Betty X Reader You're Mine FOREVER.
    147K 1.4K 31

    Its your first day of school. You get bullied a lot and have no friends. Untill one day you get bullied and someone comes to protect you.

  • Stay Determined! (Chara X Male Reader)
    20.9K 158 13

    Y/N L/N was your average civilian boy, slightly intelligent and has average physique. His story would have been boring, if not for the special gift he has. With his gift, which he calls a curse, he braves the infamous Mt. Ebott to solve the mystery of his dreams: Who is the brunette that fell in Mt. Ebott and why does...

  • Female Chara x Male Reader
    118K 1.2K 26

    Decided to just make a Chara story, so it's gonna be pretty dumb. This story is when you left the underground with everyone, INCLUDING CHARA, you don't have feelings for her... yet. But does she have feelings for you or am I just baiting you with this story? We just have to wait and see.... There also might be some s...

  • mute man | Septiplier
    2.5K 141 15

    A silent man. A translator. Mark. Jack. What happens when the translator isn't all who he seems to be? !trigger warnings - Abuse, therapy, murder, bad/toxic relationships, Mental illnesses, anxiety, suicidal thoughts/actions, mentions of suicide, suicide attempt, car crash!

  • FNaF lemons
    8.7K 49 2

    HEy guys, so I decided to do a book on FNaF lemons and Maybe fnaf lemon drawings.....Maybe!

  • A warm night
    8.8K 119 8

  • You Goof Ball. Markiplier X Male Reader
    37.2K 1K 19

    in the title guys.

  • Forever Mine
    95.5K 3.7K 31

    "I'm not here to steal money." He moved closer to me, leaving no room for me to run. He put his hands on either side of my head and I felt like I was in a cage. My heart raced wildly as I looked into his dark eyes. "I'm here," he whispered, "to steal you." An Antisepticeye/Darkiplier/Jacksepticeye/Markiplier x reader...

  • Confession
    48K 744 27

    Frisk finally confesses to Chara about her feelings, but will Chara accept those feelings or leave Frisk out of her life?

    Completed   Mature
  • Good -- A Danti Fanfiction (COMPLETED)
    59.9K 1.8K 22

    Dark scrolled through the listings. None of them were for him -- none of them were perfect. He was nearing the end of the page when something caught his eye. He clicked on the link. Filling the screen was a green haired boy, one eye blue, one eye green. The name read "Anti -- 27 y/o Ireland" A smile spread across Dark...

    Completed   Mature