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  • Gen'ei Antique Shop
    766 165 15

    The first year of the Showa Era, Downtown Tokyo. When you walk down the narrow back alleys in a certain down-town area You can find an antique shop... "Hey, do you know any rumors about No. 49 antique shops?" "Rumors say, you won't be able to enter the shop if you don't have any sins," "They also have a non-human cost...

  • Kitsune's Revenge
    4.4K 704 35

    On HIATUS at the moment. "My life is just too mundane for that sort of drama to unfold for no apparent reason." said the young jeweler with a hint of humor in her voice. Nina Rose Brook was the daughter of Ashton and Sara Brook. Other people would call her by her first name Nina, but for some strange reason, her famil...

  • What lies beneath the fog
    3.9K 1.1K 31

    The magic of first love, set against the backdrop of a small island hidden beneath a mysterious fog. At first sight the tiny Foggy Island promises Liam an uneventful summer, with the haunting prospect of starting a new school at the end of it. But does this magical, sleepy place hide something else? Is there somethi...

  • Flowers Book Club V2
    15.6K 914 40

    (Open) Welcome to the second version of flowers book club! Take a look at what we offer.

  • Infernum
    7.9K 698 114

    Where Dante is a weird, modern boy and he's forced to follow Virgil through an otherwordly travel. How many demons will they meet? Divine Comedy fanfiction/parody

  • The Robert Sisters
    3.6K 928 43

    Valerie and Karen are half sisters. Valerie is set to marry Karen's ex lover and the father of her child,despite the things she discovered about him. Does Valerie have a hidden agenda by marrying Cameron? What lies behind the shadow? Find out in this thrilling fictional story. Book cover by my friend @maramartha...she...

    4.4K 891 68

    Hope is a dyslexic teenager with undiagnosed ADHD. In an effort to reform her, her oblivious guardians send her to an outrageous disciplinarian school. She struggles to fit in at her new school and this earns her a fair share of the school's corporal punishments. At home, she is mistreated by her relatives especially...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bleak Fables
    2.3K 236 19

    Welcome to my nightmare!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stag and The Frog - (GendryxMeera GOT fanfic) Part 1: Alone
    14.4K 1.3K 61

    This is the GOT romance you didn't know you wanted. This is the story of how Lord Gendry Baratheon met Lady Meera Reed. *** Yesterday he was a bastard and a blacksmith. Today he's a lord. Gendry Baratheon has never had anything. No last name, no family, no power. Now he has it all. But his heart is broken. And he has...

  • The Dessert Table Bookclub {HIATUS}
    4.4K 332 38

    ~~~This Book Club is on HIATUS~~~ WILL RETURN Treat yourself to a Sweet BookClub! What do you have a sweet tooth for? Dark Chocolate Romance? Sour Candy Thriller? Rainbow Sherbert Fantasy? Or perhaps Lemon-Raspberry Horror? Come check it out! We got all the flavors! .

  • Tales of Auvatica
    7.3K 1K 51

    The Queen of Auvatica has called for the selection of a new ruler to succeed her. This announcement garners the attention of forces from across the continent who are determined to manipulate who ascends to the throne. *Cover art contributed by @Zyrofern.*