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  • The Lost Redeemer
    1.9M 120K 71

    Seventeen-year-old Nahlia Cole is a member of a hunted race, forced to come out of hiding to infiltrate a secret academy in the north. She allies herself with Thane Solidor, a prince from a faraway land. Thane wields a mysterious ability known as Ethermancy: the skill to enter others' dreams and to bring that surreal...

  • Heart of iron
    591K 22.3K 37

    When werewolves die they go with the moon goddess. When humans die they either go to hell or heaven. When I died I went to hell. And I'm grateful I did. _____________________________________. ..Taylor was in a war when she died. She could've lived but her mate chose to save the pack slut first. As she l...

  • The Vicious Deep (Book 1)
    684K 12.3K 53

    For Tristan Hart, Everything Changes With One Crashing Wave… He was gone for three days. Sucked out to sea in a tidal wave and spit back ashore at Coney Island with no memory of what happened. Now his dreams are haunted by a terrifying silver mermaid with razor-sharp teeth. His best friend Layla is convinced somethin...

  • The Frog Prince
    480K 19.9K 20

  • Cinderella
    4.3M 101K 26

    A girl with a secret and a prince on a mission-- When Prince Anthony spies Eleanoria Woodston outside her family home dressed as a servant, he knows something is amiss. Pretending to be John, his cousin's outrider, he decides to take matters into his own hands and figure out why Ella hasn't been seen at court. And mor...

  • Icarus
    972 80 4

    [On Hold] Isis is just your way above average high-schooler. With straight A's and pretty looks, one would say she has the perfect life. And she does. Until one day, Isis wins a full scholarship to a private university in Europe. Isis and her family are flown there, in an all expense payed jet, for a tour. But they ne...

  • Healer
    107K 3.9K 12

    "Listen, I don't know what you are," his eyes strayed to the glowing tips of my fingers. "But you saved my life. So let me save yours." ********** Charlotte Winters isn't the cliche shy girl everyone deems her to be in her high school. Not even close. Even Charlotte herself finds her abilities peculiar and unreal. Wha...

  • Wanting Jocelyn
    23.6M 80.8K 6

    !!!!STORY MOVED TO AMAZON EBOOKS!!! Alpha Lennox Hall has been waiting for a shewolf to interest him. When he meets Jocelyn he senses she is different. His immediate attraction to her is completely one sided. Her fear of the big bad alpha keeps Jocelyn from seeing his attraction to her. She thinks his over protective...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Dark Knight (COMPLETED)
    25.8M 619K 38

    Skylar lives in a world where her pack is slowly and deliberately being obliterated by the merciless Black Mountains Pack, led by their vicious and cruel Alpha, Gabriel. So what happens when she learns that the tyrant Gabriel is her soul mate? Soon, Skylar will discover that there is much more to Gabriel than meets th...

  • The Anna Chronicles
    11.3K 229 19

    Join Anna and her friends in their adventure in finding the Flame Queen! Grab a piping hot chocolate and read on. A fantastic world of flames awaits you!!

  • In Love With a Human (Book 1 of the Deep Blue Love Series)
    27.1K 872 27

    What do you do when you fall in love with your worst enemy? When the penalty is death? Most importantly, what do you do when you know your life will never be the same again? Copyright 2014 MusicalMe16. All rights reserved. Cover done/drawn by me

  • Wands and Wings
    330K 10K 37

    My name is Katrina. I have my differences in the world. Number 1: I am a Wondla: a race of humans that can transform into one specific creature, but sort of evolve up to a certain stance from that form. Number 2: I have received an acceptance letter to a place called Hogwarts. My name is Katrina the Wondla...

  • The Silver Eyes
    65K 1.6K 7

    I live in a world where your fate is determined by your eye color. Theres purple, blue, brown, red, and even black. But then theres me. The silver eyed. Once in 1,000 years. The child of the prophecy to overtake the kingdom. Me. The hunted.

  • Elemental Burst
    807K 22.3K 23

    "She's a freak. She's over the age of 15, but she still haven't discovered her powers yet, and she's a first-born..." Crystal has known she was different from other children ever since her 15th birthday passed and still had not gotten her powers. Oh yes. You must be confused. Although this planet may also be called Ea...

  • The Chronicles of Starlyn
    67.9K 2.8K 27

    Elves are immortal, except death by battle or poison. Yet, despite that fact, Starlyn’s mother is dying, and nobody knows why. Starlyn loves her mother and desperately searches for any way to help her, yet it seems there is little she can do but sit and watch. Even the elven healers and herbalists are stunned and cann...

  • Guardian of Calandria | ✔️
    473K 20.8K 30

    With magic thought to be extinct, Kira struggles to find balance between using her abilities and keeping them hidden for fear of death. That balance is shattered when devastation takes a life precious to her. Her world is thrown into chaos, forcing her to flee or be killed. No longer allowed to hide in the shadows, Ki...

  • Aquarina(mermaid graphic done by Jihan B. Jackson)
    1.2M 26.6K 25

    (Sample): I opened my eyes, waiting for the transformation to happen. Less than three seconds later, the change occurred. The transformation never ceased to amaze me and as I watched it, I remembered the times when the water was salty instead of clean, house water. Oh yeah, you still don't know who I am. Well, I'll...

  • The Other Element
    552K 14.6K 24

    Growing up in a world were everyone has elemental powers in not easy. Everyones eye color is showing their Element, people that have red eyes is the Element of Fire, people with deep blue is the Element of Water and so on. But Katie is diffrent, she has grey eyes. Will it be a blessing? Will it be a curse? Katie is ye...

  • The Dark Prince. (Book 1)
    7.9M 221K 28

    The man of your dreams is coming ... or is it your nightmares he visits? Laen is Prince of the Dark fae, with a temper and reputation to match his black eyes, and a heart that despises the human race. When he is sent back through the forbidden gates between realms to retrieve an ancient fae artifact, he returns home w...

  • Immortalia
    1.2M 44.7K 24

    [Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Romance ] Aurora Rosa is bonded—but not by choice, her existence is tied to a man she has yet to meet. Forced into submission because of her origin, her fate is sealed. Why? Because she is the property of Zachary Thomson. The man who owns her contract. As an Immortalia, she is nothing but a produ...

  • Mr Wolf and the White Princess
    290K 1.7K 16

    A wolf and a princess fall in love as they fight the Raven and the forces of boredom and ugliness in a magical London. They must race against time as they try to stop the Raven’s evil plan for destroying the city. But can they also resolve the mysterious chemistry between them? If you like Neil Gaiman, Jasper Fforde...

  • Aquaris
    1.6M 51.3K 41

    Emma Newfound had always grown up near the ocean. She loved the crystal clear water of Florida's coast. Emma's life had not been the best. She was always bullied in school, her mom was still recovering from a heartbreaking divorce, and she was self conscious beyond belief. The ocean has always been, and will always be...

  • Crystal Doors: Island Realm, Book 1
    1M 9.5K 40

    Fourteen-year-old cousins Gwen and Vic have lived together ever since the mysterious deaths of Gwen's parents and disappearance of Vic's mother—until Vic's scientist father accidentally transports them through a magical doorway to the island of Elantya, a wonder-filled place of magic as well as steampunk technology. V...

  • Prince with benefits (Royals #1)
    96.6M 1.8M 64

    ***Published under Pop Fiction Books & is now adapted into a game app with Chapters*** Emily Gonzalez's fiance, Sam, is handsome, has a good job and loves her-or at least that's what she thinks. But getting married has never felt right for her. What girl in her right mind would have nightmares about her wedding day an...

  • Marriage By Law (Published)
    37.9M 490K 51

    Completed Novel: Can be purchased on Amazon - Kindle and paperback. What happens when two are summoned together by a long remembered deal between two enemies to force their alliance in the industry business. Heartbroken, angry and confused Ivory says yes to the first thing she hears as she barges throgh the door. Perh...

  • Modern Mulan
    9K 243 9

    When Carly learns that her ill father is to be sent into the war against the alien invaders of the earth she panics. knowing that there is nobody else to take his place she pretends to be a boy in order to keep her dad at home. Expecting the help of her best friend James she believes she can succeed but when he denies...

  • Paladin
    15.1M 451K 69

    Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees...and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingdom of Thule’s best hope against the violence wrought by demons. The only problem is that Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of the seventeenth Duke...

  • Fearless (A Mulan Retelling)
    1.9M 72.9K 64

    For the entirety of her life, Iris Gwenneth has known the words 'loss' and 'exclusion' all too well. With a dead mother and a broken engagement... Iris's father is the only one she has left. However, when their country is attacked by fearful adversaries and one man from every family is forced to join the army, Iris...

  • The Bewitching - Book 1
    1.1M 15.2K 25

    The Bewitching is a love story of past lives, heartbreak and the battle between good and evil that has played out for ages. Elyssa, a young and beautiful woman, is haunted by dreams of a mysterious man in a cove. When she discovers he actually exists her world is turned upside down as she slowly begins having visions...

  • Ice Princess *SAMPLE*
    3.9M 32.9K 14

    Sibyl would rather spend her time collecting vintage, binge watching Netflix, listening to jazz, and dreaming of her ticket out of her small town and nightmare of a high school. The last thing she wants is to be followed around by ravens, freezing things with one touch, and told by the weird Aislin twins that her moth...