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  • How To: Age Regression
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    This is a guide to help new Caregivers/Regressors or if you've been one for awhile a refreshor on some things you might be missing! These are suggestions, not rules, I promise. There are a lot of things I plan to put into this, but if you want anything specific, tell me and I can make a chapter on it ^~^ Thanks for Re...

  • "Be mine and Only Mine"|| Yaoi Rp book (CLOSED)
    8.7K 80 10

    Random RP ideas and OC characters to roleplay with

  • 💙 Yaoi Roleplay 💙
    19.2K 161 18

    What the title says. If you're against BoyxBoy, than just don't come on. Simple XD

  • yaoi roleplay ❣️[ descriptive vers. ]
    4.5K 122 10

    a book of gay guys, currently open.

  • Little Space Thingy!
    58K 1.2K 19

    This is a book all about little space! It will be very random! Some chapters might be really deep and others might be about how cute my socks are ⭐ I hope you enjoy this and it helps other littles who feel alone or even gives helpful tips to caregivers to because they are amazing and need appreciation ? Have fun with...

  • ddlg/lb, mdlg/lb tips for beginners
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    informative info about ddlg community & very helpful toward the end pls read