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  • The Prince's Pretend Mother
    82.2K 3K 27

    When the queen of Mirkwood unexpectedly dies Thanduil is left without a wife, but more importantly his son is left without a mother. The king knows he cannot fill the ruins left by a dead mother so he appoints another woman to take her place, to look after his son when he cannot, and to give him the warmth he no longe...

  • The King of Starlight and Lullabies (Thranduil x OC fanfic)
    74.8K 3.5K 21

    Caledra is a low class Silvan elf who dreams of doing something grander than her current job as dockmaster, running cargo to and from ships all day. She dreams of adventure and danger, of romance and the luxury she had never been permitted. However, when she sneaks into a party she was never intended to be at, she...

  • Providence
    228K 11.1K 38

    Sequel to Lone Wolf Liam, alpha of the Wind Runners, has won in his battle against neighboring packs seeking to steal his territory with bioharzardous weapons and Seren has accepted him as her mate, but that doesn't mean things aren't still rocky. She wants nothing more than peace after all they have endured. But, w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Caged With The Alien Warrior
    64.5K 2.5K 16

    I thought being abducted and experimented on by aliens was the worst things could get. But I was wrong. Because when I tried, and failed, to escape, I promised to protect an alien-human baby. And then we were thrown into a new cage. And my cell-mate? He's big, scarred, brooding... and we're expected to give our capto...

  • Partners In Crime: Watch Them Fall Apart [COMPLETED]
    3.6K 175 16

    Disclaimer: Sherlock and it's character's all belong to their rightful owners. I only own my Original Character. THIRD BOOK IN THE PARTNERS IN CRIME SERIES. PLEASE READ THE FIRST TWO BEFORE THIS ONE. *Spoilers* *Spoilers* Beth had played the sweet detective act for weeks. She tricked Sherlock. She tricked John. Then...

  • The Thieving Magpie
    14.3K 534 19

    (Jim Moriarty x reader) [COMPLETED] - "...Jim," she gasped. He stared at her intensely, hands in his pockets. His hair was messy, and dark circles hung from his eyes. He had on a suit and a loosened tie. "Hi," he said. She frowned, still slightly shook by his sudden presence. "What are you doing here?" He grinned...

  • The Side of The Angels (A Sherlock Holmes Fan-Fiction)
    41.2K 1.5K 39

    Claudia Lestrade has always been described as a perfect angel. She is loved by everyone, favorited by her parents despite her attempts to shift the positivity over to her brother, and she is one of the brightest young minds the world of crime has ever seen. Or at least...she was, before the death of her boyfriend caus...

  • Sherlock: His Enigma Called A
    406K 14K 52

    [Set After Series 3] (Highest Ranking- #3 in sherlocklovestory) "Wrong Number, Mr. Holmes. But this case does sound interesting. -A" During a homicide case Sherlock texts Lestrade about the crime scene. Turns out, John's mistake resulted in a wrong number text. But the accidental recipient's witty response intrigues...

  • Against the Odds
    151K 4.6K 33

    Introducing Rosanne Jones- the new resident at 221 Baker Street. At their first meeting, Sherlock declares her boring and orders her out, to John's chagrin and Rose's anger. However, things start to change slowly as he realizes she's far cleverer than she looks, and might just be the one thing he's been missing in lif...

  • His Caged Dove -Mafia Romance (BOOK ONE)
    2.5M 56.9K 37

    Dove Genovese, daughter of the second in command of the Italian mafia boss, has one sole purpose in life. That's to never dishonor her mafioso father. Marry, bring peace, and money: those are his demands. Meeting those demands comes at a high price, though. She's betrothed to an abusive man from another notorious Ital...

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Sister, Their Strength (Old)
    2.4M 62.8K 31

    Madison hasn't had it easy. On her 13th birthday, she witnessed her Mother pass away in a tragic car accident. Just nine months later she is informed of her step-father's death. Sent to live with her six big brothers she never knew about, she discovers her life has been built on a web of lies. Maddie's life changes f...

  • The Seven Deadly Brothers
    402K 9.5K 28

    They're deadly, each representing a different sin. She has the power to bring out the good in all of them. Elora Anderson discovers that she is actually a Maranzano, family of the deadliest Mafia, although she doesn't know that yet. Moving in with her 6 older brothers and close family friends, she discovers secrets...

  • Innocent Prisoners | COMPLETED
    3.3M 101K 30

    "In a room that held the most dangerous men, stood an angel." ~ Daisy was a beautiful, naïve daughter of a proud, wealthy family. Somehow, she agreed to go prison to protect her family's dignity. Only she didn't know that it would be at Bluebird Prison... for Men! Alone and afraid in an unknown place with strange peop...

  • Renegade
    78.2K 3.2K 18

    He's alone. The world has tossed him into an oblivion, he lives by his instincts, and there's almost nothing left for him. Benedict Cain is a hollowed-out shell of a human being. When an offer pits him against the very people he hates, Ben must betray his own moral code by helping an evil organization obtain an ancie...