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  • Summer Broke
    314 21 8

    For six girls living at the dawn of their professional lives in the small rural town of Daisy, South Carolina, success just seems impossible. But even though the summer gets off to a rocky start, to say the least, they begin to learn that with God, nothing shall be impossible- even though it probably will be hard. Joi...

  • Falling for my bodyguard ✔️[COMPLETE] (Falling Serie BOOK 1)
    645K 23.3K 51

    #3 new adult 12/08/2020 #1 not a cliche 16/10/2019 #21 young adult 26/05/2020 Harmoni is the beautiful daughter of the wealthiest man in the city. She has good grades and mostly sticks with her best friend, Emily. But don't mistake her for a good girl because she is far from it. She has done her best to dodge the body...

  • Into The Sea
    208 28 4

    Floreat Spei, a Legacy of the Rebellion, is constantly on the run from Occimantis government. While escaping from the Morina's military, she runs into Ocearum, the heir of the Morina herself. In an attempt to flee from her pursuers, Floreat kidnaps the heir and makes a run for it. Now with the heir captive and the Mor...

  • Faces in a Crowd
    155 34 14

    A collection of short poems detailing glimpses into people's lives. Each poem is based off pictures that people submitted.

  • Meant to Be... l.h.
    1.1K 20 34

    "Are you sure?" "Of course I am." "But How do you know?" "Some people are just meant to be."

  • My Star
    37 1 6

    In a cold, November, night of 1865, not far from town, a wealthy woman, Astra, and a slave for her father, Amadi, lay on the grass staring at the stars together. They both turned their head and looked into each others eyes and smiled. They both lead into a whole of wonder and hope. They knew they were meant to be.. Ne...

  • year 2050
    975 94 35

    a young boy is forced to go to the soil on earth. After living underground for all his life. he was an experiment for plan "A". Any Supreme leaders of countries form a deal to hide identities. Wich country caused this horrific sight of earth? The leaders or the person with all movements of how things go? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...

  • ~Short stories~
    212 17 12

    A compilation of short stories written by me. Please remember to add feedback in the comments and vote! If you have something you would like me to write you and private message me and I'll try to add it into the book!

  • As I Am ✔️
    108 19 10

    These days, social media has taken away the reality of emotion. A text, a call, a picture, a comment, a like, none of those entities will ever hold within them emotion, real emotion, as the aesthetic nature of the beast does not support something so genuine, so real. Words and letters, however they're sent, however th...

    1K 547 19

    Caught in the middle of a war between the Combs and Zifeng crime families, billionaire Evelyn Pierce reluctantly enlists the help of an enigmatic, excessively handsome bodyguard. But her "prince charming" is not entirely all he says he is. Working as an agent for the Chinese mafia, Ethan Devon thinks Evelyn will simp...

  • WILD FLOWERS ✿ d.malfoy
    5.2K 325 56

    ❝ I'm a person before my name; a soul before my blood. Surely you should know that. ❞ • Imagine the life as you know it, gone. Everything you ever believed in, rivaled with what you are now forced to believe in. Every shred of your being stripped away from your self, replaced with a foreign fiber. You wouldn't know wh...

  • confide in me • poetry
    209 56 13

    a book for times i feel my mind overflowing with words • poetry & quotes • could contain particularly triggering texts - read with caution

  • Nothing Like Flying
    727 148 16

    "I think I'm old enough for a little respect." In the winter of 1922, teens Vivian and Gilbert watch their family disintegrate. Their chemist father always travels. Their mom seems awfully interested in that slick traveling salesman - and in drinking wine. It's like seeing an airplane in a nose dive and waiting for th...

  • Mental Abyss of Emotions.
    1.9K 78 18

    A short poem book, containing poetry, old and new. Most are free Verse, but some may be slam or different styles. The poems will contain venting, motivation, and a combination of experiences and relation.