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  • Jingle Hell [Complete]
    194K 14.4K 66

    *Previously Featured on Wattpad* Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell, Jingle all the way. Oh what fun, It is to hide; To slaughter and to slay... (Winner of @Fright's Holiday Horror Contest!) Highest ranking: #10 in horror, 27th December 2016 Featured in @IncarnateMovie 'Best of Horror' reading list Featured on @Fright @Wattfes...

  • Things Not Subject To Gravity
    6.4K 578 29

    Is it possible to change a life by knowing the future or is everything already decided? Is it true that there are countless invisible things like the ones not subject to gravity? Set Voland--a homeless young man who attacked a child in the midst of hallucinations--has been caught by the police and sent to a psychiatri...

  • A Small Town
    4.3K 713 38

    Ding Dong Dell... the Witch is in the well... Reeling from a nasty divorce, Jeffrey "Bax" Baxter heads north to start over. But when his car breaks down in a small town called Primacy he finds himself trapped. In this strange place, he meets both the woman of his dreams and his nightmares. Now he must unravel a centur...

  • Spirit-Sensitive | BxB
    636 59 15

    Michael Cross has been able to see spirits for as long as he can remember, and he uses this gift to help ghosts move from this world to the next. Sometimes, people don't realize that they're dead, and Michael has always tried to keep his wits about him when dealing with these "cold walkers". But what is he to do when...

  • Black Angel
    248 68 10

    Set in the small sleepy town of Walnut Hill Kansas just outside of Kansas City a horrific crime will either bring the town together or burn it down entirely. (Time period 1935) Winner of The Glinting Quartz Awards #1 Mystery/Thriller category. 3rd place in the Royal Rose Awards

  • Where Your Dreams Reside
    197 60 29

    It all started with a dream that leads Sarah to a magical place. It's a place like none other, a place where all the dreams reside. Something is amiss though, things in Dreamland are not as they ought to be. It is up to her to save it. Good thing is that she is not alone. She has her friends and most importantly her d...

  • The Delirium Circus ( On Hold)
    19 0 5

    One has the ability to see the good side of things and the other can see the bad side of things. When the magical beings get captured and used in the circus for money what would happen?. Everyone could just use there powers free themselves right?. wrong. Everything looks dandy above surface, but what lies in the circ...

  • Like Lambs Led
    8.2K 1.4K 28

    [ Wattpad Picks: Editor's Choice] [2019 ONC Ambassador Pick] [Open Novella Contest Longlist] [Completed] Moriah Hanlon is a new, biracial girl in Pachuck, Oklahoma trying to come to terms with her twin sister's death while also adjusting to her mom's psychotic episodes. When a foreign exchange student goes missing, M...

  • Synched (NaNoWriMo18)
    2.6K 574 19

    "It starts with a photo, an anchor to follow home. Point. Click. Sync. " The women of the Ferris family have a unique gift, temporal geographic phasing. Sixteen year old Jocelyn, raised and mentored by her grandmother Violet, finds the family gift fun more trouble than it's worth, especially when it drove her mother...

  • For a Beautiful Soul
    595 138 21

    Nanya makes a deal with Death to become the Soul Collector. Cloaked in darkness, invisible to the human eye, in her rabid jackal form she punishes the corrupt and morally bankrupt by collecting their souls in torturous ways; all to save her childhood friend Aida. But for every choice made, there is a consequence. T...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ravens in Retrograde | Open Novella Contest
    377 101 8

    She lost her mother at the tender age of ten. Her father is still around but his illness confines him to a bed and his soul lingers on the outskirts of Reaper's door. So, what's a seventeen year old girl to do? Her father is all she has left. After a member of her group, Renegadé, is murdered following a lead, Nevara...

  • The Eulogist Repents
    205 47 22

    Masque is one of the few chosen officiants who guide the spirits of humans safely into reincarnation using his voice. When he finds himself making a trivial human mistake, he is ripped of his title, away from his duet pair, Casqiel, and is sent to work on the other side of God's gate where the Eulogists reside. Torn a...

  • Divided
    79 13 10

    Luke and Sylvia have been best friends since elementary school and Sylvia starts to grow feelings for Luke during high school. When a nuclear bomb hits and wipes out half of the population, it turns into a survival of the fittest. Will Sylvia and Luke grow closer or will this chain of events break up the two best frie...

    Completed   Mature
    262K 19.6K 53

    Song of the Lioness meets Game of Thrones in this thrilling fantasy-adventure! Blayre of Blumore is a Seeker, who apprehends illegal magic users in service of the Emarian Crown. She has a gift - but one that she must keep hidden from the world, or risk being used by someone with ill will. But when the Royal Family...

  • Nomvula
    43.1K 5.2K 55

    When Queen Nomvula, a pacifist with a bloody past, is threatened with war by a reckless prince, she must fight an escalating battle of politics to avoid statewide conflict. Worse, someone in the Hundred Hills knows her deadliest secret, and is setting all the neighbouring lands on a collision course that will devasta...

  • Fragments of Fate
    5K 782 43

    [COMPLETED] A Wattpad Open Novella Long List Finalist & Ambassadors Pick] Luke's fate is tied to a stranger. He is born each time knowing fragments of their past and their shared fate. He always knows when he's found her again, but he is doomed to watch her die, life after life until she can solve the puzzle of their...

  • Queen of Asgard (NaNoWriMo2018)
    3.2K 398 41

    Life was simpler for Suzume Hamada before she knew gods and monsters were real. The night her cousin was murdered by a frost giant was the night Suzume learned that Norse gods were not the stories she'd believed and that there were realms far beyond her own filled with creatures of dreams and nightmares alike. Saved...

  • The Regulator
    778 140 11

    **Winner of the Wattpad Bookshop Gauntlet, January 2019** The M'Nean Ambassador is dead. Once tasked with his protection, Commander Neylan Haas of the Admiralty's Regulator Force now finds herself accused of his murder. On the run from her own people, Haas takes shelter in the Lazaretto, a plague ravaged sector of Ori...

  • Helix Operatives: Creation
    544 124 78

    On the planet Utopia there are two races that inhabit the planet. The two races, Sinderlos and Anthros, despise each other greatly. Sinderlos rule with a heavy iron fist, keeping the Anthros in poverty and under their control, some by other means. Only a few Anthros have been able to escape from the poverty and contro...

  • The Sixers: The Huntsmen of Death
    226 4 36

    Rayla Jackson, a nineteen year old college student is faced with the responsibility of raising her two younger brothers after a devastating car accident that killed her parents. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, she was given a gift and a curse that transformed her world by obtaining the powers of the W...

  • Two Worlds: Clash of the Guardians (Completed)
    28.4K 1.4K 50

    *Vampires* II *Romance* II *Action* Elli Nilsson is twenty years old when she is abducted as hostage by a horde of blood-suckers called the Vampists. The Vampists, from a magical kingdom called Reminis, have threathened Elli's father into making them suits of chainmail that would prevent them from being killed. The vi...

  • The 10th Circle - Abyss [Complete]
    8.7K 1.4K 96

    Every prototype technology has its risks. After an accident involving a novel robotic suit, Keres cadet Sky begins to have recurring lucid nightmares where she finds herself in a prison called Tartaros. Soon, one thing becomes clear: Tartaros is more than just a dream, and as the lines between reality and her subconsc...

  • Imperial
    4.2K 643 48

    Welcome to ancient Persia, a land full of magic, gods, and power- and ruled by the single greatest empire in the world... Shah Jamshid al-Hassan, king of the Parthian Empire, is dead. He is succeeded by three heirs, each of whom claim the throne for themselves: Esfandar, the crown prince, Soraya, the forgotten dau...

  • The Dark Heir (SHORTLIST - Open Novella Contest 2019)
    3.1K 651 21

    **Featured on the Dark Fantasy Profile Reading List: Dark Arts WARNING: EATING OR DRINKING WHILE READING THIS STORY IS HIGHLY INADVISABLE. Once Upon A Time, Good Omens, Monty Python, and Arrested Development had a back-alley three-way and birthed a fairytale. Gerald wasn't supposed to be stuck living seven centuries...

  • The Blood of Legends: The Huntress
    1.1K 238 40

    In a multi-species world, Detective Callie Devereaux has always known when to shoot and when to duck for cover. No matter which species she's investigating her instincts have kept her alive, but when a group of shifters make peace with their ancient enemies, the vampires, Callie's suspicions drag her into a dark plot...

  • Light, Glorious Light
    587 148 18

    The world has been overrun by monsters. Governments have toppled, nations have fallen. Desperation has ushered in a new world order. Akiva is a scavenger for The Mothers. Her job is to scour the bones of the old world for any vestige of value, and to stay alive. That's the hardest part when the monsters have other...

  • Jewel of the sea
    368 61 17

    One kiss is all it took to wake Mariah's weather manipulation powers. Mariah is crushing on her best friend, rivalling with the swim team star and Gwyn in meddling in her life using spells. With no idea what she is, this mermaid could lose control and kill! When your deadly powers are connected to your emotions, i...

  • Tainted Wings
    80 13 20

    Hekate was living a normal teenage life. She was attending a private Baptist high school with her best friend, Marcia. Life was pretty average and she liked it that way. But one night, a mysterious wolf corners her, spiriting her away to the doors guarding the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and their Guardian, Selene...