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  • Reincarnation Rules
    11.5K 459 10

    Liana Clark, has died by overwork, absurd right? but yeah! she died because of overwork. when she was given a chance at life again but this time as Lana Chen what would she do if she is clueless about everything around her. From there starts the journey of a rebirth story fan, who actually been reincarnated and ho...

  • The Odd One Out
    98 7 5

    She was just like everyone else, but her eye says otherwise... Why was she different? All she wants is to fit in. She knows she can't be the only one that's like this. Or is she? //Thank you so much @AprilSmileyFace for helping me write this story 😁 you're such a huge help and your writing is so good and I hope it...

  • The War Against the Klybosion Empire: The Battle for Earth
    168 26 23

    The countries of Earth have always been divided and at times at war with each other, but the arrival of the Klybosion Empire changed that. Many countries have joined together to fight a common enemy. The Klybosion Empire arrived in orbit they first attacked China no ones knows why they attacked them first. After...

  • Bubbled Coffee
    48 5 4

    A cup of coffee, a warm embrace. "Welcome home."

  • My Favorite Quotes
    23.9K 839 100

    Just some of my favorite quotes. Some will be sad but some will be happy. Im all over the place when it comes to quotes. But i still love them.

  • The Bond That Never Breaks (On Hold)
    32 2 2

    (No updates planned for the future as of right now) John Wright was never really fond of anything having to do with love. He hates the idea of prom, he hates the idea of hugging but most of all, he hates the idea of having a girl friend. When he enters high school, however, things start to change as he begins developi...

  • To Us (Love Story) Fanfiction Of Criminal Minds And Law And Order SVU
    47 12 5

    my two favorite crime shows in one criminal minds and law and order special victims unit

  • Confessions of a Teenage Robot (Discontinued)
    351 5 13

    (Discontinued) Marcus Smith is much like any other boy who lives on Earth. He wakes up, goes to school and does what most teenagers his age do. There is one thing that makes him much different from everyone else, however. He is a robot. With this new found knowledge he tries his best to fit into a world which may not...

  • Killing Camp (Fanmade Danganronpa Killing Game)
    178 10 9

    16 Ultimates were lied to when they were told they were going to a summer camp and all of them will definitely not make it out alive. (I DO NOT OWN DANGANRONPA) Updates every Thursday.

  • Forever and Always (Brandon Arreaga)
    500 28 19

    New city. Same dreams. New feelings. And some friends getting you through it all.

  • Forever with Zion Kuwonu
    4.4K 66 59

    a fan-fic about Zion Kuwonu from PRETTYMUCH -occasional smut -SwEaRs -hopefully funny -memes -PLOT TWISTS

  • The Untold Story
    1K 44 21

    One boy, named Marco Dixon, will make the greatest mistake of his life leading to great evil being unleashed on his world. Now it is up to him and his friends to battle against the greatest darkness the Earth has yet to face before the lives of everyone drastically changes for the worst forever.