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  • Misfits x Reader
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    Just some imagines about the Misfits/GayBabyGang. Some smut, some fluff, depends on the mood I'm in. If you want to request something don't be shy. GoodGuyFitz ❤️ TobyOnTheTele/JohnOnTheRadio 🧡 Swaggersouls 💛 iNotorious 💚 McCreamy 💙 Zuckles 💜

  • Gay Baby Gang Imagines
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    I'm super bad at writing this shit and it's super cheesy. But none the less I hope you like it. Includes: GoodGuyFitz--Cameron Smii7y--Jaren McCreamy--Jay Tobyonethetele--Toby Kryozgaming--John Raccooneggs--Ezra Swaggersouls--Eric Zuckles--Mason Inotorious--Matt Some stuff will be dirty!! I am the worst at writing sm...

  • Misfits/ GBG & BBS Oneshots [Requests Open]
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    Random ass scenarios that pop up in my head that I have now made into oneshots. Request are open. You can message me or leave them in the comments and if you do so please @ me. Also I need a good foundation to build on so if you don't give me some details be prepared to get bombarded with questions. Feedback is welcom...

  • Misfits one-shots
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    gay shit

  • ❝ fuck boys . ❞ (finished)
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    Thank you all so much for the reads and attention on this story, ive always wanted too reach 1.k and thanks too this story and of course you reading this, that fianlly happened, so thank you. (: