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  • The Cursed love -Sidneet
    8K 1.5K 33

    There is a curse placed upon Nigam and Anandra families. Join Love, Adventure and Bickering of Sidneet with me!

  • Dirty Secrets
    109K 2.8K 18

    Leo returns home as a veteran with serious baggage, but the woman he left behind, Jessica, is battling demons of her own. Together, maybe they can beat them. ***** Leo Villeneuve returns to Palmira Island as a war veteran with serious baggage. He's...

  • A Promise To Keep | DriKshit SS | √
    5.4K 446 7

    This short story is based on the couple of Star Plus television show 'Divyadrishti', Drishti and Rakshit, fondly addressed together as 'DriKshit'.

  • sidneet smut.
    645 31 2

    sidhart and avneet are dating secretly.. they are cute sweet lovebirds but they can also be horny!

  • Bestie's or Lovers?
    5.1K 1K 36

    hi guys .. so this a sidneet fanfiction , it is a story about how 2 besties turn in lovers but it now a cliche romantic story it contains mystery and horror too...enjoy and do let me know whether u like it or not

  • My Bad Girl #Wattys2016
    107K 10.5K 53

    Its a Bad girl Good Boy love story in Sandhir style How this north south poles fall in love with each other??? Find out here

  • Best Friends
    26 11 4

    hate-love friendship

  • Playing With Souls [Sonu Ki Titu Ki Samaira]
    543 57 10

    I guess many of you've heard of the dramatic monologue by Robert Browning, 'A Light Woman'. Well this story has the same plot. It is a continuation of Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety the film where after Titu breaks up the marriage with Sweety for his best friend, Sonu's sake. After this, both the friends decide to move to Ca...

  • The Fiction Awards 2019
    172K 2.4K 3

    The Fiction Awards 2019 have arrived! All genres of fiction. All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin.

  • Love (One Shots) and other
    4.4K 329 15

    One shots on my favorite couples and other random stuff.......

  • Love You Forever ❤❤(A Sidneet Fanfic ❤❤)
    3K 291 9

    Siddharth nigam... A ruthless mafia. Can do anything for his family. From a very renowned and famous underground mafia family. Loves his mom and bro. Reads in Mukesh ambani private college. Hides his identity of being a mafia. Does not believe in love... until he meets Avneet kaur❤❤ Avneet kaur... Ruthless fashionista...

  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P
    7.3K 816 44

    Masti,Drama,Yaariyan,Friendship,Fantasy,Ups and Downs. All together will make this story more interesting Thank you so so so much guys at last i had got 500+ views #14 in avneet kaur # 9 in pyar # 1 in hina khan #3 in reem shaikh #13 in shivangi joshi # 15 in Siddharth nigam # 7 in sidneet Love you guys 💋

    5.1K 745 27

    Rankings 💋💋💋💋💋💋 Date 20/5/19 #1 roshniwalia #3 sumedh #3 vishaljethwa #4 vaishnavirao #5 tunishasharma #6 faisalkhan #6 ashnoorkaur #7 anushkasen #8 Sidneet 🤘 #16 siddharthnigam💋 #16 avneetkaur 💋 #90 naina #93 sameer School Days are the best ................. When a perfect day has a company of perf...

    128 43 13

    As every normal girl loved princesses from your childhood 😍😍😍 Who does not 🙄😏😏😏 Did anyone think of what happens if all our princesses come together? 😍😘 😎😎😎😎 If you did or didnt but be ready for our new amazing outstanding adventure of all princesses as we see in every story prince save their princesses...

  • Life Advice With an Unexperienced Teenager
    29 2 4

    Weird life Advices Take it if you want Or else Move on!!

  • Steve & Shivanya : A love Story || #Watty2019
    2.9K 351 37

    What happens when Captain America or Steve Rogers (Marvel Cinematic Universe famous character) meet Shivanya (famous Indian TV series fiction character) who has some supernatural powers but she losses her Supernatural powers and gets some witch kind of powers by a special powerful stone called "naagmani". ...

  • A weirdo lovestory
    2.1K 296 32

    what if your so called friends ignore u every minute . . . . . . . but u try to tell them how much u love them . . . . . . but they don't care???? . . . . . . let's see what happens and how it turns to a love story .......???????? please people read!!!!!!!😊

  • Endless LOVE!
    2.9K 173 17

    Love is life.If there is no love, there is no point to live ..

    11.5K 1.5K 52

    Rankings 💋💋💋💋 Date 20/5/19 #1 ashnoorkaur #2 vaishnavirao #2 anushkasen #3 faisalkhan #4 Jannatzubair #4 Sidneet 🤘 #7 siddharthnigam 💋 #9 avneetkaur 💋 #76 romance-friendship This story is about a very famous school in mumbai ST.MARY HIGH SCHOOL. Students who complete their high school years here are given...

  • Behir-love or revenge?
    25.5K 845 13

    this is an FF to naagin3. this will be little similar to original track with my own imagination of story. All the characters are the same, but the people who were positive may actually be negative in my FF. I'll try to some more of Behir-love. How Bela's revenge turned into love and protected nagmani and they will...

  • behir : with their little ones (ON HOLD....till 10th Of April 2020)
    14.6K 1.1K 15

    it is the story of behir from Bela's pregnancy to delivery and in my story uv vikrant, and mahir r real brothers and sons of Andy and Summi and Bela, vish and ruhi r sisters and r daughters of ajit sharma and deepti sharma and uv and vish and vikrant and ruhi r married