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  • queen memes 2
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    haha literally the title

  • -Incorrect Queen Quotes-
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    In honour of the new film- bohemian rhapsody, (which is amazing I recommend you go watch it if you haven't) I decided to take the piss out of the band. Thus this book was made. E n j o y <3

  • queen memes
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    i cannot believe my stupid ass is doing this © 2019 all rights reserved // subversiveabsurdity // // i am not affiliated with the band queen, please don't send any of these to queen or their families, this is all in good gay fun //

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    Hello! I gathered all memes I could find about Queen and I put them in that book Enjoy!

  • Queen Memes
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    These memes are not mine! But have a nice time looking at them!

  • Queen Photos
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    Everybody needs their daily dose of Roger, Brian, John, and Freddie. Yes, I'll include the BoRhap cast