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  • The Fiction Wars III
    823 53 4

    OPEN 🌟 | CLOSED Hi, welcome to the first ever Fiction Wars! If you're looking for publicity, awards, or anything of the sort you've come to the right place. Look inside for more details. (This book got deleted TWICE due to Wattpad's glitches, but fortunately I have screenshots of the original content. Please vote, c...

  • The Portrait Of Evienne
    1.8K 299 6

    Sixteen-year-old Evienne de Roussel has dreamed of one thing since she was a little girl. More than anything, she wants to be a part of the glittering court of Versailles, flirt, dance, and wear beautiful clothing like her idol, Madame Pompadour. Time goes on, and on the day of her sixteenth birthday, Evienne learns s...

  • Almost Gone - The Vanishing B1 ✔️
    4.1K 515 19

    *Book one in The Vanishing series. Completed and edited.* From a young age, Cara Drake has been able to see ghosts. A near death experience had left her with the gift than just a traumatic experience. Over the years she had been able to ignore the presence of anything unliving until her and her family move across the...

  • Frost on the Grasslands (Shelha: Book I) ✔
    12.7K 683 40

    It's not supposed to snow in the South Forest, but the weather in the second-emptiest corner of Shelha is not the only thing behaving strangely. When an ex-tyrant started acting up again, Sethral had hoped it meant the end of lazy days and monotonous, lengthening winters. She is starting to regret what she wished for...

  • nocturne splendid
    1.7K 236 13

    As I sat in my self-imposed isolation, I can see the void approaching. Its inky blackness devouring all in its path, I once again turned to my only salvation and wrote again "This is the time of the Eclipse. The hours become of little measure now. Taken on its own, we could build up a resistance. In the current state...

  • Of Caverns and Casters ✓
    12.2K 2K 77

    [FEATURED BY @YAFantasy] One run-away prince, two die-hard scientists, magic that may-or-may-not be real, and a land that wasn't supposed to exist. Welcome to Avadel. * * * Researchers Leavi Riveirre and Sean Rahkifellar want nothing more than to study how the cogs of the universe click together. When a plague unleas...

  • Serenity
    1K 308 35

    Random of the times when she sat in silence. ✨💙

  • Simply Electric (On Hold and Editing)
    1.2K 422 16

    Highest rankings!!!!!! #2 in villainsarepeopleto #3 in electric #5 in supers ------------------------------ *****Currently undergoing major editing and rewriting at the moment!!****** Olivia McAlister is the youngest in a family of famous superheroes, her brothers being the most popular superhero's gains her some u...