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  • My 2 ANGELS *Shivika's New Journey*
    38.6K 3.2K 20

    Ranked # 1 in Shivika (new) Ranked # 39 in IB & # 1 in (new) Ranked # 49 in Shivika Ranked # 25 in Annika Ranked # 2 & 6 in Oberois Ranked # 11 in support Ranked # 14 in understanding (new) Ranked # 19 & # 15 in affection (new) Ranked # 9 in Omri (new) Ranked # 52 in Ruvya Ranked # 128 in fear Shivika's New Jou...

  • ELITE SERIES 1 : SHIVIKA - Tempting Mr Oberoi
    85.1K 9.2K 45

    #2 in Annika as on 20-02-2019 #14 in shivaay as on 20-02-2019 #214 in shivika Thanks to @BlackManiacx for this wonderful cover :** Annika knows what it means to be Elite. She knows the rules that are there and she's always followed them. This leaves her unsatisfied and so she's vowed to break the rules and live the...

  • Roommates
    24.5K 3.1K 37

    Started: April 8, 2019 Ended: _______ Status: Ongoing Editing: After story is completed Description: A shivika story.......about 2 people who are complete strangers ..........Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Anika Rana.....a story of how these 2 become roommates....and from roommates how they became join t...

  • A Man with Nine Personalities ✓✓
    21.4K 3.6K 19

    Can a man have nine personalities? The answer is yes! He can, if he is a patient with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, the character of this book who has DID and possesses 9 different personalities and names apart from his real personality i.e. Shivaay Singh Oberoi, a businessman. Annika Verma, a...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Mystery Kisser
    22.7K 2.2K 6

    Shivaay is subconsciously aware of the woman he wants to marry. Unfortunately, it isn't the one he is marrying. Complicated yet? It is Shivaay Singh Oberoi's life which is nothing if not complicated. So when, at his pre-engagement party, he is kissed by a mysterious woman, he only gets tangled into this web of women...

  • A long way to love
    4.4K 704 5

    A rich multi billionaire Shivaay Singh oberoi's dark past met with a middle class girl Anika khurna who also has a deal part. What happenes when Darkness meet another Darkness

    28.1K 3.2K 14

    《 This beautiful cover by : @graphicassemblers 》 best n beautiful cover..❤❤ Totally off track story!! Hope u all will love it A SHIVIKA story .....❤❤❤❤

  • Grandeur of Romance
    23.7K 2.3K 15

    | shivika fanfiction | Shivika, a beautiful name for a beautiful couple! But now, their life once filled with love has been replaced by endless hate because of one person, Pinky Singh Oberoi. Read this story of passion, love, vulnerability, royalty, responsibilities, rules, darkness, anger, and romance!

    8.6K 1.1K 6

    "So you're saying you loved me since we both were kids?" "Errr... Yes!" "And why didn't you confessed?" I did, just not in words! He wanted to say. "I'm doing now." "So you think now that I'm your wife I run out of my rights to choose." "No. It's just that you don't have anyone else other than me to choose from." ___...

    42.7K 5K 17

    He had lost a precious diamond... But still don't accept it... She had become stone after the betrayal... What if destiny plans something for them? Will she able to become the diamond like before? Will he come to know that he had lost a precious diamond?

  • Innocent ❤ ✔✔
    115K 14.8K 32

    How it feels ? when your own family use you for their luxurious life style and all comfort but don't give a damm about you ? .. Heartbroken ? right ? This is what he feels in last twenty four years of his life , The raw man is hard to resist , his blue ocean yet colour changing eyes held a lot of emotion and he need...

  • Ruthless Romance [Completed]
    339K 27K 62

    Shivay Singh Oberoi, a ruthless businessman who has already completed 25 yrs of his life being the king of his own territory. He is handsome in all departments but his blue-green orbs filled with darkness, coldness and anything but love. Every woman wants to chase him, but his heart is being guarded with walls of ice...

  • Be My Forever ✔
    19.5K 2.9K 9

    This book is a part of a fanfic exchange- a program where the writers are given prompts by other writers, conducted by the @IBFanficCommunity. My secret santa is @rainbowwveins --------------- Anika meets Shivaay at a Christmas Party after three years. The questions from the past still very much alive in hearts. The...

  • Love , once again ?✔
    19.6K 2K 6

    A marriage between a person who doesn't want to fall in love and another person who is scared of getting hurt in love again. Will they ever unite ? A short story on a turmoil of emotions and love

  • #Wooing SSO #shivika
    46.1K 2.2K 8

    She love him, he love someone else and they married due to pressure of family so what will happen now??? Will their marriage be successful???Read story to find out.

  • Our Exotic Love
    1.6K 156 2

    Sequel to Ruthless Romance - But you can even read it as a standalone book Life is unpredictable so was their story. When everyone thought it's time for their happily after, a storm came & everything went to the square one. This time with a twist, there is hatred that surrounded their minds. But is it that easy to for...

  • Cure To My Aching Soul
    54.9K 4.9K 19

    He is mysterious and she is adamant.The guy next door turned out to be more than a neighbour with myraid secrets.Will her life get simplified with his presence or complicated with his secrets is a question to herself.Will they ever manage to be together?

  • My Rhythm Of Heart Beat
    132K 6.7K 51

    my story start from shivika separation track...its a shivika fan fiction... But in a twist.... In my story there is an another leap of 5 years...after that.... what happens when Anika introduce herself as someone else wife and they have a daughter.... To know more about my story read...👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Together; Forever √√
    41.3K 4.5K 27

    For Shivaay, his best friend- Annika is eveything; Dependable friend, Love of his life and his entire survival. The feeling was mutual, Annika always claimed him to be her eveything. Untill, a past incident came knocking at their door. Annika felt betrayed, Shivaay was standing unchanged in his decision. Does, friends...

  • Matchmakers Magic | ✓
    96.2K 12.7K 44

    Playing the matchmaker for two people who are already in love but don't realize it should be easy enough, right? But it's not that easy, at least for Anika. With matchmakers magic in the air, some things are about to change. Unexpected and expected. Figure out if things change for the good or the bad. ➤ completed ➤...

  • Innocence Incriminated
    13.2K 1.1K 29

    Shivanya Oberoi never had it easy. On her 17 Birthday, she was thrown out of her home. Just 3 months later, she becomes both a victim and a witness of a murder. The shadow of death never seems to be away from her. Sent to live with a "friend", Aaina Randhawa's life is built on a web of lies. The only thing real abou...

  • Love Me Enough??
    22.2K 1.2K 30

    Description Sucks but.... Its All About SHIVIKA SHIVAY AND ANNIKA ? NOPE ITS ABOUT THEIR DAUGHTER SHIVIKA'S JOURNEY OF PAIN BETRAYAL HATE AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST LOVE Come and fall in love with her journey Haters no need to even look at the story ..... love xoxo Annie

  • Last Sign 💔 ✔✔✔
    3.6K 386 1

    One Shot 💔

  • Choices I made
    90.6K 10.4K 34

    Hi I m shivaay! it's my story in which I m only repenting bcoz of the choices I made! I always choosed my family instead of my Wife but she beared all the humiliations but I gave her alot of pain when I choosed...... I don't think she will forgive me ever! wanna know my past? peeps in Highest ranking #2 in s...

  • The Unwanted Princess
    80.2K 4.9K 45

    #1 on missiondessi on 18/11/19 She didn't know what was her fault??? Being born or being born as an Oberoi. Shivanya Oberoi know the moment her life changed forever. She knew the moment, the moment of no return, the moment her destiny laughed and her fate made her Anya. The surname less Anya holding many titles. The I...

  • SSO
    46.8K 3.9K 22


  • Shivika:Soulmates(✔)
    166K 5.5K 26

    #57 in fan fiction(highest) Tia and Svetlana drama is over. No illegitimate wala track. No Mahi and Kamini. This will have a separation track between Shivika. Many of you have written these type of FFS. But it's based on my own imagination,nothing else. It will include Anika's pregnancy track and how she suffered wit...

    122K 11.2K 43

    Based on Shivika charachters will be included as per required.

  • Always And Forever(Completed)
    26.7K 2.6K 9

    Short Story

  • Destined Together
    27.4K 1.9K 13

    Annika Trivedi works for Shivaay Singh Oberoi but what happens when they are put into a situation where one is forced to marry the other, do they find their way and eventually fall into love? Cover by me, pictures from IG/ @sara_xredux.x Highest Rank In #Ishqbaaz= 98th *COMPLETED*