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  • A "picture perfect" love story
    8.3K 206 13

    An identity V x reader for one of my favorite hunters. I'm not a great writer but this is two people that love this man as much as I do. This is a story of forbidden love and a love trilogy with a mess of lovers on one girl. I hope you all like it

  • Identity V x reader
    29.2K 542 38

    One shots Imagines Lemons (maybe) Basically anything! I really love this game so I decided to do this! Hope you enjoy! Requests = Open

  • || Identity V|| Stuck in a Triangle Love (Wu Chang x Reader)
    20.1K 701 17

    A fancy yet seemed to be haunted manor came into (Y/N)'s view. (Y/N) came to this manor for a 'game', which rumours said that whoever the more they won in this game, the more they can earn. Questioning to herself, (Y/N) does not think this is the brightest idea she ever had, but this is her last hope...

  • Michael Myers x Reader (dbd version)
    37K 1K 11

    A short adventure of you entering the world of Dead by Daylight. What will it lead you to? Will it be a dangerous hunt or a romance with the famous killer. Read the story to find out more. This is my first story so don't judge me too hard. Thank you for your attention.

  • dead by daylight x reader
    57.7K 2.1K 20

    Stuck in the sick play world of an unknown entity with a bunch of people, who you hate, that are supposed to be your teammates. And a second bunch of beings that want to kill you. Great. Just great. ( Dbd does not belong to me. Neither do any used pictures or songs

  • Dead by Daylight
    20K 512 11

    A dead by daylight reader insert story because hey its a cool game. Be prepared for a slim chance of romance, mentions of an abusive relationship, and descriptive gore. It may not be too bad, I can't tell. Ive been desensitized to it... Anyways I hope you enjoy.

  • || Raise Your Hand || (Baldi x Reader)
    43K 1.4K 15

    yeah. i made one of these. Highest ranks: #1 In BaldisBasics #4 in BBIEAL #4 in Baldi Completed on August 7th, 2018. --------- (Y/n) was incredible at math. she thought. She failed Mathematics in college, so her parents sent her to another town so she'd go to Baldi's Schoolhouse. It was a private school for t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baldi's summer school [BALDI X READER] (COMPLETE)
    44.5K 1K 21

    Art belongs to its rightful owner(s) You suck at math. What a surprise! You have summer school! Maybe you should have listened in class, because now you have to deal with Baldi and his wrath. (July 23, 2018) Thank you for 20k reads!! I love you all!!

  • •Pushed by Desire• Baldi x female reader (Baldi's Basics)
    10.9K 264 6

    Unfortunately, you are horrible at math, always have been, you just don't understand it.. And you really needed to get your grades up for math so you can graduate high school and go to a good college, your dream college. So you were sent to a creepy summer school in the middle of nowhere to help you get better at math...

  • The Equation Doesn't Add Up
    81K 2.6K 36

    You're 18, and have just been given a blank diploma by your high school. In order to fully graduate, you need to take summer classes in the class you failed; math. The problem is your teacher is a slap-happy weirdo, and the rest of the staff isn't any better. The only other students are a girl with matted hair who alw...

  • Love's Like A Game-Male! DDLC x Reader
    15.4K 299 7

    You've seen the dating sim for guys, now girls, it's your chance to fall in love with these characters. The plot will loosely follow doki doki literature club storyline, but I will try to add in different routes for each character!

  • Mine (Baldi x Reader)
    66.1K 1.3K 31

    New fanfic. A story for Baldi's Basics. You're a nineteen year old girl who's on her way to a school. You end up in a nearly empty school with only one teacher, one principal and a few students. The teacher is a math teacher that goes by the name Baldi. You were told that he seems very nice at first, but when you get...

  • Baldi's Basics..and love? (Baldi x female reader) {discontinued}
    6.3K 96 11

    You need to get your dumb friends notebooks for him because his tiny brain forgot to get them and the teacher there is...odd he acts weird around you and you will find a big secret he is hiding from you.

  • Baldi X Reader - "He's The Best Teacher" Baldis Basics In Education And Learning
    25.9K 554 9

    (Y/N) Failed math so she has to go to summer school, "great,". She thought that it was gonna be so boring but she gets a surprise. 'He's a sweet little green bean' ((IM SORRY, ITS CRINGY CAUSE I CANT WRITE GOOD SHIT 😂😂😂😂 ITS SO WEIRDDD THOOO i apologize for those who cringe at this. But that's fine, we can all c...

  • Funtastic Summer! - Baldi x Reader
    3.4K 74 4

    YES I AM A SICK FUCK BUT NO YOU DO NOt fALL IN LOVE WITH BALDI. JUST PLEASE, HES PROBABLY A OLDER MAN SO DONT EXPECT LEMON OR SOME SHIT. -Drawing cover by: seathighs in Instagram -Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning game developer by: McGonigal (@mystman12)

  • How to Love| (Baldi X Reader) *discontinued! BAD GRAMMAR!*
    69.8K 1.6K 36

    -art by CcookieCrumbs- (Edit: Wednesday January 30th, 2018): So, I see. You've come here to read EXTREME cringe? Go ahead, be my guest. I act differently on each one of my accounts... I wonder why sometimes. Ah, besides the point. What I mean is... Don't waste your time reading this. Honestly, I never really knew wha...

  • Baldi x reader (a baldi's basics fanfic)
    26.1K 384 22


  • ☆ Your Choice ☆ [Baldi x Reader x Principal]
    7.3K 187 15

    THIS STORY CONTAINS VIOLENCE, SELF HARM, AND SEXUAL THEMES ~~~~~ (Y/N) is just a normal teenage girl. While being forced to attend a certain off-ish school by her mother. There, she meets her teacher and principal. Little does she know, both of the males have falling into a deep infatuation with her.

  • New school, new start || Baldi x reader
    30.7K 926 22

    It physically hurts me to live. Also cover art belongs to *dramatic pose* yours truly~

  • [UNDER REVISION] Summer Love (Baldi x Reader)
    25.7K 606 15

    The one thing you dreaded was your school putting you in summer school, especially before your Senior year. With your poor grades in common core classes you thought that summer school would be so lame with the teachers you knew at your school. With confusion you wondered who on Earth will be teaching you this summer...

  • Math Is Math (Baldi x Reader)
    14.8K 466 14

    You were in fact, one of the smartest math students in your school. were sent to Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. Will Baldi be able to handle you? Will You be able to handle Baldi? Most importantly... Will you escape? ..Or will you Fall?

  • Baldi x Reader LEMON
    145K 2.3K 62

    Grab your lemon, please.

  • Until Dawn - Your Story
    225K 7.8K 30

    That's your chance to make your own story in the game. Your decisions affect the story so choose wisely and have fun ;)

  • Baldi x Reader |Ever since you came| ⚠DISCONTINUED⚠
    292K 5.1K 9

    You were a shy quiet 19 years old girl that has failed math due to anxiety and how much stress it gives you and is now sent to summer class by your abusive mother (Fucking cliche) She is literally the reason you were failing - But when you went to this summer school- little do you know you have helped and changed them...

  • BATIM Boris X Child!Reader
    44.4K 1K 15

    You are (Y/n), you are a 6 year old girl. Your mother nor father could take care of you. So, they left you at an old abandoned studio when you were an infant.. that's how your story began.. (COMPLETED)

  • DEVIANT | connor x reader oneshots
    40.7K 1.4K 10

    so like, this is hUGE ASS DRAFT and it's not supposed to get attention yet. but I'm writing Connor x Readers because fucking hell that's one gorgeous android. ( female pronouns )

  • Centuries [Springtrap X Reader]
    41.1K 1.2K 18

    Upon hearing the news that Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction was going to open, you had to take advantage. The merchandise has been going on for over 50 years now and you were curious to see what were the legends and mysteries behind those closed doors. You slowly unravel the secrets that were buried deep within...

  • Out of Order
    49.6K 1.9K 19

    EY! Look a Five Nights At Freddy's fanfic. This is technically about Foxy. He's my favorite character so why not write a fanfic about him. So yea. Hope you guys like it!

  • Sally face x reader
    60.3K 1.2K 25

    In the Addison Apartment there was a 14 years old girl name Y/n L/n. She have a prosthetic arm on the right because it was rip off by a dog. Once she met a blue hair boy, will it change forever? (First time, plz support me)

  • Five Nights at Freddy's: The Lost Souls [Book 1]
    92.4K 3.3K 24

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza has been having some rough times. There has been a murder and a horrific event known as the Bite if '87. Now they have moved locations to a cheaper style. Mike Schmidt now has chosen to work there, but what he finds is a horrifying secret. But are the secrets all bad?