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  • Quaky Reunion | jjk | (regular updates)
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    "It isn't like there are no men to suit my liking. But I found him again. Very close to my touch." Copyright © captainJeon20 -19/03/19 ️✔️1st position in PurpleYou BTS Awards 2019 ✔️2nd position in the BTS lights awards 2019 ✔️3rd position in the Dionysus Awards 2019

  • Mr. Villain | kth | ✓ (unedited)
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    " I may look cool and calm at time but in my mind I've killed you 20 times in 5 minutes in 10 different ways. " He cracked his neck in a devillike manner. In the classroom V is Mr. Professional but what he wants more than anything is to teach Dasom beside math. Do I still have humanity? Do I have a soul? I was a h...

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