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  • Fires of a Hero
    25.2K 624 8

    [Momo x Izuku fanfic] [Izuku will be OOC, idk I'm just guessing as I'm writing this description.] I've been rewatching Blue Exorcist, and now I'm writing this here book because of the idea of Izuku having Satan's flames. [I do not own BNHA and the other stuff (Cover, Characters, etc.) Just the story of this book.]

  • The Deku verse
    76.2K 544 54

    This is my first time making a story so helpful advice is appreciated now on to the actual summery it was a normal day for class 1a Kacchan was yelling like normal the others were talking with each other Aizawa was sleeping then out of nowhere a flash happened... read the story if you want to see what happened.

  • Selfless Instinct
    26.2K 568 9

    Izuku Toshinori, the son of All Might and Inko was born with a quirk active the second he came into the world. I Having two very powerful quirks Izuku grows up with his best friends Ochako and Katsuki training to one day go to UA High and become the next number one pro hero. I was inspired by a story called Ultra Deku...

  • The Friend of a Monster (dekubowl)
    35.7K 1.6K 39

    Schizophrenia is characterized by thoughts or experiences that seem out of touch with reality, disorganized speech or behavior, and decreased participation in daily activities. Difficulty with concentration and memory may also be present. Cognitive: thought disorder, delusion, amnesia, belief that an ordinary event ha...

  • When Dimentions Combine
    7.2K 207 3

    One fated day, a girl was born with a sudden power that blossomed out of control causing holes to appear in the sky. As soon as it happen a villain rises and the kids in UA are prepare to defend. But all this needs new help.

  • Who Are they? (Boku no Hero Academia)
    12K 328 6

    There are three new student in class 1-A. But they somehow look familiar, who are these newbies and why do they look a lot like our three main characters? I do not own Boku no Hero Academia, the anime and the characters belong to Horikoshi Kouhei.