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  • Your Frozen Heart - Nygmobblepot
    176 7 3

    This a one shot that starts off as just antics that Oswald and Edward get up to in order to build a submarine but it leads them to become closer. Well both of them can't help but feel attracted to other it becomes impossible for them to escape their feelings. Contains spoilers from season 5 of Gotham. Some mature cont...

  • cold eyes|nygmobblepot
    8.4K 419 24

    "I know this is wrong but I'm helpless to make the right decision around you" "What's that supposed to mean" Oswald tries not to fall in love with Edward again after he's unfrozen, but that might be difficult considering Edward has no recollection of anything past Oswald going to Arkham for the murder of Theo Galavan...

  • High School AU - First Love (Nygmobblepot )
    2.8K 121 10

    Edward has liked Oswald for a while but Oswald never knew who he was Until now

  • Nygmobblepot stories
    836 20 4

    🥀In these collections of short stories, I create my own stories of the Gotham universe, centred on Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma 🖤

  • Nygmobblepot Oneshot- Biscuits and Sweaters
    636 44 1

    Oswald visits Ed in Arkham (Takes place in Season 3, Episode 1)

  • Nightmares
    457 33 1

    Oswald has a nightmare and nygma trys to help

  • He's not me
    784 22 6

    Ed is confronted with the reality that Oswald is moving on. Ed needing to prevent Oswald making his biggest mistake, by marrying someone else, takes action.

  • 💜 Nygmobblepot Week! 💚
    1.9K 41 8

    Okay so last week was nygmobblepot week on tumblr, this is the stuff that I contributed. :3

  • Strange - A Nygmobblepot Story
    11K 660 16


  • Gotham Memes
    52.5K 3.4K 200

    Emo Squid™ here! I own nothing.

  • One Last Riddle《Nygmobblepot》ENG
    707 22 1

    Art by: my friend Iza Translate by @radddddziu

  • Love | Nygmobblepot
    887 35 3

    Forensic scientists Edward Nygma is coming to terms with new feelings; feelings he hasn't experienced before. For none other than Mr Penguin. Some would say he even idtilise him. When he has the chance to meet him those feelings can't help but bubble to the surface. Well Oswald's bar is a booming success, he himself h...

  • Nygmobblepot one shots
    8.6K 230 12

    So I ship Edward The Riddler Nygma and Oswald The Penguin Cobblepot so hard. So he's one shots about them. TAKING REQUEST (Whatever you want fluff, smut, etc) If you want maybe I'll add different ships

  • Under His Wing
    182 8 2

    "Selina, I want you to stop this. I want you to stop acknowledging him. It'll just get you hurt." • Edward Nygma has lived with Selina Kyle for months now. He's the first family she's had in years, and he doesn't want to lose her. The two were happy together, until Oswald Cobblepot comes back into his life at Selina's...

  • Seasonal Feathers
    2.3K 120 10

    Edward Nygma found Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin injured in the forest, asking him for help. Ed confronts with his other side (Dark Ed) while nursing Oswald back to health.

  • It's a small world | Nygmobblepot teen AU
    3.8K 301 12

    "I'm Ed." Ed said and smiled a king of crooked smile. "What's it short for?" The boy asked curiously as their eyes met. God, this boy's eyes were really blue. "Edward Nashton." Ed quickly answered waiting for the other boy to hopefully actually say his name. "I-I'm Oswald... Cobblepot..." The boy said and as he was cl...

  • Guilt, Greif , Regret
    3.2K 221 7

    Ed shot Oswald for killing his last chance at love, he hates him. Or so he believes. Oswald is brought back by Ivy and after hearing about their connection she just has to meet Edward Nygma! Ed sees Oswald, the fact he's in pain hurt hims more. Will these two resume their friendship? Or fight against eachother to the...

  • Inevitability
    7.2K 427 13

    In search for Martin, Oswald ends up in the Narrows, and crosses Ed's path once again....

  • Heartbreaking Regrets
    14.9K 811 10

    Edward doesn't feel the same after shooting Oswald. Without him, Ed finds himself crying to sleep at night- until it comes to his senses- Ed loves the man he killed. Is Oswald really dead? Will these two ever kiss and make up? Read to find out...

  • Seizing my guts
    2.9K 130 4

    Oswald's... Alive. And here with Edward. On the other side of those damn bars. Memories flood Ed's brain- as he realizes that his second chance at love has been here the whole time.

    1.5K 101 8

    true love waits. in haunted attics. and true love lives. on lollipops and crisps. just. don't leave. [nygmobblepot one shots]

  • Closer
    6K 370 6

    Since Edward found Oswald and brought him home they have become...closer Not sure what to rate it yet

    3K 246 10

    "edward, you have to try." "i will when you and bruce are dating, selina." [PERMANENTLY INCOMPLETE]

  • Tear-Streaked Pillows
    1.6K 103 3

    Looking back on their memories isn't helping....

    12.5K 571 39

    "when i wake up all alone and im thinking of your skin i remember, i remember what you told me" [[ tw: depression, suicide, self harm, abuse ]]

  • Fixing You *nygmobblepot*
    38K 1.7K 52

    Edward feels guilty after realizing how cruel kicking Oswarld out after his return from arkam was. He decides to make up for his mistake by piecing Oswald back into the man he looked up to, the man he loved. Taking care of Oswald and being that close to him day to day led to him easily falling for the bird like man. C...

  • Bad riddles // Nygmobblepot
    762 47 1

    // hey everyone!!! This is my first nygmobblepot fan fiction, it's a bit cringey and it's definitely not the greatest one out there but I thought this would be kind of a cute idea about ed's escape from arkham and how Oswald helps him. Anyway, hope you enjoy !!

  • Nothing Will Warm me more//Nygmobblepot
    1.1K 71 1

    (This takes place when Ed brings Oswald back to his place and takes care of him) Ed see's Oswald is having nightmares. He soon discovers the solution to getting rid of his nightmares is to sing him the lullaby his mother once had. // Hope you enjoy !! :^)

  • Caught
    461 22 2

    A nygmobblepot Middleschool AU

  • One hell of pleasurable night / Nygmobblepot fanfiction
    1.1K 16 4

    Oswald will confess about his pure love to Edward.....Edward has a hidden love for Oswald amd both don't know that!!