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  • A Given Opportunity || Days Union x Reader [ UNDER EDITING! ]
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    Something held me up by the neck with large, sharp hands. Nails dug into my neck, causing blood to trickle down. I looked around to see many worried figures attempting to attack whatever was holding me. Why does this feel.. Nostalgic. I feel like... this has happened before. I feel like.. this is going to happen. Then...

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    (COMPLETE.) A short collection of oneshot reader inserts of Roblox Myths. No Lemons, no smut, just pure fluff and bonding time. First ones are pretty cringe, but the quality improves the more you go down. Requests are closed.

  • Roblox Myths x Reader [DISCONTINUED]
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  • The Not So Pg Family Friendly Roblox Myth Oneshots Book
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    suck my [COCK] and [BALLS]

  • Loving Myths || RBLX Myths x Reader One-shots ~Hiatus~
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    Hello there! I'm Waifu_G0z, I wrote this book for people's satisfaction and for fun. Please be aware that I do not own anyone here as the Myths are their for selves and not mine. I respect the Myth's own relationship and I'm not against anything. This is just for fun, please be aware of that and please don't take thin...

  • Roblox Myths x Reader (Scenarios)
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    I will sometimes write oneshots, but please remember this is ONLY X reader!! Requests: **Open!** Updates: Random