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    1.8M 81.4K 6

    Love Trilogy #3

  • MOON
    17.2M 622K 28

    Project M 31/12/17

  • M
    3.2M 203K 9

    #ProjectM II

  • Take Me As Your Heaven
    325K 28.5K 14

    Nighel has everything. A successful career as a motor racing champion. A loving family and a supportive girlfriend. On the same day where he was supposed to propose to his long-time girlfriend, something tragic happened. His girlfriend died because of his fault. After that, Nighel changed badly. He was not the same an...

  • Unexpectedly In Love
    60.8K 2.8K 11

    Being in love is something magical and romantic when you know that person loves you too. But for Clariza Dela Torre, being unexpectedly in love is she wouldn't forget. Start: April 14, 2019 End:

  • Snow White is a Gangster (Published under Cloak Pop Fiction)
    18M 531K 53

    She vowed to stay. She just needed a keeper for maintenance. Henrietta Arturia is a drop-dead, gorgeous ice princess and yeah, a Freniere Mafia Reaper. She is an absolute recipe for immense destruction. But after witnessing Summer Leondale's courage, bravery and stupidity to fight for Giovanni Freniere, an old flame i...

  • Golden Scenery of Tomorrow (University Series #5)
    28.5M 1.2M 37

    UNIVERSITY SERIES #5. Ever since they were kids, Avianna Diaz from UST Architecture and Larkin Sanchez from UP Film were inseparable, not until Larkin's fame grew over time, and they suddenly found themselves taking different roads at the same time.

    714K 44.2K 25

    [TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER PHR] Challenge yourself by reading these sad stories and the only rule you have to obey is to try not to cry.

  • "Convict Me, Attorney." (Law Series #2)
    4.3M 248K 26

    [PUBLISHED under LIB] #2. "If liking you is a crime then why don't you convict me, attorney?"

  • "Defend Me, Attorney." (Law Series #1)
    7.1M 415K 27

    [PUBLISHED under LIB] #1. "If pleading guilty means protecting you, I will."

  • "Kill Me, Attorney." (Law Series #3)
    5.1M 328K 45

    [To Be PUBLISHED under LIB] #3. "If I won't have you then might as well kill me, attorney."

  • His Bite (Book 1 of Bite Trilogy)
    19M 559K 82

    On her 18th birthday, Claret finds out that her destiny is to be a healer in Nemetio Spiran, a vampire world where all is not as it seems. ****** All her life, Claret had always been...

  • Shattered Souls
    2.6M 240K 44

    Book 2 of Linked Souls

    Completed   Mature
  • Linked Souls
    5.3M 329K 59

    "Whatever it takes to live freely." *** With a sharp knife penetrated deep into my flesh, I knew I should have died that night. Strangely, I woke up the next day. Nothing hurt, no scar nor trace that something stabbed me. I had no idea what happened but I continued to live my life. Until something felt horrifyingly w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Against the Heart (Azucarera Series #1)
    39M 1.3M 43

    Charlotta Yvonna del Real is the queen of Altagracia. Anak ng may-ari ng malaking Azucarera, she has it all - friends, popularity, riches, boys. But well, maybe, not all. May madilim na lihim ang kanyang pamilya. Isang bagay na hindi inaasahan para sa kanila. The deal Real's were always the epitome of a perfect family...

  • Getting To You (Azucarera Series #2)
    27.4M 1.1M 43

    Crisanta Camila Alcazar is the baby girl of Altagracia. Bunsong anak ng may-ari ng isang malaking azucarera, she was pampered and always prim and proper. Walang mag-aakalang may magagawa siyang isang bagay na ikakahiya ng kanyang pamilya. When it happened, she was devastated. The truth was revealed and yet everyone se...

  • Hold Me Close (Azucarera Series #3)
    23.6M 1.1M 43

    Josefa Hanabella Valiente is the ugly girl of Altagracia. She is often bullied because of her ugly looks. Binansagan siyang ng maraming pangit na pangalan at nasanay na siya roon. Now that her father's dead, everyone bullied her more. The people of Altagracia hated her father's deeds and she can't do anything about it...

  • 'Cause It's You (Epistolary)
    952K 38.5K 21

    Vanessa is an avid fan of Darius Del Fredo-one of the most famous actor/singer of his generation. Ginagawang diary ni Vanessa ang message box ng official fan page ni Darius. Actually, masaya na siya doon. 'Yung nakukwento niya kay Darius 'yung mga nangyayari sa kanya sa araw-araw na akala mo'y nababasa ng binata ito. ...

  • Glimmer in The Dusk (Meraki #2)
    33.3K 1.7K 2

    MERAKI Series #2

  • The Five Guys
    191K 4K 2

    Cordova. Zamora. Lavigne. Fonacier. St. Crox.

  • Zithea (Completed)
    1.8M 90.3K 41

    POLARIS BOOK 2 Akala ni Xiang Serenity ay tapos na ang lahat simula nang matalo nila ang hari ng kasamaan ngunit ang hindi niya inaasahan ay may bagong pagsubok siyang kakaharapin. Paano kung siya naman ang pumasok sa mundo na ginawa lamang niya sa libro ng Polaris?

  • Polaris (Soon to be published)
    5.5M 177K 50

    Si Serenity ay isang manunulat na bigo sa pag-ibig. Ginamit niya ang sakit na naramdaman niya para gumawa ng isang nobelang magbibigay sa kanya ng kasikatan. Ang nobela na hango sa kanyang heartbreak. Pero dahil sa isang kababalaghan ay nabuhay ang isang karakter sa libro niya. Ang karakter na pinakakinamumuhian niya...

  • POSSESSIVE 22: Khairro Sanford
    29.8M 1.4M 68

    Eliza Velasquez is beyond belief to have Khairro Sanford - the man she once loved but has grown to hate - as her bodyguard. With them forced to spend more time together, can Eliza bury the feelings resurfacing in her heart? Or is there no choice but to surrender and fall the second time around? ****** Chief of Police...

    Completed   Mature
  • HE'S INTO HER Season 2
    315M 6.5M 81

    PUBLISHED under LIB with 19 book parts.

  • HE'S INTO HER Season 3 | COMPLETED |
    217M 4.3M 75


    Completed   Mature
  • HE'S INTO HER Season 1
    339M 8.1M 100

    PUBLISHED UNDER LIB with 8 book parts. Masaya at madali lamang ang buhay para sa isang Deib Lohr Enrile, na hinahangaan ng napakaraming babae dahil sa itsura niya at bukod doon ay wala na. Halos ang lahat ay nasa kaniya na, mapagmahal na pamilya, maunawain at maasahan na mga kaibigan, talento, talino, magandang itsura...

  • His Indecent Proposal: Lander Montenegro
    19.1M 517K 33

    She was kidnapped by the mafia prince, Lander Montenegro, at the age of five. She must hate him for ruining her life, pero nang makaharap ni Aviona ang kanyang abductor ay hindi galit ang namayani sa puso niya... kundi paghanga. Paghanga sa kulay asul at walang awang mga mata nito. And despite of the monstrous things...

    29.5M 1.3M 76

    When a philandering butler realizes his romantic feelings towards the spoiled and pompous ass Marquess Jacques Sotello, will he have the guts to admit his change of heart or will he forever keep it hidden? ******* Good-looking and highly efficient as a butler, Cloud Sebastian Beaumont thought that he had life figure...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captured By His Smile
    2.7K 235 24

    His smile is my addiction.

    81.6M 2.6M 68

    Love Trilogy #1

    Completed   Mature