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  • Can You Fix My Broken Heart ? ( Yumeiro Patissiere crossover Shokugeki No Soma )
    30.1K 491 14

    A new student arrives to St. Marie and she slowly gotten everyone attention especially Ichigo's friends . Day by Day Ichigo is slowly forgotten by her friends and teammates , but before the day Group A could replace Ichigo . She suddenly left St. Marie Academy and transfer to a culinary school in Tokyo. What would ha...

  • The true me Teen wolf/ the original
    172K 2.8K 15

    "I'm a thousand years old you can't kill me!" When void Stiles scream that he not only mean himself that he was thousand year old but also the body he possessed. "Did you think just because you possess me that you got my power." My name is Stiles Stilinski. Everyone and the pack thinks I'm this defenseless human tha...

  • Unknown Son (Under Construction/Revising)
    318K 9.8K 72

    Stiles decided that he needs to get away from Beacon Hills after the whole Nogitsune ordeal. He calls his Uncle Phil for a favor. While he lives in New York he reconnects with 2 old friends and he discovers unknown power as well as a HUGE secret that changes everything for him. He thought leaving Beacon Hills would h...

  • A wolf in hiding | Teen wolf/Twilight
    129K 2.7K 23

    Stiles was finally kicked from the pack. After all the terrible ways they treated him they finally decided to kick him out. Stiles and his dad go to forks and Stiles gets to hang out with his native side of the family. Stiles realized that he would transform too. But what if scott and the pack drag him back home? I...

  • The Born Chimera (Stiles Stilinski)
    106K 3K 15

    What if i told you that Theo Raeken wasn't the first chimera. What if i told you that the first was none other then Stiles Stilinski. He became a chimera when he was still in the womb. However no one, not even Stiles himself knows about this. Stiles is a mix of 4 creatures a werewolf, werecoyote, werejaguar and part k...

  • wayward son • TEEN WOLF✗SUPERNATURAL
    123K 3.5K 32

    Stiles is brought back from hell after selling his soul. But he's different, he's seen things no one should ever see. But he isn't with his pack anymore. He's with his family. But not the Stilinski part of his family. #1 in stileswinchester (march 2020) #9 in superwolf (march 2020) #9 in deanwinchester (april 2020) [...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Unknown Winchester.
    84.5K 2.4K 19

    Stiles Stilinski didn't know much about his mother's link to the supernatural. Besides her book of spells and such, showing clearly from Deaton that she was a spark and knew magic. At the beginning of his second year of college, barely just twenty, he finds out she didn't just know magic, she knew about all of the bum...

    82.9K 1.9K 7

    Stiles had ditched Beacon Hills. He was tired of being mistreated by his so-called "pack". He graduated two years early, got his bachelors in criminal justice and psychology, then attended a law enforcement academy and did almost six months training to be an FBI agent all by the time he was twenty-one. He lives in Qua...

  • The Heroic Legend of (Y/n)
    9.2K 307 13

    An Arslan x Reader... You are the Princess of the country, Draconia, but one day your home is destroyed, and you must reunite with one of your childhood friends, the prince of Pars, Arslan. Along with the help of Arslan, your loyal guard, Leo, and others, you must fight to take back your home, as well as Pars, from th...

  • Attack On Baby (Levi x Baby!Eren)
    289K 8.5K 16

    Eren Jaeger suddenly transformed into a little kid. Levi Ackerman was a father since he had more experience with children (his everyday life with Hanji and the others). Also, he was assigned to the title as a "farther". Hope you enjoy the story!

  • Can't take it - Stalec
    268K 6.6K 27

    When the pack has kicked stiles out he left for New York to get away from the nightmares, panic attacks and the supernatural. But instead he finds more supernatural and a broody shadowhunter

  • In For Life { SH X TW }
    137K 3.5K 19

    Parabatai - a pair of Nephilim warriors who fight together as lifelong partners, bound together by oath. Their bond is not reflected only in their closeness and willingness to lay down their lives for one another ~ Stiles was always the weakest of the pack. But what the pack didn't know was that he wasn't a Stilinsk...

  • stiles is a what
    21.4K 505 3

    stiles is kicked out of the pack but what no one knows except Liam and stiles family stiles has a big secret. Liam follows stiles out of the pack because Liam sees stiles as a father figure because his was never around. stiles and Liam leave to forks stiles was driving when a bear like thing ran out into the road. The...

  • Stiles Cullen
    137K 3.1K 14

    Stiles Stilinski is kicked out of the pack, but the pack didn't know that he was a spark. Broken after all the events Stiles drive until Roscoe can. Forks Forks in Washington where he has a crash that he could have died if his mate didn't make it in time and transformed him into a hybrid Spark/Vampire His mate Edward...

  • I'm Fine TW/TMR
    135K 2K 21

    i got this idea from the Stiles Stilinski I'm Fine video on youtube and no one made a fanfiction on it lies all of it no one seemed to ever notice when Stiles was always lying, because stiles learned how to control his heart rate. what happens when Jackson makes a comment that sends Stiles running and the pack and som...

    Completed   Mature
  • Never Easier (TW/Avengers)
    197K 5.4K 21

    (COMPLETED) Stiles is kicked out, so he decides to leave Beacon Hills. But when he does, he's a potential criminal. The Avengers are after him, and he has no where to go.

  • Shield Me ( Stiles X Captain America )
    355K 11.3K 33

    Sheriff Stilinski sent his son to New York to spend his spring break with his uncle Phil. Stiles thought he might get that peaceful break from supernatural mayhem that seemed to follow him like a shadow and spend his time exploring his mother's childhood neighborhood. The thing was, they forgot New York was home to t...

  • When We Collide 💫 Allenski {on hold}
    56.5K 2.1K 12

    "I'm, um, looking for Barry Allen" "Uh, that's me" When a leisure walk in the woods turns into a frantic run in a parallel world, Stiles Stilinski begins his search for the person whose name is on repeat in his head, Barry Allen. DISLCAIMER// I do not own anyone or anything related to Teen Wolf or The Flash I do howev...

  • You Are Mine
    93.4K 2.1K 12

    Naruto has always felt.. weird.. when it came to Sasuke. He never could put a finger on it, all Naruto knows is that he wants to put his fingers on Sasuke. When Sasuke suddenly leaves the Leaf Village, Naruto goes crazy. He searches for Sasuke for a long time. When Naruto finally catches up to him, he thinks that he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Can I trust you? (sasunaru)
    98.9K 3.2K 13

    Naruto was a miserable child who always had to cover up his pain with a happy facade and fake smiles. Known as the monster to all the adults in the village he was hated, abused and ignored. What happens when Naruto accidentally drops the mask he desperately tries to keep up and Sasuke realises? What happens when Sasuk...

  • The Wish of a Wandering Soul
    237K 7.6K 25

    The Rookie 9, Team Gai, and their respective senseis are going out on a bonding, "get to know each other," vacation trip for the week. Luckily for Naruto, this is happening around the time of the Kyuubi's Defeat Festival, so he'll be away when the villagers try to play their favorite game known as "the fox hunt." Naru...

  • Stiles meets Asgard
    49.9K 1.5K 14

    Sequel to Stiles x avengers PLEASE READ THE FIRST BOOK!! Stiles joined SHIELD, He became an Avenger, met a sociopathic god, combined with the tesseract, almost died, and lost the last of his family. Except he hasn't. Stiles has a family, just not one he expects.

  • Stiles x avengers
    145K 3.7K 21

    Stiles x avengers. Do I need to say more? I will anyways Stiles has powers. Yup. Skinny, defenseless, Stiles has powers. Ranked #1 in StilesStilinski (Thank you by the way)

  • Albinism (Naruto fanfic)
    351K 10.4K 36

    What if the Naruto you knew, wasn't the actual Naruto. What if Naruto wore a mask, an actual mask, a genjutsu. In this story, Naruto suffers from Albinism. Albinism is a disorder when the person with it can't produce melanin, the stuff that gives you your eye color, hair color, and skin color. In the shinobi world, th...

  • When Tennis And Basketball Collide
    25.1K 859 12

    Story idea belongs to ~@14brendale~ Cover by _shirochan Rekka resort is a famous spot for sports players to come and hone their skills from various professions. But when tennis meets basketball, hilarity ensues! A Prince of Tennis and Kuroko No Basket Crossover.

  • Revenge Is Best Served Cold (KnB fanfic)
    171K 5.1K 18

    "Revenge is best served cold." Many have said that, and agreed. However, Kuroko had never really known what it was to actually want revenge. Until... the day he found out what his teammates, the current and the formers, thought about him. "Get ready, because the true Kuroko is about to be revealed!" ~~~~~ ^ Cover p...

  • Kuroko no Basket + Haikyuu!! Crossover!
    87.9K 2.3K 13

    There are SO many of these out here! 😂 Anyways! There might be spoilers. But this is really just for fun! Enjoy! =*=*=*=*= What if our little "shadow" and our "little crow" were to meet? What if their teammates were to meet? Well, long-story-short: A whole lot of chaos! **** Disclaimer: I do not own Kur...

  • betrayal (knB fanfic)
    66.3K 1.2K 13

    many things are happening for kuroko after being kicked of the seirin team and betrayed be those he thought were his friends he disappears. only years later do all of those wanna be friends of kuroko's seek forgiveness but only then realise that they haven't seen him and come to the realization that he's gone. meanwhi...

  • Not Just A Shadow
    96.1K 2.5K 16

    After being betrayed by Seirin, Kuroko Tetsuya joining up with the Generation of Miracle, prepared to become stronger and prove to them. Just how wrong they were. What will happen when Kuroko aims to become stronger? Will his efforts be in vain, or will he prevail in becoming more than just a shadow. *Title changed f...

  • Anbu Naruto
    56.3K 1.3K 14

    at a young age, Naruto met Kurama and his new best friend Anko [she is my waifu :3] and became an ANBU after three years of training with Kurama. after serving three years in the ANBU, the third Hokage thought it would be best for him to socialize with kids his own age. so naruto goes to the academy but does not act l...