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  • The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent (LN)
    9.6K 341 31

    Sei, a 20 year old office worker was summoned to a different world after finishing some overtime work. But the person who had summoned her looked at her face and said, "This is not the Saint." Is this neglect play!? Sei left the royal palace and concealed her saint title. She started working at a laboratory where she...

  • The Abandoned Empress manhua
    149K 1.2K 47

    As proud daughter of House Monique, Aristia was raised to become the next empress of the Castina Empire. But with the appearance of a mysterious new girl, everything has fallen apart: the Emperor has turned his back, and Aristia's miserable life as a lower queen is cut short by death. However a second chance to change...

  • Common Sense of Duke's Daughter
    14.4K 620 94

    Continuation from chapter 89 up When a young woman is killed in a traffic accident on her way home from work at a tax bureau, she suddenly finds herself transported to the world of the otome game she was playing the night before - but inst...

  • I Appear to have been Reincarnated as a Love Interest in an Otome Game
    26.1K 1.3K 55

    I was reincarnated into a horrifying world. That is... The world of the otome game "I'll Risk Everything for You". In that world, I was reincarnated as the hidden love interest character and decided to never involve myself with the Heroine. My head gets all screwed up whenever I'm around them. This is a love story of...

  • Suddenly Became A Princess One Day
    1.1M 37.8K 98

    I was a princess when I opened my eyes! But why does it have to be a princess in this romance novel who has the fate of being killed to death from her own blood related father! If I want do live, I will have to stay hidden completely of his sight. However... "Since when did this kind of scumbag started living in my pa...

  • The Reincarnated Daughter Of The Cold Emperor
    126K 6.2K 23

    An unfortunate and sickly individual, diagnoised with leukemia, she was forced to live her life stuck in a hospital bed until eventually the inevitable arrived However who would have thought that she'd wake up to find herself in the body of a baby girl, in a time and era unknown to Earth and its in inhabitants Reinc...

  • I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flag
    112K 3.7K 53

    Other name: Destruction Flag Noble Girl Villainess; Destruction Flag Otome; 乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった...; 转生恶役只好拔除破灭旗标; 转生成女性向游戏里尽是毁灭FLAG的反派千金了 Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life Date released: 2014 Views: 90452 Author: Yamaguchi Satoru; 山口 悟 Status: Ongoing Translato...

  • Observation Record of a Self-proclaimed Villainess' Fiance
    75.1K 2K 28

    I don't own this story. This is merely for offline reading. All the efforts belong to the author and tranlators. This story can be found in novel updates. Lady Bertia, who's become my fiancée, is a bit odd. On our first mee...

  • Reincarnated Into An Otome Game As The Heroine's Younger Brother
    5.4K 214 7

    Yuki Tsukishima is unfortunately hit by a car on their way to school, and is killed by the impact. Yuki is suddenly reincarnated into another world with rules that Yuki couldn't care less about. Watch Yuki try to navigate this world while being annoyed by a bunch of annoying pests. This contains boy on boy action, th...

  • Reincarnated as a capture target but... The heroine is a man!?!?
    1.4K 117 5

    An accident happens and an athletic high-schooler named Iku Yagami dies and gets reincarnated into a world of an otome game, he played in secret, as one of the capture targets - a weak and sickly boy named Terres Aboy. Terres will try his best to be the one who'll end up with the beautiful heroine...! But wait...! The...

  • Reincarnated As A Mob Character
    20.9K 880 9

    Lilliane Wolfe had a bad life ever since she was born. Her parents abused her, piers bullied her, and teachers expected a lot from her.Her only escape was animals and games. She found an 'otome game' called 'School Sweethearts' on her seat mates desk one day when she went to school. She finished the game in one day d...

  • Reincarnated As The Villainess With A System
    50.8K 1.7K 22

    Here comes Truck-san.. Bam! Another one dead. Let's reincarnate this one. . . . Mirakuma Lei started her part-time job at a mini grocery store as a cashier. Just as she's walking home, a truck suddenly hit her hard. And that's not all, she reincarnated as a villainess in an otome game she played before dying! Read th...

  • Rewind Villainess!
    53.2K 3K 25

    Why was she here? She had asked herself a number of times but never seemed to remember. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't even control her body and emotions. It was like she was just a spectator inside the villainess' body. She, who was forced to endure this whole act and made to suffer for every punishment tha...

  • I Reincarnated in Otome Game but I Don't Care
    181K 7.4K 52

    Seya Plauvendure is the name of a Villainess Character in the Otome game her sister played over and over and over again giving her a headache since she shared a room with her.Her dizziness and fatigue due to cramming late at night for the upcoming test make her muddle headed that day and that caused her fall--well,the...

  • Rebirth of The Villainess: Little Miss Perfect
    271K 11.8K 56

    Tory was born in a rich family, she grew up to be perfect as her parents wants her to be. However Tory felt empty all she did was to kill, earn and watch her enemies to ruins, she was a very ruthless Mafia boss. She heard of this 'Otome game' her friend was blabbing about, she did gave it a chance and got addicted to...

  • The Reincarnation of a Model Villainess (HIATUS)
    132K 5.6K 19

    I died because I was mistakenly murdered. And now I was reborn as a baby, as Raena Sanders, a villainess character from a hit tv drama. She did not end well. But I am her right now so her bad end will also be mine. " I will work hard to not have a death ending!!"