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  • BNHA: To Kiss Or Die
    747K 29.1K 119

    [katsuki bakugo x reader insert]💥 🌸BOOK 1/3🌸

  • Life
    39 4 2

    This story is based on a real story of a how a girl who has a troubling life especially since her parents are divorced

  • girl wonder | dick grayson ✓
    203K 7.9K 31

    "i'm not a superhero." "you will be." [ titans - season one. ]

  • Titans
    6.2K 65 4

    Based on the titans show

  • Three of Us (MalecxOC)
    164K 4.1K 19

    Elena was born a Shadowhunter and Warlock but she chooses to hide her Shadowhunter lineage from anyone of the Downworlders. Elena tends to hide in plain sight easily until one night at Pandemonium the club the High Warlock Magnus Bane always seemed to frequent. Not only did she catch the eye of Magnus Bane but her eye...

  • A Holistic Adventure // Dirk Gently x OC
    2.1K 68 13

    Amity Pierce joins in on the Holistic adventures with the eccentric detective Dirk Gently and her high school friend Todd Brotzman. Little do they know Amity is hiding secrets herself which could cause them more trouble than they are already in. (Adventure/Sci-fi/Mystery/Romance.) #1 in DirkGently on Wattpad. #2 in Ho...

  • The Curious Case of the Two Dirk Gentlys
    3.7K 359 57

    A supernatural robbery across the ocean, an ex-Blackwing test subject, and the origins of Dirk's name. Could these three things possibily be connected? Of course they could. Everything is.