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  • marvel zodiacs | editing !!
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    welcome to marvel zodiacs! this book will contain some preferences and imagines, but mostly zodiacs. if you have any requests or questions, please kindly pm me. STARTED ON: feb. 8, 2016 ENDED ON: tba [e d i t i n g.] ©voidmaximoff

  • rp book
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    Exactly what it sounds like but you can use an oc

  • Shattered Love
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    Peter Maximoff and Scott Summers were once a happy couple. They were the best friends turned lovers and were the power couple of the school. One night, however, Scott cheated on Peter with a girl. The two split ways, and all was... okay. Six months later, the two bump into each other. Scott wants Peter back, but Pete...

  • When Black Widow Loves | Romanogers Story
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    "Frozen for 70 years? It was all worth it." Natasha Romanoff, Also known as the Black Widow. The best spy you could ever think off. Working for S.H.I.E.L.D together with the others will be having a new member. His name is Steve Grant Rogers or Steve Rogers for short, Known to be Captain America. The guy frozen for 7...

    Completed   Mature
  • Avengers Preferences
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    Includes scenarios if you were dating one of the Avengers or a character in Marvel. Or random stuff and fluff sometimes... Requests are open. Love ya peeps p.s I don't do smuts, there are some kisses/makeout scenes Cover art is by the lovely @-soultosell ? Highest Rank #1 in avengersfanfiction Oct. 2, 2018 #1 in p...

  • NATASHA ROMANOFF! ( female faceclaims )
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    FEMALE FACECLAIMS. | ❝I blew all my covers. I gotta go figure out a new one.❞ - Here we will give you female faceclaims for your marvel fanfictions!

  • Marvel's Avengers: Types of People
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    A book of what each of the Avengers would do in different situations! ━━━ REQUESTS: OPEN! Feel free to request scenarios [message me your request] ━━━ FEATURING: ↬ Tony Stark - Iron Man ↬ Steve Rogers - Captain America ↬ Thor Odinson...