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  • Deku:the sword hero
    72.5K 1.2K 17

    In a world where 80% of the population has a superpower called "quirk".Midoriya Izuku belongs to the other 20%,because of this he has been bullied by his classmates. But one day Midoriya saw a black,dirty sword in a dark alley.He decides to take a look at it.But then he heard a mysterious voice... To who belongs that...

  • Jack And Her Green Muse
    9.3K 363 21

    Izuku Midoriya and Kyoka Jirou don't have much in common aside from being classmates at UA. Jirou happens upon Izuku suffering from his mental scars in the midst of lyricist's block and he opens up to her. They quickly develop a friendship, teaching each other things, but it's just a classmate being a Good Samaritan...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Children an IzuOcho story
    36K 898 37

    This takes place after the rescue of eri. At the start she is still in the hospital. Also fair warning this is my first Fanfic so bare with me. Also there will be NO smut so if thats your were expecting Mineta then step off. However if your looking for fluff then have fun with some embaressed children and wholesome mo...

  • The Archangel Izuku
    166K 3.1K 33

    Blessed with a villian like quirk being isolated the world told him nobody would accept him with his kind of quirk he's ready to prove them wrong my hero Academia fan fic i do not own my hero academia/ boku no hero academia

  • My Icy-Hot romance
    31.9K 803 11

    (Izuku x Fuyumi Todoroki fanfic) Fuyumi falls in love with a younger guy after he saves her from danger her mind is filled with his comforting smile I don't own bnha or it's characters all credit goes to it's respective Creators.

    Completed   Mature
  • To Be A Hero
    71.4K 1.6K 78

    Izuku Midoriya was a young boy who's only wish in life was to become a hero, but due to being quirk less, his dream seemed more like a fantasy in the eyes of everyone he has ever met. However, one day Izuku had two fateful encounters, one being with his long life idol hero All Might, who gave him the opportunity to be...

  • Izuku Of The Dragons
    210K 3.4K 23

    Warning! Major Characters Death!!!! A Very different story along with a quirk Izuku Izuku X Momo Izuku has dragon slayer quirk and gets adopted by Aizawa and begins his new adventure.

  • Damned
    44.8K 1.1K 42

    The world is a strange place filled with Amazing people, but it gets even stranger when a new boy arrives. Along with the transfer follows an unmistakable darkness that will change the world forever. Nothing is as it seems in this work in progress trilogy.

  • Fateful Events! Izuku Midoriya X Yuu Takeyama/ Mt.Lady AU
    71.1K 907 14

    Midoriya Izuku has always been a student with simple qualities, the only thing he seemed to have was his Quirk... One For All a stockpile Quirk created to defeat All For One, Izuku is the 9th user of One For All as All Might had become incapacitated in his fight against All For One. Now Our Cinnamon Roll has trained s...

  • Callsign: DEKU
    54.1K 1.4K 30

    Not everyone is born equal, This is a story of how a qurikless kid is forced into a life he never wanted, with nothing but his mission taskings he will do whatever it takes to uphold his 3 protocols 1. Complete the mission 2. Engage any threats 3. Protect others His life is simple, but when he gets caught in a hero...

  • Family Matters
    61.7K 1.1K 9

    ⭐️[BNHA AWARDS 2019 NOMINEE]⭐️ Eri now lives with Class 1-A with Midoriya as his temporary guardian. Precious moments to come. Izuku x Ochako, KiriMina, ShoMo. Rated T for Bakugou and a future Toga incident. Credit to Mika@Green-tea-is-love on Tumblr for the amazing and adorable cover pic. Highest Ranking: #1 in Eri...

  • Deku the symbiote
    237K 5.1K 37

    The day before Izuku Midoriya turned 5 he prayed to god before going to bed and asked to be blessed with a powerful quirk not to bully the weak but to protect what mattered to him. (I don't own my hero academia all content used belongs to rightful owners)

  • It takes brains instead of muscle (Izuku X Ochako)
    80.5K 1.7K 40

    when izuku finds out that he is quirkless, he lost all hope of being a hero, until a picture of a hero give him an idea of how he could be the first quirkless hero. (au of izuku not receiving one for all and him making robotic tools to be a hero) shipping are izuku x ochako and bakugoe x tsuyu

  • Mark of Cain!
    47.7K 1.1K 32

    Cain and Lucifer were fighting, and Lucifer was winning, but before he killed cain he got away. he used most of his strength to escape hell, where he meets izuku. he gives izuku the mark of cain and izuku gets cains powers but, his demon powers.. join izuku and see if he can become a hero or if he will join the dark s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Parenting (hiatus)
    4.8K 180 8

    This will be a story about Eri becoming the child of class 1-A. I got this idea from reading "Family Matters" by AnimeFan299110 on wattpad. If I ever take some ideas from his story in here I will say I did in these(). And I will bold whatever is inside them. Also if you haven't heard this story click this link: http:...

  • Force Master Deku
    40.8K 755 13

    Izuku Toshinori, the son of the Number one pro hero All Might is the last force user in existence, being told that he would be quirkless he through a tantrum and accidentally activated his powers. As well as Developing his own quirk Izuku will Inherit OFA Gore warning Izuku was lightsabers there will be Villain dismem...

  • Legendary
    266K 4.9K 31

    Story starts from Page 5