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  • Creepypasta Origins
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    Here are stories and origins about your favourite creepypastas. Hope u like it.

  • Creepypasta Origins
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    This book has everything but guys I need you to pm me the other Creepypasta that I don't know okay guys enjoy the story

    Completed   Mature
  • Creepypasta Origins
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    Wanna know more about a pasta or just wanna read about your favorite pasta? You've came to the right place. I don't own any origins but one. Cover by me!

  • Creepypasta: Chase ( Fem!Reader Insert )
    84 15 5

    (Y/n) (L/n) - The definition of hard work and laziness combined. She worked hard for her older brothers and herself but...that changed. One fateful night, she was met with a terrible fate.... Or was it? -Read if you want, but you have been warned that this is a reader insert. Created: 08/--/19

  • Creepypasta x reader|| What a strange mansion
    4.7K 95 35

    Diclaimer!! Slow updates. Next update: 20h of November. You were a normal girl until you entered elementary school...Since then,You've gone trough Hell and back. Something Snapped in you, something dark and deep, something that could kill, something you had hidden in you. You showed this ability before but you somehow...

  • forgotten memories (CP x READER)
    399 35 21

    sorry if it sucks ;-; This is my first time writing also (this was inspired by another author I don't remember who srry QwQ)

  • My Neighbors Are Killers (Creepypasta X Female Reader)
    3.7K 102 21

    The neighbor has just moved out of her home- you saw her dead body lying on a stretcher as the paramedics rolled her in the ambulance and took her away. She died, it was bound to happen. She's been living here for years now, she's been everyone's favorite person. She was kind, helpful and loved, you just didn't exp...