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  • G-Eazy Imagines
    217 3 4

    Cover by @QueenAriG12 A book of G-Eazy ImAgines

  • NF Imagines
    373 4 5

    This book is like the G-eazy one but with NF instead

  • Shawn Mendes Imagines
    108 9 6

    Title says it all :) Read me!

  • Cameron Dallas Imagines
    16 0 2

    This book is dedicated to a former wattpad writer that supported my writing a lot. @AyyeDallas

  • Conor Maynard Imagines
    39 1 5

    This is like the other two books the Nf and GEazy one but with Conor Maynard instead.

  • Greys Girl Cover Shop (Open)
    2.4K 306 182

    The better covers I have made are towards the end All free! I use IPhone apps for my covers/Aesthetics Remember to follow all rules! You can request up to 3 unless your a VIP, also I'll be posting the covers or characters aesthetics I fan make for books I love Rankings: #17 in freecovers on 5/12/19

  • Grey's Creative Plot Shop (Open)
    276 24 15

    Here you will find plots and a cover for a story! All you do is read and follow my rules, must credit me for the plot and cover, I can make whatever changes you want to the cover, along with face claims.

  • Youngblood (E.D & G.D)
    510 73 22

    Arabella & Adeline Dolan are Ethan & Grayson's sisters, they are 1 year younger than them. They are in a gang called the Devils Advocates, a dangerous gang in East LA, Arabella and her twin sister meet a few gang members, falling for them, but little did they know the tragedy they were getting themselves into. They en...

  • Group Chat (Magcon) Version 2
    141 25 10

    What happens when Cameron accidentally adds Arabella's number to the boys Chat? Carter & Aaron aren't really in this, during this story line they drifted apart from the rest of the boys. Read to find out more, no spoilers here Started: Feb 24th 2019 Ended: