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  • Young Creatures
    121 37 21

    What is the world but a simple dream? A train of simple imaginary figments, built on greed. Built on hope. Criticizing the world, the people, myself. When in reality, in the ever so present time, we are plain creatures of spontaneous predictability. We are adolescents, prone to chaos.

  • Enlighten Me
    4.3K 1K 50

    I strive to reach a higher state of mind to truly understand myself. My only obstacle is myself. This is a book of poems. A book where through poetry, I try to understand myself and the world around me. Immerse yourself in this path to self-actualization. • 2nd place winner in Splash Poetry Awards (March)

  • Breaking Imhullu
    1.6K 335 55

    Meriwa was engineered by the government to hunt monsters: lycanthropes, demons, warlocks, vampires, and their ilk are all evils needing to be killed. Will she hunt them? Maybe. Will she fall in love with someone? Yes. Will there be unsavory language, scenes of relatively non-gratuitous romance, violence, general angs...

    Completed   Mature
  • Frosted (A Jackunzel Story).
    6.5K 598 30

    EDITING On the brink of disappearance again, Jack Frost rushes to the hidden island of Corona in the hopes of finding his lone believer. In desperation of escaping the tower she's been trapped in the entirety of her life, Rapunzel makes a deal with the man of snow - a staff for a few hours of freedom, with Jack as her...

  • You're My Light
    1.2K 332 10

    Previously Titled as Vampiric World. Adelle's life changes when she got turned into a vampire. Well that's obvious. Anyone's life would be changed. You'd have to drink blood instead of eating food. Well some will find it gross. But let me tell you what you are missing. It tastes all sweet and fruity IF you're a vampir...

  • Man Out of Time - A Captain America / Avengers Fanfiction
    338K 12.2K 85

    Cast forward in time 67 years to babysit a group of oversized superhero egos, Steve Rogers struggles to adapt to a world which has moved on without him. But an old friend comes back into his life with a bit of sage advice for dealing with a world that really hasn't changed ... and to introduce him to a woman who can f...

  • One Last Thing ✅
    1.2K 308 65

    From childhood, Lil's life has been a nightmare. Her mother tried drowning her in the bath as a baby. As a result, she deals with depression and anxiety. When her boyfriend breaks up with her, she decides to get behind the wheel and is tempted to text him one last thing. Imagine her horror when she smashes into anoth...

  • The Whole Truth ✅
    2.6K 423 51

    A sorority girl was brutally murdered in the basement of the sorority house in spring 2011. Adele Theroux saw what happened, and the killer saw her. When her best friend is kidnapped, she tries to solve the mystery from a distance in witness protection, but the connections keep getting weirder and more personal. Might...

  • However Long the Night
    2.5K 686 27

    He predicts death. She lives on the brink. Can he save her before it's too late? ***HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 speculative #1 clairvoyant #1 youngadultthriller Will Brody has a morbid secret. With just one look he can predict how many close calls a person has before they die. Unfortunately, his second sight is flawed. Wi...

  • Demon of the Night (EDITING)
    1.8K 256 49

    Barbara Gordon, daughter of the police commissioner, is determined to follow in her father's footsteps. The same night a brutal murder occurs she meets Richard Grayson, son of the billionaire Bruce Wayne. Immediately, she knows something is off about him. His skin is too pale and his eyes burn a bright blue. Yet, she...

  • Because You're Different
    14.9K 2.5K 103

    What if your body doesn't always do what you want it to do? For June, this isn't a question, but a daily reality. As a fourteen-year-old with cerebral palsy, frequently dropping stuff and being stared at by complete strangers is nothing out of the ordinary. Other than that, life is great, until her parents decide to m...

  • To Love A Hurricane [Completed Humorous Rockstar Novel] #Wattys2019
    9.2K 1.7K 36

    🎵Featured Wattpad Story🎵 [Completed] #1 Celebrity A recently dumped, accident-prone photographer is trying to get her mess of a life back on track when she accidentally runs over a mysterious man. In this hilarious, awkward, swoon-filled romance, follow the ridiculous adventure of Myla and her mystery man as the uni...

  • Automatons ✔
    7K 1.7K 26

    In a world populated by soulless robots and humans who forgot their humanity- Yoel Cohen, a morose poet falls in love with Éloa, an Automaton ingénue who helps him overcome his alcohol addiction. Like a hapless victim, their love is trapped between time and peccadilloes as nationwide riots rise, led by robots that wis...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fiction Awards 2019
    220K 3.4K 4

    The Fiction Awards 2019 have arrived! All genres of fiction. All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin.

  • Alien Detective
    555 79 5

    Staci Valun, hotshot detective for the Intergalactic Federacy, finds an unusual number of bombs planted near their office after they discovered scandalous government secrets. Against their better judgment, they have to accept a place in the witness protection program. That includes an annoying guard, Mr. Zebra, follow...

  • ZOMBIE lost & found
    178 30 13

    Blurb: Fifty years after the zombie apocalypse, things are starting to return to normal, for the zombies at least. Fred is a former heart surgeon reduced to running the zombie lost and found department. He has a secret plan to carry out the first zombie organ transplant, to replace his lost manhood. What he doesn't...

  • Buried Deep
    594K 3.2K 34

    When Spencer King vows his life to Chicago's Southside gang, he doesn't know-or-care that the new leader has a secret vendetta. Southside is Spencer's family. His only hope to escape a shattered life. What does a little crime matter if it keeps his new family together? Then, he meets Adrienne Jackson, a girl new to t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Altered Ones
    2K 595 30

    A nuclear apocalypse. A mutated teen. Will her powers set her sister free or unleash a new era of destruction? Raven's heart is set on going to college and dating the boy-next-door. But in a world where nuclear fallout drains resources and mutates genes, she fears her own terrifying flare-ups will brand her as a freak...

  • Into the Black: Birth of Legends
    789 104 36

    **Updated Weekly** Star Wars meets Top Gun meets Gundam. 'Nuff said. * * * * * A squadron of trainee pilots who only want to make their mark. A secret experimental weapons platform at the heart of a wide ranging interstellar conspiracy. A galaxy on the brink of destruction... And a little bit of freshly squeezed, s...

  • Suffocating
    1.7K 349 29

    Roxanne is passionate about getting the truth out, no matter how insignificant or horrifying it might be. Claire wants her life to be stable and safe, even if it means working somewhere mundane to keep it so. But Claire might not get what she wants, especially when Roxanne proposes that there's a secret superhero that...

  • Rubiks Cube
    23 5 5

    *Cover by Edenhere* Abigail Barker and Jeremy Lewis meet in 9th grade English class and immediately become best friends despite their awkward chemistry. Throughout the 4 years of high school, Abby and Jeremy face all of their adolescent ups and downs together. Classes, drivers education, parties, tennis lessons, even...

    165K 11.3K 45

    Quinn Ellery has one priority since the U.S. quarantined itself from the rest of the world--stay alive. For over a year, Quinn and her cousin River have barricaded themselves inside their childhood home. Armed with weapons and a stockpile of food, they have survived the afflicted who will eat them alive and the decre...

  • After Moses
    3.5K 438 39

    *Featured on Wattpad Explorer's Near Future Visions reading list!* The Solar System is in a state of decline. The benevolent AI Moses disappeared decades ago taking mankind's future with him. The dream of the stars is dead. Freelancer Matthew Cole struggles t...

  • Just a Little Bit of Sunshine
    61 8 4

    Reign Carter has finally moved back home after a year of living in a psychiatric ward and she is struggling to build back up the life she had before she left, and before the diagnosis. However, a chance encounter with a mystery guy sets off a chain of events that makes her realize that maybe it would be better if she...

  • I'm a Cyborg's Pet (girlXcyborg)
    1.8M 124K 120

    Feisty, Jenny Banks lives a dystopian nightmare as a robot uprising run by dark AI (Artificial Intelligences) takes over the world. Captured and slave collared by robots, Jenny is sent to slave school and then sold to the notorious but mysterious cyborg called Lord Rockwood. Can she survive being 'up cycled' as a pe...

  • Error Code 404: We Want You!
    308 41 21

    "Everyone runs away from me now, and I'm delighted. The only one left is the tall man. He's trying to stop the blood from coming out of what is left of his arm. He walks backwards as he attempts to help himself and falls to his knees as I approach. I rip a strip of fabric from my dress and tie it around tighter than a...

  • Sliced: Iron Earth
    2.5K 417 26

    Haunted by the near apocalypses of parallel worlds, an amnesiac boy and a cyborg girl must face deadly rampaging robots, a ruthless gang leader, and a mad scientist with hypnotising abilities, in order to avoid the end of their own world. ~~~ It has been thirty years since one mad scientist discovered the force of Sl...

  • Ink | Soulmate AU | ✓
    569K 29K 31

    [A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] If you touch your skin with ink, the marks you make will appear on your soulmate's skin too. Those who have this power are known as the Inked. It can be beautiful or dangerous, and for twenty-year-old Archie, it's both, in a very short space of time. As an art student at a prestigious u...

  • Dissolution
    133K 9.5K 26

    WATTY'S 2017 NEWCOMER AWARD WINNER: What would you sell yourself for? Madeline knows. She's spent the last eighteen years impatiently waiting for her Auctioning so she can sell herself to MERCE Solutions Limited for a hundred thousand credits. But when the Auctioneer fails to call her and two suits show up at her door...

  • The Last She (Books 1-3, the Last She Series)
    11.6M 649K 162

    Ara, the only woman left alive after a plague, is searching for a way to save humanity. She thinks there isn't a man she can trust, until she meets Kaden. ***** A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every fema...