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  • Babygirl - [BTS : P. Jm]
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    "I feel like I have nothing." "Am I nothing to you?" ○ Copyright claim : @cosmicdemon 2019

  • Snow Angel - [BTS : K.Th]
    471 50 12

    [ON HOLD/EDITING] " -why are you so cold? " " what do you expect from someone who's never felt warmth? " × Copyright claim : @cosmicdemon 2018

  • Playing With Fire [Keith Kogane]
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    [Slow updates, currently editing] "How am I supposed to trust you if I can't even trust myself?" Being a half-Galra cyborg wouldn't be much of an issue in regards to having feelings for the one and only; red paladin. At least it wouldn't if she only had one personality.

  • Tokyo Ghoul×Reader [One Shots]
    1.5K 44 11

    [Completed] A little collection of one shots about tokyo ghoul. (/^o^)/ (The first few are a lil bad btw)