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  • [C] 50 Reasons Why I Love You 》Choi Beomgyu
    53K 2.4K 52

    "But I know this for sure. I. Love. You" "Well I know something too. I. Love. You. Too." secret admirer! au +++ Choi Beomgyu ff +++ By: tt_le06 Gif credit: to owners

  • 2:00am | beomgyu ff ✔️
    98.1K 4K 28

    (CURRENTLY EDITING VERY SLOWLY BUT ITS COMPLETED) In which a girl texts random people on insta me: hi hi :> bmgyu1234: who are you and why are you texting me at 2 in the morning? {a rom-com ff} (has some cussing!) 11/25/19 #1 in txtbeomgyu started: 11/22/19

  • prank call | choi beomgyu ✔
    141K 6.4K 65

    in which a girl types a number on her friend's phone and accidentally misses a digit.

  • Cover // txt beomgyu
    150K 6.4K 59

    this might be the worst day of my life. the popular kids took notice of me. what am i gonna do?! if they manage to find out who i really am, my hard work will turn to waste.. ughh.. txt/bts/bighit au under heavy re editting ⚠️

  • I Will Have You-Choi Beomgyu
    10.4K 1K 18

    " Kadang-kadang aku tertanya-tanya,kenapa kau sanggup tolong aku walaupun aku taklah rapat dengan kau.Aku juga tertanya-tanya,kenapa tuhan hantar kau dalam hidup aku? Untuk bantu aku bila aku dalam kesusahan?" - Hati kecil Hana " Aturan tuhan itu indah.Mungkin ada sebab disebalik semua ni.Jangan risau,aku boleh tolong...

  • Crush→Choi Beomgyu
    31.9K 3.4K 46

    "Aku suka kau" "Seriously?" Kisah yang bengong lagikan bangang sekian 🌚