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  • #UnlimitedPride Write-a-Thon
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    This Pride Month, Wattpad has teamed up with T-Mobile to bring you an extraordinary write-a-thon that celebrates the history of pride. For every story tagged #UnlimitedPride between June 1 and June 30, Wattpad will donate $1 toward GLSEN (pronounced "Glisten") up to $10,000.00 USD, so celebrate your amazing achieveme...

  • The Alpha King's Secret Mate (Boyxboy) (Bxb)
    202K 6.8K 28

    He buttons up his shirt and I yawn. "You sleepy babe"he asks and I nod. "Hmm I'm gonna go get some rest"he tells me and leans down kissing my forehead. "Wait you being king the only reason your rejected me"I ask and he tenses. He looks up and shakes his head. I nod with a small frown. He walks out and I...

  • Finally (Manxboy)
    1.4M 49.2K 53

    Because their Alpha angered many packs in the past, the whole pack undergoes strict training to prepare themselves from any attacks headed their way. One wolf, however, can't seem to succeed in any of his trainings. That's why the Alpha assigns the 3rd best wolf (after the Alpha and Beta) as his tutor. Thing is, the d...

  • Two Strangers of brothers...(BoyxBoyxBoy)
    1.8M 69.2K 23

    Jamie has grown up his whole life an only child until one day his mom tells him he has siblings. Two older brothers to be exact. He soon is sent off to get to know them over the summer in attempt to make up lost time. The only thing he doesn't expect is to remember. Warning: This is a boyxboy and an incest story. If...

  • My Beta(My Alpha Series Book 2 boyxboy)
    472K 17.8K 29

    As Beta of the Red Sun pack, Riley Starck is expected to help and protect his pack. But he can't do his job if he's constantly thinking about his mate, Danny, the omega of the pack. Riley has known Danny was his mate for awhile but why he wont accept him is a secret. What happens when Riley starts dating someone that...

  • Grade D (BoyxBoy)
    572K 19.3K 22

    After a hot, steamy, and unforgettable night on his birthday Leo returns home to find himself grounded until further notice. Thinking that's the worst of his problems, Leo was not ready for what was to come at school when finds out he's going to be seeing his mystery man quite often. For one unforgettable night for L...

  • Owned By The Owner [BoyXBoy]
    150K 5.9K 15

    (BOOK 3 OF TORTURED SERIES) Carter Evans is the school's "in the closet" bully. Usually he would make fun of others and bullies them. But it stops and befriends Ajax and Jared, his old crushes. He is starting to change his life. But he is not planning out on going out of the closet 'till his graduation. On the...

    Completed   Mature
    514K 17.5K 19

    A new student transfers to Tyler's class and he instantly feels attracted to him.But there's also his brother's friend who he also feel attracted to. what happens when all three of them form an unusual relationship? And what happens when two of them are vampires? Read about this unlikely love story.

  • Loveland High Juniors (mxm)
    296K 16.7K 28

    [This story is mxm; mature and unedited] Jasper Bryant has never had friends, being put off by bullies and stupid, illiterate people. Now he's half way through junior year, his parents have landed new jobs that mean they are away from home a lot, which means Jasper has to go to a boarding school five states north...

    Completed   Mature
  • Special Handling (manxman)
    1.2M 43.9K 30

    This is Benji's story (from Breaking Finn) and how he met Ajax. Benji is 19, he suffers from A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), but with a lot of support from his family and his best friend he has learned to cope well with it and is now in his first year at U.C.L.A. His friend Jamie brings him w...

  • Student and Teacher (BxB)
    981K 26.7K 30

    Jordan is a 16 year old boy who is a Junior in High school. He's gay and very open about it. But the girls don't care and they all fawn over him. Some guys fawn over him too while others want to be him. Jordan doesn't like being popular one bit. He's a straight A student. Until a particular someone came to school. A n...

  • The Stable Boy (BoyxBoy) (Completed)
    1.3M 48.5K 29

    When Captain Jacob Cope, the fair haired hero with eyes resembling a Caribbean sea, is welcomed into the residence of Lord Winters and his companion, he is quite taken with the boy who sleeps in the stables. Kit is content to brawl and chase skirts, doing little to contribute to his work but sleep in the hay, his inst...

  • I'm Not His Type. (Boyxboy)
    3.8M 122K 41

    "I want you. Why don't you want me?" James Kinsey your average gay teenager with a long life crush on the high school quarterback who happens to not be gay. Kevin Malone, the hot quarterback, who sleeps with anyone that will give him consent. When the two of them have to work together on a class project they both star...

  • A Million Dollars for Love |ManXMan|
    39.1K 1.4K 18

    Part of the Unexpected Love Series: |WARNING: Sexual Themes| Nick Holden; he's tried his best. he had girls and guys begging for him but there are a pair of bright blue eyes he can't get out of his head, he's only seen them once, when he was much younger. He's found a sub he thinks can capture his heart but when he in...

  • Book One: Teachers Mate. boyxman (student/teacher)
    1.7M 54K 35

    "I can't leave you alone, you're my everything, you're now my life, you're all I care about, all I can think about, but you wouldn"t understand he sighed deeply. He packed his stuff away into his satchel, grabbed his blazer and walked leaving me in a state of shock. What did he mean by I am his life? I'm all he can...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Call Me Teacher's Pet! (bxb)
    291K 11.2K 22

    While leaving his friend's apartment at night, Jesse sees a gorgeous man getting kicked out of a woman's apartment in nothing but his underwear! Jesse leaves that night thinking of him as nothing but playboy scum but what'll happen when he finds out that man's his new English teacher?

  • Then there was you [BXB]
    3.6M 189K 60

    When Jacob is transferred to a new school he bumps into Grey- a cold, distant boy who everyone is attracted too (including Jacob). However, as Jacob tries to catch Grey's attention he finds himself in the middle of threatening situations as he battles against the school's bully to win Grey's heart.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Editor's Billionaire
    80.2K 3.7K 20

    Neil Beckham is an editor with Blaze enterprise. A twenty-six year old and doesn't like being tied down. He doesn't sleep with anyone twice. After getting on the wrong side of his boss after writing a failure of a story, he has to make up for it. He stumbles on a story about a runaway bride. At it may just turn out t...

  • Married to the Mafia {manxman}
    584K 23.9K 28

    (Undergoing editing) *WILL CONTAIN M-PREG, SMUT, SWEARING* (Book 2 in the Mafia Series.) "Raymundo Vega meet your new wife, Derek Giordano." He wheeled around in his chair and stared up at me, hate flaring in his eyes. I wanted nothing but to leap over the table and strangle him with his intestines. "Two words." He he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Use Me, Royal Stranger (mxm)
    541K 30.2K 42

    [Complete] A werewolf mxm, mpreg story: To begin, Carlen didn't have much, in fact, he didn't have anything at all. Abandoned as a baby, Carlen was fortunate to be adopted by a royal healer of the castle. Picking up on her wise words and healing skills, Carlen grows to become a compassionate person who simpl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seduced by Danger
    302K 14.1K 35

    |•COMPLETED ✔•| 🎲Book 1 of Dangerous Desires series 🎲 Detective Dominic Moser is an undercover detective that lives his life normally, well as normal as a busy detective can get it. He spends his days and nights chasing murderers, rapists, and the occasional drunkard or panty thief instead of hitting up bars or club...

    Completed   Mature
  • Can You Be My Prince Charming? (BoyXBoy)
    175K 6.1K 40

    [BoyxBoy]/[ManxBoy] [Completed, but I do go back to edit it when I'm not lazy] Skylar Thas is known as a shy, anti-social, nerdy boy. He spends most of his time reading book's not caring about what people think or do around him. Even when he is bullied - by infamous Jack - he doesnt care. He doesn't even flinch. But h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lion's Den [BXB]
    3.6M 213K 67

    A school filled with only the worst. The place they send the delinquents no one will take. Rumours say you get eaten alive before you even step into their den. If you thought you were a predator before- you're now the Prey. Their Prey. (Warning: Extreme smut and violence, very mature so be warned! Not a sequel to Ta...

    Completed   Mature
    78.3K 2.1K 16

    This is a #Manxboy story there will be #mpreg also #bdsm # Italianmafia and mature language violence so if u don't like this type of stories or hate gays then u CAN FUCK OFF What happens when Ethan bumps into the most powerful man in the world. What happens when Ace the leader of the Italian Mafia bumps into this c...

  • Take It All The Way (boyxboy)
    199K 5.1K 25

    Jupiter doesn't even know who he really is until an old friend of his brother moves back to town. Jupiter finds himself caught up in a highschool romance with the mysterious friend, struggling to figure out who he is. Going through obstacles with his family and in his new love life, Jupiter starts finding himself. Bu...

    33.4K 2K 17

    Putting together a well renown magazine is not just a simple task. It requires teamwork and taking risks. Which is why the staff in 'The Sister' depend on each other to be there as moral support and to help each other slowly find themselves and their inner voices as young women. Through each publication of an article...

  • Thorn Bush +Muke ✔
    162K 7.3K 64

    "Why does everyone call you Thorn?" "I don't know. I bet you'd find out if you got me out of my shirt." ~ Copyright © lukeisgirly_muke

    Completed   Mature
  • Domination (Lashton AU)
    373K 19.5K 67

    In the world, everything is about sex and domination and submission. There are Doms, they control the Subs. They make the rules, they give the punishment, they're in charge. WARNING: obviously this story has sex in it. It has BDSM and punishment and its a gay love story. THIS STORY IS ALSO KINKY AS SHIT. ITS GOT BUTT...

    Completed   Mature
  • Not Only Human
    165K 5.8K 27

    Hidden away, experimented on for years. Michael Clifford is finally released back into the world. He's lost and afraid, he doesn't trust anybody. But can the three boys he's about to meet change that ** 5sos ot4 BDSM lots of smut peace ✌️✌