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  • Bad Boy! (BakuDeku) COMPLETED
    129K 5.6K 42

    In this time there are things such as demons and others as celestials. Celestials protect humans from these demons, but some demons, such as bakugou, can disguise themselves. But once they are found they are sent to a special place for demons of such. These demons need a certain ammount of blood each day, and if they...

    Completed   Mature
  • The player
    100K 2.9K 23

    Izuku is the son of Aizawa Shota and Toshinori Yagi. Males can get pregnant in this fanfic but it's not an Omegaverse because i suck at writing those things. After some time of being cooped up at home he decides to go to College where his dads work........................ And Izuku is named Izuku Yagi, instead of Izuk...

  • Bakugou's Kid
    8.2K 213 6

    Originally on AO3 under pseud caex *The cover does not belong to me. Mr/Ms Creator, feel free to tell me to take it off* During his intern at Best Jeanist's hero agency, a not so big commotion aroused. "Can someone make him stop crying?" "Nah, I'm not good with kids either." It was passed 9.00 at night when a kid with...

  • Child deku~
    29.1K 587 8

    Izuku was having a great time in UA. His friends at UA was great, they were nice and so sweet to him except Bakugo just a bit though~ Also I have 1000 words in most of them! The first two have more than 1000 But then during a villian attack, Izuku encountered a villian with a mystery quirk they didnt seem to know unt...