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  • HoO gay smuts
    74.5K 590 12

    Enjoy the thrilling reads of smut from Jercy, To Solangelo and Jasico and Percico (those are my main focuses) you can suggest something you would like to read and I will attempt (see also: try) to write it

  • Falling (Solangelo)
    60.7K 1.4K 7

    Nico's falling, and by falling I mean plummeting at 10 meters an hour. After being forced to stay in the infirmary by Will, Nico begins to realize how much he can really care, especially if it's Will Solace. Solangelo fanfiction. All the characters belong to Rick Riordan and the Heroes of Olympus series, unless made b...

  • Quiet Whispers- a Valgrace story
    14.6K 476 13

    Leo wakes up, and expects to be alone- but finds a son of Zeus standing next to his bed, stuttering and blushing.

  • Saving Them (PercicoxJasico)
    34.8K 1.5K 9

    In the sequel to "Loving Them" (if you haven't read it, hop to it), Nico has recovered fron his scary abduction at the hands of Piper McLean, but is in a coma. The boys are determined to have Nico wake up safetly, boyfriend to one of them or not. But if one person can't handel all the attention Nico's getting, will N...

  • Mon Cheri (Solangelo AU)
    149K 5.9K 19

    DISCLAIMER: ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN. Nico's the new boy in boarding school. Will takes an interest in him. (A/N: I have no clue what else to say)

  • You (Solangelo AU)
    25.1K 1.1K 18

    Solangelo Royalty AU DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS UNLESS SAID OTHERWISE. ALL BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN. Prince Nico di Angelo is betrothed. He didn't know about it until his sixteenth birthday and they immediately want him to become acquainted with this so called king. Obviously this isn't something he...

  • Vegas Skies (Solangelo AU)
    7.5K 441 10

    Everyone knows the classic we-got-drunk-in-vegas-and-got-married ... this one just happens to be about Nico and Will. Though, this one in particular goes more like, we-got-drunk-in-vegas-and-got-married-but-although-we-keep-say-we-need-to-get-divirced-I-actually-need-you-to-pretend-to-be-my-actual-husband-until-my-dad...

  • The Big three
    21.2K 1K 21

    Persephone and Hades had a child named Hayden Persephone goes missing Nico has to take the quest with Jason and Percy Nico still likes percy Jason is trying to help Nico with his feelings with percy Percy thinks that Jason has a thing for Nico Welcome to the story of miscommunication, irritating Olympians, and monster...

  • Roommates (Perjasico)
    36.5K 1K 17

    Previously named: Living with Jason and Percy! (Perjasico) Image a boy with a sad past . One that has been home schooled on the computer with a one on one ratio of teacher and student for about 5 years. (During that time he has moved from Italy to America) He only has two friends which is his teacher, and a cousin tha...

  • Percico- a love never seen
    128K 3.6K 26

    Note: I do not own Any of these characters, they belong to Rick Riordan. I hope you enjoy!

  • Take A Risk
    32.5K 1.2K 7

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF RR'S CHARACTERS!(unfortunately) Also, major spoilers for HoH. Takes place after the war with Gaea. Will be Percy be able to fix his shattered heart? Will he continue to pursue the girl who broke it? Or will he take a risk and try to get someone else to heal his broken kokoro? Percabeth...

  • Jason X Percy X Nico *LEMON* Heros Of Olympus
    43.7K 325 1

    Blood of olympus lemon. it includes Nico, percy, and jason. Beware; smut

  • From Now On (Percico)
    93.4K 3.5K 11

    After the war, Nico had fled camp to escape his feelings. But when he's taken by his father after a favor is refused, he's saved and brought back to camp by the person he had dreaded to see most. Percy Jackson.

  • Lemonade: A Percy X Nico Fanfic
    4.2K 154 5

    So I got bored of thinking up all of these scenarios in my head so im going to write one out for some fujoshi to come along and get a kick out of it. Enjoy!