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  • SCANDAL 4 Dead
    2K 109 9

    "When you are immuned to the virus, it doesn't mean the zombies won't kill you."

  • Affection
    1.5K 68 6


  • Chocolate for cowards
    745 31 4

    This story has been in my head for a year and a few months, and heavily inspired by the song Bitter Chocolate by SCANDAL. After reading the lyrics while listening to the song, a story suddenly made its way in my head. I even imagined a music video, telling this story.

  • Unlikely
    707 24 5

    Let's just say some things happen... More likely a slice-of-life romance story, so please don't expect too much.

  • The daughter of Death
    5.3K 183 23

    Read on oh curious soul... the daughter of Death awaits... to tell you her story... let it unfurl... Oh wait you probably want a rough idea of whether you want to hear this story right? Well its quite a trail I tell you. From your friend/ housemate trying to end their life to going to place where dead people go. You'...

  • Flesh, Blood and Bone
    4.2K 181 16

    [SCANDAL fanfiction] The punishment seemed arbitrary and unfair. She wasn't going to take it, no matter how hard it could be to carry on her decision. Everyone used to say that life was unfair, but death was so much more, and she wasn't about to agonize for eternity just because that's what she was supposed to endure...

  • Pocky
    742 26 1

    It was just a game. But it was a game that led to much more. WARNING: This story contains mature themes that may be unsuitable for people under the age of 14. Read at your own discretion.

  • Unforgettable memories
    1.8K 71 8

    What would you do if the one you loved lost their memory? Would you let them be? Or risk your life trying to Regain them? WARNING: Story contains some yuri...

  • SCANDAL One-shots
    2.9K 79 10

    Compilation of all SCANDAL one-shots I made.

  • Shall We Date? (ONHOLD)
    392 13 1

    could she handle it if her imaginations became her reality?

  • Another you
    1.5K 83 6

    The continuation of a choice

  • Too much?
    539 19 1

  • Hachigatsu(August)
    437 24 2

    There were things that we didn't realize as we were madly chasing after them Basking in the orange sunset, we grew up a little I hope we'll always get to tell each other "See you tomorrow"

  • All of ME
    945 30 2

    First SCANDAL one shot.

  • Time Cloned
    788 18 1

    What do you think will happen if your clone from the future suddenly appears and says that your life is in danger? [WARNING] This story has violent contents and scenes that may be disturbing for some readers. Reader's discretion is advised.

  • Kimi ni shittochuu (jealous of you)
    845 40 3

    If you had feelings for your best friend but you both moved to a new school and she fell for someone else and someone fell for you would you try to love that someone? or would you let your jealousy get ahead of you? WARNING: Story contains some yuri (not really), please advise caution when reading if this make...

  • Heaven's door
    916 30 4

  • My Lady Sensei
    1.8K 113 10

    ToMami again yeah \m/

  • Delivery Man (Tomomi Ogawa FanFic)
    1K 47 8

    she found love on a delivery man

  • Dating Agency
    1.2K 64 5

    She found her love on her own job... (c) Csette for the cover <3

  • Bitter Chocolate (SCANDAL FANFIC)
    4.6K 222 21

    they're bestfriends. they knew each other since then, but can things would be different if someone will enter their lives?

  • Last Breath (SCANDAL Short Fanfiction)
    1.2K 39 4

    this story doesn't have any description

  • I hear your voice.
    551 19 1

  • Sailed Away
    731 21 1

    "A flame that not even the sea could tame" A SCANDAL One-Shot Inspired by: Boyce Avenue - Briane (Live & Acoustic)

  • Stay Away (SCANDAL short fanfic)
    1K 48 4

  • Skyscraper
    466 14 2

    The way that SCANDAL became Mega popular band.. My Version :) Hope you'll like it!

  • From An Admirer
    474 13 4

    This is a short SCANDAL Fanfic story for the Valentines day! hope you guys like it ^^