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  • rain. | johnten
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    johnny kept seeing a boy standing in the rain. ©ASTRALJUN started | 021118 ended | ------ [hiatus]

  • snow ; changki ◯ ON HOLD
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    in which Changkyun thought Kihyun was like snow; a collection of tiny stars that had come down to Earth to fit perfectly in his arms - albeit jagged at the edges from its travel, still unmistakenly beautiful.

  • And then there was him
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    Sometimes when you were hurting, all you wanted was for someone to come and hold you until you stopped shaking. And all too often, no one would come. And so, you learned to hold yourself. And so, you learned to find sanctuary within your own mind. And so, like this, you learned to survive. - Sue Zhao

  • Jealous (Yugyeom X Reader)
    5.2K 163 5

    Got7 Yugyeom X Reader, College AU Yugyeom has developed a crush on you after sitting next to you in one of your college classes. He wants to ask you out but begins to think you and Jackson are a couple. How long will Yugyeom sit back and watch one of his closest friends flirt with his crush? Short Story

  • Stray Kids Chatroom
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    A chatroom with JYP's 9 meme boys

  • Perspective
    21.8K 2.2K 39

    [MADE IT INTO A WEBTOON! Changed the name to "Words to the Moon" for the short story contest] You can read it on webtoon's site. Sweaty palms. Racing heartbeat. Pink cheeks. The urge to smile stupidly without a specific reason. These were some of the "symptoms" that I got each time you were around. Each time I saw you...

  • Got7 Chatroom #2
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    A continuation to the first Chatroom lmao I got too lazy to scroll all the way down. But enjoy~ #187 in Humor

  • Hyung ( "one sided" rewrite)
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    [EDITING...] Standing on stage, lights shining on you, fans screaming your name while you do what you love; performing. It's every trainee's dream and goal to finally debut and experience this, but it's a long way of hard work to get there. Countless hours of practice, scraped knees, and sore throats are some of the...