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  • Single Kidney Brothers
    14 4 1

    A short story about brotherly love and worldly affairs; survival and death; loss of family and faith; cancer and money.

  • Lady Of Charms
    797 145 8

    "She added a charm to her bracelet for every life that she took." Kalena is a young assassin working for the Lord of Carrvana. When the Lord's favorite, Charles, suddenly betrays him, Kalena is appointed to go after Charles. What starts as a mission to find Charles, turns into a journey to find answers. Why did Charle...

  • Madness
    68 0 7


  • The Red Ribbon: The Prequel
    4.4K 1K 27

    After the chaotic events of sophomore year, Ravenna Griselda has grown stronger, smarter, and more vigilant. However, when an inside betrayal shakes the very core of her foundation, she is forced to choose between mercy or ruthlessness. ***** It's the beginning of a new school y...