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  • Pink Peony- BTS FanFic [Namjin]
    320 27 12

    Book includes: Namjin, Yoonminseok, Jikook, Yoonmin, Minseok and VKook From the Past to the Present, the relationships of 7 men change in the course of 12 years. From High School to the unforgiving adult world, what happens to some of those relationships in the alternation between the two different worlds? Love pushes...

  • Curious
    379K 21.3K 43

    Kim Seokjin is a twenty year old virgin. Sure, he's been propositioned more times than can count because of his natural beauty but his nervous awkwardness always gets in the way. After being dumped by his third boyfriend for refusing to have sex, he gets desperate and calls for a professional escort to teach him the a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Letters to you
    79 6 3

    Short story's and letters that tell the story of a true struggle. These letters I truly have written or received for my closest friend. So please love them as much as I do and don't disrespect them. They mean so much to me. These letters are the only way me and my friend can communicate with each other anymore. You ma...

  • Asylum [UsUk, GerIta]
    282K 17.5K 50

    1963; Feliciano Vargas is the newest patient at Bitterwell Mental Asylum. One problem, there's nothing wrong with him. Trying to escape will be hard, trying to understand the dark asylum will be even harder. Because behind those gated walls are torturous methods, strange patients, and even stranger doctors. • Hetali...

    Completed   Mature