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  • night changes | HRVY
    88.6K 1.2K 58

    "does it ever drive you crazy? just how fast the night changes."

  • Run Little Lost Girl
    94.1K 3.9K 28

    After Wendy Darling left Neverland and later died, Peter Pan was never the same. Heartbroken, he became dark and ruthless and replaced all his jolly lost boys for ones that killed as a sport. Peter believed that he would never be good hearted again. At least, not on his own. So he came up with a plan to take a descend...

  • Seductive | Marauder Imagines
    1.2M 20.6K 75

    Good Afternoon, Watties/Potterheads! This is a collection of Imagines/Preferences with you, the reader, and one of the Marauders. Unfortunately, Peter won't be included in the preferences as I'm pretty sure the majority of us don't even consider him as a preference. Althought, he'll make an appearance in most of the X...

  • Nick Robinson imagines x reader (smuts)
    87.6K 603 15

    ^^^ I take requests!!! :)

  • Sirius Black has a daughter? (George Weasley)
    185K 5K 23

    Being unknown is what Ariana Black only knows. Well until the Weasleys and the Order of Phoenix come to stay in the house of Black.

  • Little Wolf {George Weasley} ✓
    1.6M 51.7K 101

    "Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering."― Nicole Krauss, "The History of Love" | George Weasley | | Prisoner of Azkaban -Deathly Hallows part 2 | | Sequel to 'Stars' | *COMPLETE* *Beautiful cover made by @EthrealDreamer* *DISCLAIM...

  • SHE'S THE BUTTERFLY. || George Weasley x reader.
    9.3K 166 7

    // When I'm With you, I Feel Safe From The Things That Hurt Inside Me. // ❁. George Weasley x reader. ❁. Warnings: angst, dark character ❁. Short story. ❁. Uploaded it too on my tumblr: ❁. SUMMARY. Miranda is best friends with the Weasley Twins. She isn't very easy to handle and know...

  • Plot Twist [GEORGE WEASLEY]
    130K 4.2K 57

    "It felt a-" "A plot twist?" "Yeah." Amara Shacklebolt has always had the ordinary wizard life. Part of an old wizarding family? Checked. Has an older sibling? Checked. Living in the shadow of her old sibling? You bet your arse. In her fifth year, she is pushed out by the desire to prove herself. She find...

  • Between You and Me (George Weasley Love story)
    132K 3.9K 13

    Giselle Natalie Davison has two mischievous best friends that are like family to her, but after the Basilisk attacks at Hogwarts she is transferred to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She returns two years later and one of the twins start to see her differently, what will happen to the old friends? Could it be love?

  • Protégée (George Weasley)
    155K 6K 30

    "I want you to teach me." "Teach you?" George repeated, incredulously, "Your parents are literally Quidditch royalty. I don't need to teach you." "Yes you do. Like you said, my parents, not me. So I want you to teach me, take me under your wing as your protégée." Elisabeth Branson never got along with her parents, two...

  • The Only One (George Weasley Love Story)
    341K 8.2K 48

    George Weasley and his twin Fred seem to have found themselves not where they expected, while running for their lives and trying to apparate to safety they wind up in a place they didn't expect. Freya Matcox is a twenty year old girl who is attending her last year of school, with her family's death still fresh in her...

  • Joke's On You ~George Weasley~
    193K 3.9K 34

    She has more confidence, a more flirtatious attitude and yet a broken heart thanks to Cedric Diggory. They were perfect until she caught him flirting with Cho and she flirted back. From then on she swore she would change her attitude and behaviour and hopefully get a better reputation than expected. Being a Slytherin...

  • Hope is a Four Letter Word {George Weasley}
    209K 8.4K 19

    "You know," I said with a bit of a smug look as I looked down at the last word to be found in the crossword. "Hope is a four letter word." "So is dead," George answers, a serious look on his face. My smile dropped as he moved the crossword back into the pile of old newspapers. ~ Iris Parkinson is one of the most hopef...

  • Weasley's Girl and the Order of the Pheonix
    86.8K 2.9K 15

    Second in the Weasley's Girl series. Aiden is back but the summer has changed her. Will George or the events that unfold bring her back or will she be an empty shell forever? Harry Potter Fan-Fiction, George x OC Aiden I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters other than Aiden and her father.

  • Love and War(George Weasley)
    116K 2.1K 49

    Temperance Malfoy is going into her fourth year as a Gryffindor at Hogwarts along with Harry,Ron and Hermione,also known as the Golden Trio.When the weasley twins finally pull a prank that goes too far she decides to prank them back.But when they call a truce and ask her to help them prank people will she?or will she...

  • Can't Take My Eyes Off You. A George Weasley Love Story.
    141K 4.7K 36

    Sienna Mackall is going to Hogwarts and studying to be a healer, she befriends the Weasley twins and starts to look at George differently. The only problem is will George reveal his feelings to her before Oliver Wood steals her away?

  • The Pranking Queen(George Weasley)
    249K 5.2K 77

    Josie Lupin is the daughter of Remus Lupin.Headed into her fourth year as a Gryffindor Student.To anyone looking in,she's your normal everyday,well behaved student. She's the force of good in the lives of the Weasley twins. But by night she's a full on prankster.And she leaves a note with each prank signed "With Love...

  • Things Change (A George Weasley Love Story)
    350K 9.5K 21

    Spending three years in Hogwarts was tough but with the help of the golden trio and twins, I was able to survive. Going into my fourth year at Hogwarts everything is different. And everyone. Feelings begin to emerge and friendships become romances. Disclaimer: This is my Fanfiction. I am not JKR. I never will be. So i...

  • Hidden → George Weasley
    189K 3.6K 22

    ❝That's terrible.❞ ❝Yeah, but it's how I ended up with you.❞ ↳ Ella Hardy is a wallflower. No one knows she's there. George Weasley is the complete opposite. Yet, they've been together since anyone could remember.

  • ~'Spell' out love ~ George Weasley X Reader
    33.5K 1K 37

    ~George weasley x reader love story~ Normal life for you? maybe more eventful than you thought. Finding out your a Lovegood and meeting loads of new faces is only the beginning of your adventure, until a certain red head falls in love with you at first sight! 《WARNING》 Throughout this story, their will be the use of...

  • Paper Hearts - George x Reader
    64.5K 2.1K 11

    *to be edited* George Weasley and you go way back; you've known each other ever since you were infants. However, as soon as the Wizarding War happened, it seems George has become a new person. The two of you broke up when you found out that Fred had died during the war; even so, you still tried to make the best of y...

  • Junoesque ✿George Weasley✿
    2.2M 77K 104

    Junoesque (adj) Beautiful and imposing, like the goddess Juno // #2 in georgeweasley 15.06.2019 #1 in georgeweasley 11.07.2019 #2 in harrypotter 28.07.2019 #1 in harrypotter 30.07.2019 Cover by @kage_ino --- Harry Potter is owned by J.K Rowling and Warner Bros. Studios. Blair Rosier however, is my character and adds a...

  • Miss you (George Weasley x Reader)
    12.5K 526 14

    Y/n and George met one fateful, cold january day. It was love at first sight. Almost... 'Cause if Y/n is a muggle and George is a wizard, it can't be long before the problems start to roll in. Especially with a wizarding war on the horizon... Started: July 14th 2019 Finished: November 11th 2019 2K: April 9th 2020 3K:...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding Neverland | George Weasley ✓
    603K 19.2K 111

    "To die will be an awfully big adventure." As many as the Diggory siblings read over the line neither one of them were expecting to experience or witness death at such a young age. But it is the only line that Thea can focus on after her brother was murdered during the Triwizard Tournament. Every night since it happen...

  • The Mischeifs Good Girl ~George Weasley love story~
    362K 7K 97

    Lillith Greengrass wasn't liked by her Family. She had a hard life, a mom who hated her and a dad who would ignore her all the time. Lillith also had a disliking to her sister Astoria since her parents loved her. Lillith loved school and was a very smart girl. She alway's had to follow the rules and be a good student...

  • Eleanor Lily Potter || George Weasley
    98.5K 2.3K 23

    in which a potter sibling who's unconditionally in love with a redhead reunites with her younger brother. disclaimer: I don't own harry potter or any of the plot this belongs to J.K. Rowling; I only own Eleanor and any other character I create.

  • Kids // George Weasley x Reader
    616 17 1

    Your staying at the Burrow for a bit while your parents are away on business. George has something fun planned for the both of you! Based around the quote "I wish I knew you when I was a kid." from the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Death by heart (George Weasley x reader)
    4.9K 101 13

    This is a little Harry Potter fic my oc's name is Ariel and the last name is... well... Potter. I unlike Harry live in the wizard world, with who you ask? Read to find out. Also in this story I'm going to make it quite easy to put yourself in the place of my oc so don't worry

  • WISH. || George Weasley x reader.
    19.2K 426 7

    // What's Meant To Be Will Always Find A Way. // ♣. George Weasley x reader. ♣. Warnings: angst, depression, bullying, fluff ♣. Reader doesn't have a 'name', you'll have to fill in your own name: y/n. ♣. Short story. ♣. Uploaded it too on my tumblr: ♣. SUMMARY. The reader is best frie...

  • Young Love {Ron Weasley x Reader}
    137K 3.5K 16

    || If you love Ron Weasley than this story is for you || Smart, gorgeous, and kind. That's what (F/N) (L/N) is! A young witch who attends Hogwarts and likes Ron Weasley. Let me rephrase that...a young witch who attends Hogwarts and is MADLY IN LOVE with Ron Weasley. There, that sounds more like it. You fall in love...