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  • Chasing You (Arc 8+)
    738K 36.9K 100

    Cover photo is from Pinterest. It does not belong to me and rightfully belongs to them. I love their work~ --- This is a continuation from the first book, hopefully we can fit everything into this book and not have to do a third one. --- "Do you want to live?" "If so, sign a contact with me." The young man gazes up wi...

  • Chasing You (Arcs 1-7)
    6.1M 307K 199

    "Do you want to live?" "If so, sign a contact with me." The young man gazes up with a faint smile on his face, "Yes." The young man didn't care who it was that he'd struck a deal with. Even if it was the devil or a God, he would have agreed. Whatever and whoever it may be, he would take their outstretched hand. Right...

    Completed   Mature
  • Embracing Evil
    1M 26.8K 24

    Secrets, lies and deceit are something Harry Potter has been living with for 4 years. An unmissable opportunity arises and Harry grabs it with two hands, defecting and taking on the alias of the Dark Lords own Chaos in the graveyard 4th year. Powerful and sneaky, Harry shows he really isn't the Gryffindor savior every...

  • Love Conquers Everything & Eternal Love
    10.9K 135 1


    Completed   Mature
  • System 101
    24.5K 1.5K 7

    Killed before he could finish his work and bound to a System, Kade is thrown into different worlds to help make the originals last wish come true with the promise of returning to his past life to get revenge. Forgetting that things are never easy in life and that s#it always hits the fan in his, Kade begins his journe...

  • Harry Potter...or the Lightning Killer?
    13.5K 374 10

    Everyone thought Harry a saint, but, before his 5th year, Harry makes some new friends. When Harry has to go back to school, his new friends want to come with. All hell brakes loose and things are revealed. Someone dies and Harry never returns to Hogwarts. Allies are made and sanity is lost. Things are coming unravele...

  • Beautifully Broken(Tomarry)
    53.7K 1.3K 1

    Many things have happened to Harry, he endured because it was what he had to do to keep the ones he cared about safe. But when he finds out that Sirius' death was not how it seems, everything becomes too much and his mind snaps. Consumed with hatred, he goes to the place where he feels drawn and shows the world why he...

    Completed   Mature
  • Never trust a fox( boyxboy)
    56.7K 1.5K 9

    ⚠️ S M U T ⚠️ ⚠️S M U T ⚠️ ⚠️ S M U T ⚠️⚠️ S M U T ⚠️ ⚠️S M U T ⚠️ ⚠️ S M U T ⚠️⚠️ When Scott bites Stiles, the Nogitsune wasn't defeated in fact they became one, Stiles became the dark kitsune he absorbed all the dark fox's power, his age also don't ask how he got it because I don't know, Stiles left beacon hills...

  • The Bewitching Fairy and his Little Bun
    678K 39K 25

    "Where am I" It all started when he was just hiking up the mountains track on his day off when suddenly a landslide happen to occur. As he died, he somehow met a goddess who told him that his death was a minor mistake she has made and is willing to compensate. Wanting to experience the cultivation world he told her h...

  • Tantum
    15.3K 346 1

    I dont really know who wrote this but i found this on fanfiction He had never expected this to happen. In actual fact, he didn't know what was going to happen, but this had never crossed his mind. But fate did so like to play with her favourite person! When Sirius died, Harry went of the rails, he got himself involve...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Savior and the Scourge
    132K 4.5K 21

    Spike comes to Hogwarts to protect the Malfoy heir. He becomes fascinated with the angsty Harry Potter and the wonderful scent the teen exudes. What happens when the Scourge of Europe knocks up the Savior of the Wizarding World? COMPLETE!

    Completed   Mature
  • side character transmigration: the final boss is no joke
    608K 21.9K 169

    System: Host, what is that thing in the sky? Shi Sheng: An intergalactic spaceship. System: ...This is a cultivation world, where did an intergalactic spaceship come from?! - System: Host, what are you holding in your hand? Shi Sheng: Xuanyuan Sword. System: This is an advanced scientific world, where did an ancient d...

  • System: Transcending Happiness (BoyxBoy)
    2.4M 103K 116

    (WARNING: Don't read if you're going to complain there isn't a warning when there's sex, gore, et c. This is a very ADULT novel and as such only ADULTS should read it. Or 'Children' mature enough to read without commenting nonsense.) Jia Yi Ruogang was one of the leading experts in Computer Software, to the extent tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairytale System {bl}
    495K 29.3K 25

    Cerise was a worldwide famous author of multiple novels. He was widely popular with both males and females because of his looks and talent and was very successful money-wise. He was a man whose life and accomplishments were praised and envied by many. Until he died by getting hit by a car whose driver was having a gre...

  • Finding a True Smile System
    400K 20.5K 40

    Misha died alone in the dirty hole of the orphanage closet. His life was full of struggles and unwillingness as he was killed by fate. That's all going to change with the guidance of a system who will lead him to find the one who can make him happy. A/N: The picture does not belong to me! I found it This is my first...

  • Through Book: Damn it! Why me?!
    35.1K 2.1K 7

    Anax Klen Cross Didn't thought that one day in his peaceful life he will be thrown inside a book and he didn't like it a bit. Fuck! All of the books that i already read why throw me in a zombie apocalypse book!! Give me back my peaceful life!! Damn it! Why me?! there are so many people that wished to reincarnated or...

  • Willful Beauty Takes the Villain | System | BxB
    424K 28K 58

    MC's system malfunctions, now he's lost in an unknown cultivation world. MC picks up a convenient, though mostly dead, guide. After healing his new guide he drags him around forcing him to stay with him no matter what. MC "Your life is mine." ML "I have free will!" MC "Nope." ML A short time later, very quiet...

  • Green Raindrops (bxb) (apocalypse)
    7.5K 353 7

    +++++ GREEN RAINDROPS +++++ Description found in the first chapter

  • Their Eternal Love
    1.9M 76.1K 55

    Lin Xi, a designer from the 21st century, dies as he admires an alluring stranger. He meets a system that promises him the chance to encounter many sexy men. This begins his journey of an everlasting love throughout different worlds. -This is an original story that is inspired by Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil. ...

  • Aeternum
    1.8M 67.2K 63

    Zion is an heir of one of the largest corporation in Pine Country because of that he had live a restricted and rule driven life. His father groomed him from the moment he was born and made sure he was the best at everything. He did not enjoy his childhood, when the other kids are playing he was in the mansion studying...

  • No Time
    253K 2.6K 7

    Announcement: Moved to Webnovel! It's updated to 80+ chapters there! Even before the apocalypse, Shui Yu's family and life were falling apart. So when he went back to the time when he was born, he tried hard to prepare and teach his siblings so that they would not be separated in this lifetime. But even though he was...